A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 1075

Cheng Weiwan watched over Han Zhifan every day during his stay in the hospital after the car accident. Although the two of them seemed to get along better with each day that passed, Cheng Weiwan still rejected Han Zhifan on the day he was discharged, when he suggested that she and Hanhan move back into his home.

After Han Zhifan was discharged from the hospital, he started to drive to all three spots: Cheng Weiwan’s home, the office, and his own house every day.

That lasted until the day He Jichen and Ji Yi’s daughter, Green Bean, was born. Han Zhifan saw He Jichen’s family of three around the hospital bed and couldn’t help but ask Cheng Weiwan in an envious way, “When will our family of three be able to be together?” Having also been emotionally touched by this family, Cheng Weiwan finally nodded in agreement.

Living back in Cheng Weiwan’s home, Lin Muqing and Lin Yinan were often around. Lin Muqing would always tease Hanhan and ask how he would rank the people in the apartment. Hanhan would always answer: Mummy, Aunt Muqing, Uncle Yinan, and Daddy.

Having been upset by this for a really long time, Han Zhifan immediately asked Hanhan the same question on the night Cheng Weiwan took Hanhan to move into his home.

Han Zhifan thought he might not rank first, but he could possibly rank second, right? That’d be better than the fourth ranking he used to get.

Who knew that Hanhan would answer: Mummy, Green Bean, Aunt Ji Yi, Uncle He Jichen, and Daddy…

Green Bean? Ji Yi? Chen Ge?

What the hell’s this? Are they in our family?

Han Zhifan was dumbfounded for a while before he questioned Hanhan, “I said in our family. Uncle He’s family isn’t our family…”

Hanhan stopped playing with his toys. He lifted his head, looked up at Han Zhifan with all seriousness, and answered, “Green Bean is part of my family, so Uncle He Jichen and Aunt Ji Yi are also part of our family!”

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