Otaku Engineer In Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 2320

Vol 2 Chapter 1989: Get Paid

"Hahaha! Wonderful! Wonderful! Boss An is doing a great job! Now all the major grain shops in Taiyuan City have no food available for sale. It's about to rebel! When the time comes, see that Wang Cishi dare not continue to close the city gate!"

Kang Qu, Kang Songping, Anshun Mountain and others are still sitting around the round table in the underground secret room of the Kangqu mansion in Jiningfang, west of Taiyuan city. At this time, Kang Songping, who had just received news from outside, couldnt help it. Laughed with his palm.

"Yes, that's right! Boss An's trick of drawing a salary from the bottom of the tank caused a sudden chaos in Taiyuan City, but it was a bad breath for Brother Chang An!"

"Boss An is still knowledgeable and resourceful. Now I think Taiyuan officials are still arrogant!"

After Kang Songping finished speaking, several people immediately sent compliments to Anshun Mountain.

The atmosphere in the secret room was peaceful, and the dark clouds that had previously shrouded everyone's heads seemed to have disappeared at this moment, and the sky had completely cleared after rain!

But looking back at Anshun Shan himself, he didn't show any joy because his strategy worked. He was expressionless, as if thinking about something.

Kang Qu was attentive, most adept at observing words and expressions. Upon seeing this, he couldn't help but ask: "Brother An, now the Taiyuan Governor's House is in chaos. We can be regarded as letting out a sigh of malice for the vain brother Changan, but why do you look different? Not so happy?"

After listening to Kang Qu's words, everyone suddenly became quiet and turned their eyes to Anshun Mountain.

Hearing the sound of Anshun Mountain, he recovered from his meditation, and said with a plain expression:

"Anm advises you not to be too optimistic. In any case, Taiyuan City is the largest city in the north of Datang. Even if we mobilize people to emptied all the food in the major grain shops in the city, we want to defeat Taiyuan Cishi. The mansion is a bit wishful thinking! Dont forget, there are official warehouses in Taiyuan City! As far as Ann knows, the food in the official warehouses in Taiyuan is no less than Wanshi! The government has so much food and is fully capable in a short time. Stabilize the hearts of the people!"

Listening to the meaning of the words, todays major grain stores in the city are all without grain, but they were sent by people to do it. You must know that there are dozens of grain stores in Taiyuan City, and all the grain stores in these grain stores are added together. There are tens of thousands of stones. These people can send people to buy out the food from the Zhongliang store in the city in just over half an hour, and they can also take away all the food and hide them. Their financial and influence are really extraordinary. !

It is said that people with the nine surnames of Zhaowu, the only thing they do not lack is money, so it seems true!

These words of Anshun Mountain were tantamount to a basin of cold water, and everyone in the room instantly calmed down. Kang Songping said anxiously: "That's right! There is still an official warehouse in Taiyuan! Then if Wang Cishi is the food in the general warehouse If we sell it to the people, what should we do? We cant buy all the food released from the official warehouse, right?"

Before Anshun Mountain could speak, Kang Qu replied: "Of course not! Brother An asked us to send people to the major grain shops in the city to purchase food and hide it, in order to minimize our own risks and not It was discovered by the government that if we send people to grab the grain released from the official warehouse, it will definitely attract the attention of the government! At the moment, we should not have a head-on conflict with the government!"

An Shunshan nodded and agreed: "Kang Qu's words are not bad. We are going to ask the Taiyuan government for an explanation for Brother Chang'an, but we can't take ourselves in! You must know that in Datang Raising food prices and hoarding strange things is a felony! Although we didn't raise food prices, we did hoarding strange things. We must not show clues and let the government realize that all of this is caused by us!"

Anshunshan's words can be said to be in the hearts of everyone. Although the nine surnames of Zhaowu are very good at doing business, and with their accumulation of wealth over the years, they each have a certain "social status", but in the final analysis, they are still businessmen, and they are still timid and fearful in their bones. On the bright side, there are few people who have the courage to directly confront and conflict with the Taiyuan government!

"In the opinion of Boss Yi'an, how should we respond if the government opens the warehouse to release grain? Is it possible to forget it?"

Kang Songping asked unwillingly.

Hearing that, everyone looked at Anshun Mountain with a look of righteous indignation.

They are indeed a little afraid of the true power of the Taiyuan government, but in the case of Kang Chang'an, the "protection" and "inaction" of the Taiyuan government really made them irritated, so that they had to think of ways to protest and go. Save face!

This is a very contradictory psychology, but it is closely related to the current "political status" of the Jiu-surnamed people in Datang, because although they are rich and have made friends with many gentry and gentry, they are still just businessmen. The "political status" has not been fundamentally changed!

An Shunshan's face was calm, and he did not immediately answer the inquiries from the crowd.

At this moment, a housekeeper looked like he walked in, came directly to Kang Qu, and bowed:

"Master, the governor's house has just collected 10,000 shi grains from the official warehouse in Taiyuan, and distributed them to the major grain shops in the city, so that they can be sold at a fair price to the people in the city!"

The old housekeeper didnt say this to Kang Qu alone. The rest of the secret room also heard it clearly. After hearing the words, everyone couldnt help but cast an admiring look at Anshun Mountain. Hidden!

"Yeah! The old man knows! Go down!"

Kang Qu waved his hand and said to the old butler.


The old housekeeper left ~wuxiaworld.online~ in the secret room. Without waiting for any questions, Anshunshan took the initiative to speak: "Taiyuan government not only made a move for 10,000 shi grains, but also responded with ease, because no one knew. How many 10,000 stone grains are left in the official warehouse in Taiyuan!"

Kang Qu said with worry on his face: "So, isn't all our previous efforts wasted?"

In fact, this guy is a bit retreat at this time. In his opinion, he has done his best in Kang Changan's case. He doesn't want to go all the way to the dark and fight the Taiyuan government to the end!

And he believes that there are not a few people who have his thoughts!

"Humph! Of course not in vain!"

Anshunshan sneered and said: "We can draw a salary from the bottom of the pot, and naturally we can draw a salary from the bottom of the Taiyuan government again! This time, as long as we cut off the biggest reliance of the Cishi Mansion, most of the food in the city will go to us! Then, that Wang Cishi would either come to us to beg us, or open the city gate and send someone outside to buy food..."

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