A Chaotic World Book 3 Chapter 224

Volume 3 Chapter 224 Escalating Hostilities

Lu Tianzi remained true to his word.

He had agreed to leave after three days. So when the time was up, he promptly left Xian Village along with Nanlan Qianxue.

Standing by the sentry post and watching their backs as they quietly disappeared into the woods, Chen Meng raised a clenched fist in front of his chest, his eyes brimming with admiration.

One day, I will become just as strong as Sir Lu!

At that time, I will definitely repay his kindness a hundred times over!

Chen Meng resolved in his heart.

As he was thinking that, a layer of energy slowly wrapped over his fist like a thin layer of green film


Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue traversed the forests, heading in the direction that they had come from.

Soon enough, they came across the same river where they had first encountered Ye and his kid Rui.

Since the incident with the God of Pestilence, Ye's family had not even attempted to speak to Lu Tianzi a single time. From that, it was obvious that just like most other villagers, they were still bitter about Lu Tianzi's apparent lack of respect for their guardian deity.

Of course, Lu Tianzi could not care less.

After all, it was unlikely that they would ever meet again in the future anyway.

Just then, Lu Tianzi stopped in his tracks, his gaze curiously sweeping across the river.

Something seemed to be amiss.

The gentle river banks were now littered with sword marks, to the point that it was no longer recognisable. If he looked closely, even some of the rocks at the bottom of the river had sword marks on them.

Lu Tianzi was speechless.

He turned over to look at Nanlan Qianxue, only to see the latter staring back at him unabashedly.

"What's the matter?" Nanlan Qianxue asked.

"Back then when you assured me that you will be able to secure a large amount of fishes in a short period of time, I had been quite surprised. But is this your secret to efficient fishing?" Lu Tianzi forced a dry smile.

Ravaging the entire river just to pick up fishes, how overbearing was that?

Lu Tianzi had no doubt that Nanlan Qianxue must have looked domineering while slashing apart the river just to pick up those fishes.

However, was that really necessary?

It was true that he had needed fishes to lure out the God of Pestilence, but it was not as though they had been especially pressed for time.

This had originally been an ideal fishing spot. But by ravaging the river like this, Nanlan Qianxue had effectively made permanent alterations to the river path, making it less conducive for fishes to thrive in.

In other words, Nanlan Qianxue's actions had affected Xian Village's way of life, making it more difficult for the villagers to fish here in the future.

"Why? Feeling bad for them?" Nanlan Qianxue understood what Lu Tianzi was thinking in an instant.

"Not really," Lu Tianzi shook his head with a smile. "Let's move on."

Indeed, even though he did not exactly do it for their sakes, he had still indirectly helped them get rid of the God of Pestilence that had plagued their village for generations.

Since that was the case, why should he still care about these people who refused to break out of their preconceived mindsets, choosing to blame him about it instead?

Just like that, the duo departed from the river, heading into the woods once more.


Scarlet Moon Army Second Battlefront Main Camp.

Elder Mingxin paced anxiously on the walls above the gates, her gaze extending out in anticipation.

When she saw the figures of Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue emerge from the shadows, Elder Mingxin finally let out a sigh of relief and rushed down to greet them.

It did not take long before Lu Tianzi found himself in Elder Mingxin, along with Nanlan Qianxue and Nanqing Haowen.

When Elder Mingxin asked them about what happened over the past few days, Lu Tianzi simply made up some story of running and hiding from the enemy Origin Core realm martial artist, mentioning nothing about how they had taken down Chiren.

"It's all good as long as the two of you are all right," Elder Mingxin smiled in satisfaction. "Unfortunately, we don't have much time for you to rest. While you were gone, the war has escalated to an all new level. We might have to leave for battle soon as well."

"Escalated?" Lu Tianzi exclaimed in surprise. "But we have only been away for a few days! Did anything happen that resulted in such a change?"

"Now that you asked, I really should tell you about this ridiculous matter!" Elder Mingxin scoffed. "After the Dragon Cauldron Army sent an Origin Core realm martial artist after you, General Mojian went to confront the Dragon Cauldron Army's General Longming about it. However, the other party actually claimed that we have plotted against them instead, setting up a trap to get rid of that Origin Core realm martial artist! How shameless!"

"So that's what happened" Lu Tianzi took a quick glance towards Nanlan Qianxue, who gave a faint smile in return.

"That's right. After that incident, the conflicts just got bloodier and bloodier, even Origin Core realm martial artists started to fall in greater numbers," Elder Mingxin sighed. "I have received quite a few injuries over the past few days as well. Thankfully, they are just light wounds and will recover over time. Come to think of it, the two of you must be even more tired than I am. You should go get some rest for now."

"Understood, Elder Mingxin," the trio clasped their fists towards her before leaving.

"It's really good to see that both of you are all right," Nanqing Haowen mentioned once more after leaving Elder Mingxin's tent. "Rest well for now. Just like Elder Mingxin said, the battle situation is really escalating. We might have to go off to battle really soon!"

"Wait, Brother Nanqing. I have something to ask you," Lu Tianzi hurriedly stopped the other party from leaving. "Do you mind coming with me for a bit?"

"Hmm? Sure," Nanqing Haowen was surprised by the sudden invitation, but agreed nevertheless.

Only a few minutes have passed when Nanqing Haowen's eyes widened in complete shock, stared at the beast that lay motionlessly before him.

"This is a Winged Feralbear? No, that's not it. This is even stronger! Could it be the primal beast Deathmaw?!" Nanqing Haowen almost shouted out in agitation.

"Deathmaw?" Lu Tianzi repeated after Nanqing Haowen.

"That's right, Deathmaws. I have seen records of them in books once. Deathmaws are dangerous primal beasts that are known for its powerful jaws and power of decay. Once bitten by a Deathmaw, even if the victim is not killed instantly by the initial wound, his body will still start to decay, resulting in a slow death!" Nanqing Haowen recited all the information in his head. "They are said to possess strength in the upper half of the Origin Core realm. How did you even come to possess a dead Deathmaw?!"

The name God of Pestilence was just one that villagers from Xian Village had given to the beast. From what Nanqing Haowen had said, it seemed that the true name of the beast species was actually Deathmaw.

"It's a long story," Lu Tianzi shrugged. "Anyway, I wanted to ask you for help in stripping down the carcass for its materials."

"Strip down the carcass?" Nanqing Haowen almost raised an eyebrow in response. "I am a beast tamer, not a butcher! Even if I really am a butcher, I have never seen a Deathmaw in my life. How am I supposed to know how to best strip down its body for materials?"

"Is that so?" Lu Tianzi revealed a look of disappointment upon hearing that. "Guess I would have to approach someone else for this matter then."

"If I knew where the beast core is, I could have at least helped you retrieve it while damaging as little its body as possible. Unfortunately, the records that I've read states nothing about the location of the beast core," Nanqing Haowen could not take his eyes off of the massive carcass.

Even if the Deathmaw was already dead, it was the first time he had ever seen a primal beast in the flesh.

He would be lying if he said that he was not interested in examining the Deathmaw.

In comparison to a primal beast like the Deathmaw, his Black Maned Shadow Lion paled greatly in comparison!

Not that he would ever look down on his contract beast, of course.

"Well, if that is the case, then there's no problem at all. I can just tell you where the beast core is!" Lu Tianzi answered confidently, his words causing both Nanqing Haowen and the silent Nanlan Qianxue to look at him in surprise.

Without speaking another word, Lu Tianzi stepped up towards the God of Pestilence, a silvery light flashing across his eyes.

The Limitless Mirror Eye allowed Lu Tianzi to see through the flow of energy.

Since the beast core was the point of concentration of the energy within a beast's body, it was naturally no problem at all for Lu Tianzi to locate the beast core.

Once he did, Lu Tianzi transmitted the information into Nanqing Haowen's head, allowing the latter to do his job.

Nanqing Haowen might be feeling excited about doing this, but he dared not allowed himself to be distracted during the process.

Even Lu Tianzi understood how precious the body of a primal beast was, much less Nanqing Haowen who was adept in the study of beasts. Thus, he tried his absolute hardest to retrieve the beast core while minimising the damage to the rest of the body.

Though sceptical at first, Nanqing Haowen was surprised to realise that the beast core was exactly where Lu Tianzi had said it would be!

This allowed Nanqing Haowen to truly minimise the damage caused in the process.

Before long, Lu Tianzi was holding the beast core of the God of Pestilence in his hands.

"Another mid ranked beast core," Nanqing Haowen let out a tired smile after all the hard work. "Brother Nanlu sure is fated with these items."

The beast core of an Origin Core realm beast was also known as a mid ranked beast core.

Back then when Lu Tianzi ranked first at the Nine Suns Trial, he had received a mid ranked beast core from City Lord Nanlan as a reward.

Now, this was the second time that a mid ranked beast core had fallen into his hands.

"It is all thanks to your help, Brother Nanqing," Lu Tianzi clasped his fists towards Nanqing Haowen in gratitude.

"What are you talking about? I'm sure Nanqing Haowen is actually thrilled to be allowed to do this instead!" Nanlan Qianxue cut in mercilessly from the side.

"Haha, that's actually true." Nanqing Haowen admitted sheepishly. "I didn't really help out much at all. Without me around, Brother Nanlu would have been able to retrieve the beast core just as well. Now that we are done, I will leave you to rest and cultivate."

Nanqing Haowen understood that after obtaining the mid ranked beast core, if Lu Tianzi did not wish to cultivate immediately, it was likely that he would want to rest instead.

Either way, his presence would be nothing but a distraction.

"I will leave first as well," Nanlan Qianxue followed Nanqing Haowen out. "See you."

"See you."

After the two of them left, Lu Tianzi stored the carcass of the God of Pestilence into his spatial ring before turning back to look at the small orb in his hands.

A mid ranked beast core, eh?

Back then, he had used the mid ranked beast core from a Thunder Vulture to break through from the Peak Essence Building realm to the Primary Essence Condensation realm.

Now that he was at the Advanced Essence Condensation realm, the effects of a mid ranked beast core would certainly not be as pronounced anymore.

Of course, that was referring to any other mid ranked beast core.

The one in his possession, however, was no ordinary mid ranked beast core. It was a mid ranked beast core that originated from a primal beast, a Deathmaw!

With such a precious resource in hand, coupled with his accumulations so far, perhaps he could actually try for a breakthrough to the next boundary right here and now!

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