God Of Life And Death Chapter 2433

Chapter 2435: Facing Da Luo

The Xuxian of the ancient race is still refuting, he is unwilling to assume that everything at hand is in Fang Yue's grasp.

"Prepare for a rainy day! No one is sure that Fang Yue can successfully enter the Holy, but as long as Fang Yue reaches the level of the Saint Realm, I am afraid he will be able to find the next path of cultivation immediately!"

Wu Kun said again.

The birth and death of the heavens are only between Fang Yue's thoughts. For other practitioners, what is feared like a tiger is just a toy in Fang Yue's hands.

This makes many practitioners feel uncomfortable.

"This time, Long Aoyun is probably too bad for you!"

Someone spoke.

This person is a true fairyland-level celebrity of the Dark Demons, and he is quite famous in the underworld.

His words fall, but some of the strong people of the ancient tribe are all concerned.

Actually, it doesn't need to be said, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Long Aoyun was calculated by Fang Yue this time.

To be precise, Fang Yue only arranged a means to attack Long Aoyun after he felt that it was foolproof.

Long Aoyun was so fierce and auspicious this time, it was Fang Yue who was deliberately standing up to the tens of thousands of people, telling people clearly that Fang Yue was not easy to bully.

"This time is a lesson! Don't make a move without knowing who your teammates are!"

Adolf's words were a bit sour, he looked at the Yin and Yang Taoist behind the Yin Gu Dao, who would have thought that eight powerful men would attack.

The headed person turned out to be from the human race, and the Yin and Yang Taoists temporarily turned back and returned to the Yin Gu Tao to fight with Fang Yuehua as a jade silk. This is something that many people never thought of.

For Fang Yue's deadly assassin-Jianglong's mace is in the hands of the Yin and Yang Taoist.

Without Jianglong's mace, even if the other seven really joined forces, they might not really be able to take Fang Yue down.

What's more, Fang Yue's reinforcement this time was much unexpected.

In the usual days, the League of People, who is indifferent to Yue, stood behind Fang Yue at the crucial moment!

The Daoist Qingyun made a qualitative change in the entire battlefield.

The subsequent appearance of Qiansi, Yuanfeng and others caused Fang Yue to reverse his disadvantage.

In fact, if Fang Yue really wanted to kill someone, he wouldn't have to resort to the power of Heaven's Tribulation. He joined forces with Fallen Qiansi and Yuanfeng to seal off the space, and this Long Aoyun is still in a disaster!

"Dragon curse!"

When Adolf was thinking about it, Long Aoyun in the life and death ring had already understood his situation.

If he didn't have a killer's skill, he would be dead this time.

Without Fang Yue's real hands, he could be rubbed to death with this tribulation.

However, Long Aoyun is a spirit immortal in the underworld. From the Middle Ages to the present, how could there be no accumulation of means.

His long chant is clear, and the world resonates!

All things are shaking!

Heaven, earth, sun and moon are all integrated with it!

"The dragon is the honor of all living beings! The dragon is the son of heaven and earth! Together with dragons and chants, heaven and earth resonate! If you strip away all the ways, I will give you death!"

Long Aoyun's body soars into the sky, and his huge body obscures the sky.

Longyin became a curse, this curse is the strongest curse in the world!

Fang Yue only felt that the world around him was no longer getting close to him, and the ten thousand ways he mastered were instantly stripped away, away from him.

"Dragon Yin Curse, this guy has already mastered the supreme forbidden technique of the Canglong clan!"

Wu Kun was shocked, he had naturally heard the name of this dragon curse.

In the Middle Ages, this dragon chant was the ultimate method of the Canglong clan!

Together with this curse, both heaven and earth are killed, claiming to be able to exterminate all living beings!

It's just because this dragon curse is the unspoken secret of the Canglong clan, and the Canglong clan gradually declined in the Primordial Era, so in later times, no one has seen this taboo technique again!

Without the blessing of Ten Thousand Paths, Fang Yue was left alone, and he couldn't use any technique or technique.

"Fang Yue, die! This dragon curse is my life-saving trump card. Once it is cast, I don't know how much covet and trouble it will cause! Originally I didn't want to use this secret technique, but you Since I am aggressive and want to put me to death, I have no choice but to take out all the means of pressing the bottom of the box!"

Long Aoyun's huge dragon tail waved and slapped towards Fang Yue's body!

The dragon's tail seems to contain incomparable tremendous power, and the phantoms of hundreds of millions of worlds all emerge from it.

"Three thousand world!"

Long Aoyun roared again, this was another legendary taboo technique.

Three thousand worlds do their best.

Throwing this tail down can make a hole in the world!

"It turns out that all my power is given by the heaven and the earth. If the heaven and the earth separate it, all I can have is the power of the flesh!"

At this moment, Fang Yue felt that he had been abandoned by the entire universe. He stood alone, extremely helpless.

He seems to be in the most vulnerable and humblest moment of life.

But at this moment, Fang Yue realized that his path was right!

"The will of Tao, bless my body!"

"The avenue is eternal, and the world is hard to give up!"

In Fang Yue's body, Dao's will burned wildly.

This world has abandoned him, Wandao has abandoned him, but the will of this Tao has always been blessed on him.

The moment the will of the Tao emerged.

The power of Ten Thousand Dao gathered on Fang Yue again.

One of his palms stuck out, and he abruptly grasped the dragon tail thrown by Long Aoyun.

The phantom of the three thousand worlds above the dragon's tail suddenly solidified at this moment, as if trying to break free from the shackles and fetters of Fang Yue's palm.

However, at this moment, Fang Yue was unprecedentedly powerful, and the will of the Tao burned wildly, causing his power to skyrocket tenfold.

The cosmic seeds in the body radiated the most original energy of the universe to Fang Yue's body.

The shadows of thousands of real dragons all appeared around Fang Yue's body.

"Do not!"

Long Aoyun roared in horror.

However, without the weakening of Wandao's peeling, Fang Yue is in the peak state!

Hold Long Aoyun's dragon tail with one hand.

His other palm turned into a sword and slashed towards Long Aoyun!

This knife contains the true meaning of reincarnation.

The cycle of life and death, yin and yang alternate!

The vitality in Long Aoyun's body was quickly stripped away, turning into a rich lifeless energy.

His originally vigorous body quickly withered and disappeared.

Long Aoyun, a powerful man in the dignified fairyland, was exterminated by Fang Yue with a high-five knife.

After a while, Long Aoyun's body dissipated.

In the end, only a golden dragon yuan the size of a human head remained.

This dragon element is the origin of the dragon, and only the dragon clan above the true fairyland level have the opportunity to give birth to the dragon element after the fall.

"This Long Aoyun is a strong man of the ancient clan, why would he even bear Long Yuan after his fall?"

Fang Yue was quite surprised, he muttered to himself, feeling that this scene was a little beyond his expectations.

"Long Aotian's bloodline returned to the ancestors. The so-called ancient clan is actually the offspring born after the bloodline of the gods and demons and the beasts were diluted or crossed in the early days of Chaos! Its no surprise that you have Long Yuan on your body!"

Wu Kun explained.

"This dragon element contains 80% of the essence of Long Aoyun's strength during his lifetime! In other words, whoever obtains this dragon element may be able to obtain Long Aoyun's inheritance of strength during his lifetime. It's easy to say, but it's easy to be a true fairy peak!"

The attention of everyone suddenly shifted to the Long Yuan that Long Aoyun had left before his death.

This thing is an absolute treasure.

Fang Yue's original pill is only capable of allowing the masters of the leader realm to break into the saint realm, and it has attracted the prying and coveting of countless people.

And this Long Yuan is a strong man who can create the pinnacle of a true fairyland, and it is strange that he will not be coveted by others.

"Fang Yue, this Long Aoyun died on his own. He died unjustly. My ancient people did not intend to avenge him. But after all, the dead is the big one. I hope to bring this Long Aotian's only legacy back. A good burial among the ancients!"

A strong man at the pinnacle of true fairyland among the ancient clan suddenly spoke.

What he represents this time is the will of the entire ancient race.

This meaning is quite obvious, Long Aoyun's death was made by himself, but his Long Yuan, our ancients, must take back.

As long as Fang Yue exchanged Long Yuan to the ancient clan, the ancient clan can no longer care about the death of Long Aotian.

Fang Yue laughed loudly: "This Long Aoyun is dead in my hands, and everything he left behind is my trophy! This Long Yuan is mine. If you want it, you can fight for it and grab it! Or if you exchange the equivalent treasures, I can accept it! But if you want to take it back, there is no door!"

Fang Yue was not afraid of the threat of the ancients, and said to him: "Your ancients sent someone to kill me, and you want to take back the origin of the murderer! Do you think I am stupid or you are stupid!"

In fact, Fang Yue's heart is now a little frustrated.

Just now he used the will of Dao one after another, and now there are only 21 of the will of Dao in his body. Although the will of Dao is strong, it is not durable.

Fang Yue's flesh and blood clone had slipped away from the crowd quietly and ran back into the forbidden area of mountains and rivers.

The flow of time in the forbidden area of mountains and rivers was about twelve times that of the outside world. In other words, Fang Yue was able to recover about twelve times the will of Dao in one day.

Fang Yue discovered more and more that the will of this Dao was his own biggest life-saving trump card, and the rest were just the foundation.

"Fang Yue, stay on the sidelines for everything and see you in the future! The dignity of my ancient people is not to be humiliated. If you hand over Long Yuan, what happened today, I can treat it as if nothing happened! And if you continue to persist, be careful I am waiting to take your life! You wouldnt think that my ancient clan really didnt have the ability to kill! To tell you the truth, behind most of the races and forces here, there are strong people in the Great Luojing. The clan really moved a powerful person at the Daluo realm level to make a move, and a single finger can crush you to death!"

The true immortal of the ancient race also tore his face and threatened directly.

The existence of Da Luojing is their final trump card.

It is not a last resort and will not be used.

But if Fang Yue did too much, they would have to use this last hole card!

"Daluojing? Have the ability to let them out!"

Fang Yue smiled unscrupulously and said: "If the powerhouse of the Da Luo realm is really so easy to shoot, the ash mist will not be delayed until now and it will not be resolved! Da Luo is eternal, without causation, they If you take action against me and other common customs, I am afraid it will be contaminated with the power of karma. Over time, karma will increase and the fire will burn. Even if it is stronger than Da Luo, it will fall off the altar!"

Although Fang Yue had never come into contact with the existence of that level, it didn't mean that he really didn't understand the powerhouses of Da Luojing.

Don't forget that Fallen Qiansi and Yuanfeng next to Fang Yue were once famous and shocked in their era, and they stood at the top of the spirit immortal at their peak. Anyone has a lot of contact with the powerful in Da Luo Jing.

They understand better the habits and restrictions of the powerful players in that realm.


Wu Kun said these two words.

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