Best Son In Law Chapter 2086

Chapter 2089: Yulong Manyan

"Yulong Manyan, Qimen Dunjia?!"

Lin Yu struggled to sit up and turned his head to look at Tuo Sha in horror, amazed.

The Yulong Manyan in his mouth is exactly what he called ancient tricks in the Western Han Dynasty. In layman's terms, it is ancient magic. The performances of rare animal models produced by ancient artists have a very strange fantasy plot.

And this master must be proficient in Qimen Dunjia, able to create illusions that are difficult to distinguish between true and false.

It is rumored that it can be practiced to the peak, and it can turn day into night, throw beans into soldiers, swing swords into rivers, and call for rain!

In the current words, it is illusion!

In other words, everything that Lin Yu saw in front of his eyes was all an illusion created by Tuosha using illusion!

In reality, the changes produced are actually not big!

So after his blood dripped on the ground, there was no change!

Lin Yu couldn't express the horror in his heart. He didn't expect that Tuosha would actually master the "Yulong Manyan" and be able to shape it to such a realistic level!

At the beginning, he didn't believe that everything in front of him was real, but the reason why he didn't think about it was because at first, Lin Yu didn't realize that he had been hit by the illusion of Tuosha.

Even now, he didn't know when he had learned Tuosha's way.

You know, although this kind of illusion technique in Qimen Dunjia is powerful, it can't make people fall into it casually. It needs to use a certain medium.

Thinking of this, Lin Yu's heart trembled, and he suddenly realized.


It must be the black smoke from Takusha's cuff just now!

It can be seen that in addition to causing damage to Lin Yu's eyes, this black smoke also affected Lin Yu's vision to a certain extent, causing Lin Yu to fall into a phantom unconsciously!

At this moment, he thought about it carefully and found that this strange and weird scene happened after the black smoke in his eyes became bright again!

Even these illusions became so lifelike in Lin Yu's eyes, it must be because of the black smoke!

At this time, Lin Yu finally understood what the phrase "Look at how long you can last" when Takusha was chasing him just now. What Takusha was referring to at that time was exactly when the black smoke took effect. !

And then Takusha slowed down the offensive, pacing leisurely on the reef, waiting for the black smoke to take effect!

Hearing Lin Yu's words, Tuo Sha did not deny it. He laughed in a sharp voice, and then said, "You little **** is very knowledgeable, even Yulong Manyan knows it!"

As soon as the voice fell, his arms suddenly moved up, and the dark clouds in the sky flashed and thundered again, and then Tuo Sha's hands suddenly dropped, several lightning flashes pierced the clouds and struck Lin Yu.

Lin Yu's face changed abruptly when he saw it. Even though he knew it was an illusion, he still subconsciously endured the soreness of the whole body, suddenly turned over, and avoided the lightning that struck.

Before he could breathe, Tuo Sha grabbed a huge reef, and then slammed it with a violent palm. The reef instantly turned into countless rubble, ramming towards Lin Yu.

Lin Yu once again turned to escape, but was weak and difficult to exert force. In the end, although he avoided most of the rubble, he was hit by some of the rubble. He flew out and fell heavily to the ground. The pain came.

He knew that most of these rubble should be real, so his body was so sore.

"Little bastard, now you know how good I am?!"

Tuo Sha laughed proudly when he saw it, showing his sharp fangs. The huge figure slammed on the ground and walked towards Lin Yu step by step.

At this time, Lin Yu had almost given up resistance, and in this illusory environment of true and false, he had no resistance at all!

Lin Yu touched the hot reef on the ground behind him, feeling a burning tingling in his palms, hurriedly picked up his hands, gasped and asked, "I can't figure it out... Since all this is made by you The illusion that comes out, then why are these feelings and pains so real and intense?!"

He knows that anyone who falls into the "fish-to-dragon-manyan" will undergo psychological changes under the influence of the illusion in front of him, and amplify the senses, thereby creating a sense of hearing and sensation corresponding to the surrounding illusion.

However, now Lin Yu has realized that all these things in front of him are hallucinations, and he has also seen that the blood on the ground has not changed in any way. It stands to reason that his psychology should have returned to a normal state, even if the senses cannot be fully restored to the past. , And it doesn't feel so real!

Tuo Sha sneered a few times, but did not reserve this time, and said straightforwardly, "Did you forget? You were bitten by my poisonous insects just now!"

Hearing what he said, Lin Yu's expression suddenly changed, and he turned his head to look at the huge Tuo Sha, and said in shock, "You mean, is it the poison of those poisonous insects?!"

"Do you think I put those poisonous insects in order to poison you to death?!"

Takusha said with great pride, "The toxins of those poisonous insects will infinitely amplify the human senses when they touch the toxins of the golden-headed centipede! Your nerve sensitivity is ten times, even dozens of times greater than usual, so Formed an illusion of perception!"

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