Otaku Engineer In Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 2322

Vol 2 Chapter 1990: Waiting For The Opportunity

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"...The inn is guarded by people in the east, south, west, and north directions. There are ten guards near the main entrance on the south side, and three to five guards on the east, west, and north sides! Of course, this is only on the bright side. The opponents defensive strength, the opponent has also deployed a lot of secret whistles in the dark. As far as I just saw, there are secret whistles hidden on the banyan tree to the southwest of the inn and on the firewood stack to the northwest!

In the turret on the southern wall of Taiyuan City, Li Junxian put down his binoculars and looked at the Tongfu Inn on the north side of the turret, and said to Wang Chengwu, Han Lizheng, Tiedan, Dugu Feiying and others beside him:

"The current Tongfu Inn is tightly guarded. It is not an exaggeration to call it airtight. It is almost impossible to sneak in quietly unless we can arrange the other side's open and secret whistle outside in an instant. Solve all of them silently, otherwise, once the Turkic spies in the inn hear the change, they will definitely be disadvantageous to Your Highness in the first place!"

That's right, the purpose of Li Junxian and others here is to "step on" in advance. They want to observe the current defense situation of Tongfu Inn on the spot, and then make a plan to rescue Li Tai!

In order not to "snap the grass and startle the snakes", Li Junxian and others did not swagger directly to the vicinity of Tongfu Inn, but chose the survey site in the corner building of the South Wall of Taiyuan City, which is about a mile away from Tongfu Inn. , It is not easy to be found, and the terrain here is relatively high, so they have to observe the situation around Tongfu Inn!

Of course, all this is indispensable with the help of the "military telescope" Li Junxian brought from Chang'an!

After listening to Li Junxian's introduction on the defense deployment of Tongfu Inn, everyone frowned deeply, and Dugu Feiying couldn't help saying:

"These guys are quite cautious, so what should we do now? Can't we just stay here and watch?"

Li Junxian shook her head, her eyebrows staring silently.

In the face of the Turkic spys comprehensive defensive strategy, he did not have a very good solution for a while. The most important thing is that the opponent has a heavyweight hostage like Li Tai in his hands. It can be said to be confident. They want to save people. It can only be rescued secretly, without being noticed.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit stagnant for a while.

Tiedan's thoughts turned sharply. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind, and he couldn't help but said, "Apart from the Turkic spies and the blue sparrows, are there anyone else in the Tongfu Inn? For example, the original inn guests or Little boy?"

Li Junxian did not know why Tiedan asked this, but he still replied: "No! According to the intelligence, after the rest of the Turkic spies chose to settle in the Tongfu Inn last night, they drove out all the guys and guests in the inn. During the expulsion, several residents even suffered casualties! Now in this inn, only Turkic spies and His Royal Highness are left!"

Hearing this, Tiedan's eyes brightened, and then tentatively asked:

"Now there are no residents in Tongfu Inn, nor the little servants of the original inn, but there are so many Turkic spies who have to eat and drink every day, right? Where do their meals come from? I wonder if there are special vendors who give them every day. Tongfu Inn transports food ingredients. If there are any, can we also pretend to be hawkers who deliver food and get into the inn?"

"Huh? Brother Iron Egg, this method is good! Maybe we can try it!"

Upon hearing this, Dugu Feiying couldn't help but eager to try.

Wang Chengwu, who was on the side, couldn't help but nodded secretly, obviously he also thought that the iron egg method was more feasible.

Li Junxian did not speak. He placed the telescope in front of him and looked in the direction of Tongfu Inn. After a while, he had a meal, put the telescope down again, and handed it to Tiedandao:

"Look! Now it happens that a young man is going to deliver food to the inn!"

Hearing that, Tie Dan quickly took the binoculars and looked at the front entrance of Tongfu Inn. He saw a small servant in coarse cloth short clothes, carrying two wooden boxes, and being questioned by Turkic spies at the entrance of the inn.

Because they were too far apart, Tiedan couldn't hear what the other party was saying, but after a while, he saw the young man put down his shoulder pole, raised food boxes from the two wooden boxes, and gave them to the Turks. The spies, the Turkic spies took them one by one. After the incident, the Turkic spies gave the young man a few coins, and the young man took it with a smile, and then left with the empty wooden box?

And the two Turkic spies also immediately took the food box into the inn!

"These Turkic spies are so cautious. They didn't let the little servant who delivered the food into the inn, but brought the food in by themselves!"

Tie Dan put down his binoculars and said with some disappointment.

Dugu Feiying and Wang Chengwu were also disappointed when they heard this.

Han Lizheng patted Tie Dan's shoulder at this time, and comforted: "Those Turkic spies have now turned from darkness to light, and everyone's lives are tied to His Royal Highness. They will definitely be extremely cautious! This road will not work, let us think about it again. The way is that there is no airtight defense in this world. As long as we wait with great concentration, we will definitely find their omissions!"

Tie Dan nodded when he heard the words, and did not say much, but raised the binoculars and continued to observe the situation near the inn.

Li Junxian spoke out in agreement at this time: "Master Han is right. There is no airtight defense in this world. We only have one chance to shoot, and we can only succeed and not fail, so we must wait patiently for the opportunity. Don't act impulsively or startle the snake!"


While talking, a man with a strong costume came in. It was Baiqi and Lin Jiang. He walked up to Li Junxian, Fu Er said a few words with Li Junxian, Li Junxian's complexion changed suddenly, and after a moment of indulging. He whispered:

"Let He Jian check Na Kangqu~wuxiaworld.online~According to Benjiangs opinion, this incident was probably caused by the group of Kangguo people. If this matter is really led by Kangqu, let the governor's office Arrest people immediately without any scruples! Taiyuan City cannot be chaotic!"


Lin Jiang hugged his fists and walked away.

Because Li Junxian said the last words in front of a group of people, when everyone heard the endless words, some looked at a loss, and some were thoughtful. Li Junxian did not explain to everyone, because The most important thing for him now is to rescue Li Tai!

Li Junxian was about to say something when Tie Dan suddenly said, "General Li, the Turkic spies outside the inn have changed their shifts. Someone came out of the inn to replace them! It's just that... the two groups seem to be the same. Looking sleepy, could it be that they didn't rest well last night?"

"I'll take a look!"

Tiedan's remarks immediately caught Li Junxian's attention, and he "snatched" the telescope from Tiedan's hand, and then looked towards the inn.

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