A Chaotic World Book 3 Chapter 226

Volume 3 Chapter 226 The Tide Of Battle

Roars of valour.

Clash of weapons.

On the ground, soldiers of the Scarlet Moon Army smashed into those from the Dragon Cauldron Army, matching each other blow for blow.

In the sky, Origin Core realm experts of both sides sent out probing attacks again and again, all hoping to get lucky and catch someone out of position.

Even higher up, General Mojian of the Scarlet Moon Army stared down his counterpart General Longming, both with solemn looks on their faces.

This was not the first time that they were facing each other, and thus both of them were all too familiar with the other party by now. They had both had tried their own tricks in an attempt to one up the other, but neither had managed to obtain any significant advantages for now.

Deep in their hearts, they knew that today was going to be yet another day of gruesome battles, but neither of them was expecting any conclusive outcome.

All they could do was to continue fighting, hoping that the other party would accidentally reveal some sort of vulnerability that they could take advantage of.

Such a thing would usually be wishful thinking, but things were slightly different this time.


The Torrential Sabre slashed through three opponents in one huge swing, crushing through whatever semblance of defence they had tried to put up.

Blood splattered everywhere as Lu Tianzi stepped over their corpses, continuing forward without batting an eyelid. With each swing of the Torrential Sabre, Lu Tianzi claimed the life of an opponent, sometimes even more.

Now that Lu Tianzi had reached the Peak Essence Condensation realm, any opponents at the Essence Condensation realm would be rendered completely helpless before his overwhelming combat prowess.

He was like a tornado of death, sweeping through the surrounding enemies without any signs of stopping.

If one stood before him, he would kill one.

If ten stood before him, he would kill ten.

Even if a thousand were to stand before him, it looked like he would not have any issues killing them all either!

"Follow the squad leader!"

"Follow Squad Leader Nanlu!"

Cheers sounded out from behind him as his comrades charged forward under his lead.

With Lu Tianzi clearing the way for them in such a domineering fashion, the members of his battalion could only feel their hearts pumping in exhilaration!

"Damn, Peak Essence Condensation realm?" Nanqing Haowen exclaimed with a grin on his face. "Weren't you guys running for your lives just before this? How did that guy advance in his cultivation while on the run?"

"Beats me," Nanlan Qianxue shrugged.

"The two of you were together the whole time, and you are telling me that you don't know about it? Do you really think that I am an idiot?" Nanqing Haowen grumbled unhappily. "Whatever, I will just ask him myself after the battle is over!"


Seemingly influenced by the overall mood of the faction, his young Black Maned Shadow Lion was in good spirits as well, smashing its way through enemy soldiers like it was nothing.

"Stop him!"

A dozen Essence Condensation realm opponents gathered together to form a simple battle formation. Driving their Slaughter Essence in unison, they summoned a dense bolt of wind energy that shot directly towards Lu Tianzi.

"Squad Leader Nanlu, watch out!" Juncheng called out in worry.

Amplified by a battle formation, the pure amount of power behind this bolt of wind energy was not to be trifled with!

However, Lu Tianzi did not attempt to avoid the attack.

To everyone's dismay, he chose to charge straight for the incoming energy bolt instead.

With a swing of the Torrential Sabre, Lu Tianzi slashed right through the bolt of wind energy, causing it to dissipate as though it never existed to begin with.

Even though this bolt of wind energy was strong, how could it be enough to faze Lu Tianzi?

After all, it was an attack formed by only a dozen opponents.

Back then when Lu Tianzi faced off against the extraction team, he was one man facing against a group of about a hundred opponents, and they had formed a battle formation that was even more complex and refined.

Despite that, Lu Tianzi had still managed to come out on top!


This time, not only the opponents, but even his allies stared wide-eyed at Lu Tianzi's ridiculous display of strength.

Just what is this guy's limit?

"F-Fall back!" one of the opponents who was part of the earlier battle formation called out in terror.

Since their combined attack was unable to even slow him down, they would only end up sacrificing their lives for nothing if they stayed any longer!

Upon his call, the dozen Essence Condensation realm turned tail and ran, but how would Lu Tianzi allow them to leave just like that?

Flowing River Silent Strides.

Just like river water flowing through the cracks of rocks, Lu Tianzi nimbly weaved through the many enemies in his way, appearing before the twelve of them in an instant.

"Scatter and run!"

Upon seeing Lu Tianzi heading towards them with such incredible speed, the same Essence Condensation realm opponent made the best decision he could.

But it was already too late.

The Astral Way Inscription hungrily devoured the surrounding World Origin Energy, at the same time glowing with a dim light that signalled its activation.


Lu Tianzi smashed the Torrential Sabre into the ground, sending a powerful shockwave in all directions.

"Argh!" the dozen Essence Condensation realm opponents were struck without exception, all of them sent flying through the air.

Not just them, but the other soldiers of the Dragon Cauldron Army in the vicinity were lifted off the ground as well, unable to withstand the impact of the shockwave.

Having made his way into the midst of enemies by weaving through the opponents in his way, Lu Tianzi's seemingly indiscriminate attack struck only enemies. This might not have been able to kill them all, but it did knock them off balance, making it easier for his companions to finish the job.


The Dragon Cauldron Army soldiers who were further behind could not help but hesitate, reluctant to move forward and fill the gaps.

An army fights by layering soldiers. When the front soldier dies, those behind would step forward to take his place, thereby maintaining the line of defence.

By refusing to move forward, these soldiers were effectively sacking the line of defence, thereby allowing their opponents to bore a hole into their lines and threaten their allies from the side.

Having to face opponents from both the front and the side, their allies would be left in an extremely vulnerable position!

"What are you doing? Move!" those behind could not help but urge them impatiently, but those in front simply refused to budge no matter what.

What a joke!

Moving forward would bring them straight to the executioner that was Lu Tianzi!

All martial artists were able to live a longer life than non-martial artists, and thus they valued their lives even more. That said, they would have to be fools to throw their lives away for meaningless pride!

However, refusing to move forward did not guarantee their safety either.

Even if they stayed still, Lu Tianzi would still be advancing towards them!


Faced with the threat that was Lu Tianzi, the enemy lines fell into complete chaos.

Those in front who knew of the threat tried to fall back, while those behind were confused and stayed in position, creating a human blockage.

"Stop standing there like idiots, run!"

"Get out of here!"

"Where are you guys going? The enemies are in front!"

"This is pathetic! How much of a coward must you be to try and run in the face of battle?"

But before long, those standing their ground understood just as well why their comrades had been trying to escape.

Faced with Lu Tianzi's indomitable might, nothing they did could even come close to stopping him.

One by one, they fell to the blade of the Torrential Sabre, helpless to resist.

"Hmm?" General Longming frowned as he directed his gaze downwards. "What is going on?"

Even with his perception shrouding the entire battle ground, it was impossible for him to understand what was going on at every corner. However, he could still see that the momentum at the ground battle had taken a major shift in favour of the enemy faction.

General Mojian did not answer. Just like his counterpart, he was looking at the chaotic scene below, trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

Even though Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue had returned, Elder Mingxin had not seen the need to inform General Mojian about it. Thus, he still did not know that Lu Tianzi was currently fighting on his side.

"It's that guy again" General Longming's frown deepened when he finally noticed the rampaging Lu Tianzi. "So he really survived!"

"Nanlu Tianzi?" General Mojian's eyes lit up in surprise. "When did he return to the group?"

"Stop acting!" General Longming sneered bitterly. "The entire thing was a trap in the first place, designed to bait in Chiren. That kid's safe return is the best proof of that!"

"I have no idea what you are talking about! But what I do know is that you sent an Origin Core realm martial artist against someone below the Origin Core realm. And yet you still dare to spout such nonsense? How shameless can you be?" General Mojian snapped in response.

General Longming merely glared at him, not bothering to argue any further.

They had been on this topic before, and nothing had come out of the discussion. Thus, there was naturally no need to harp on it again.

On top of that, having his plans seen through by the enemy to such an extent was a shameful matter, and he had no wish to keep bringing it up either.

It was a gamble that he had chosen to take, and he had lost that gamble, sacrificing Chiren in the process.

That was all.

"Retreat!" General Longming steeled his resolve and gave the signal.


Many members of the Dragon Cauldron Army were stunned by the sudden order.

These battles usually last for hours, until both sides had grown weary and come to an understanding to back away at the same time.

This time, however, they had already been given the signal to retreat when only an hour had passed.

Besides, it seemed like it was only their side that was retreating. The enemy faction seemed to have no intention to stop!

Just what could have happened to warrant such an order by General Longming?

Many of them looked up towards General Longming in confusion, as though trying to confirm the order.

However, General Mojian could not help but let out a sigh of admiration for General Longming's decisiveness.

A premature retreat could result in heavy casualties if the enemy continued to pursue them. In this situation, there was no doubr that he would give the order for the Scarlet Moon Army to do so, and yet General Longming still gave the order for retreat.

This might seem like a foolish move, but General Mojian knew better than to think that way.

In the war between the two kingdoms, battles among Origin Core realm martial artists were unlikely to draw any conclusive victory since most of them were unwilling to fully commit in fights.

Thus, this left things to those below the Origin Core realm.

With the seemingly overpowered Lu Tianzi ravaging the Dragon Cauldron Army soldiers, the tide of the battle had quickly shifted in their favour. If General Longming simply let things be, the situation could eventually end up even worse for the Dragon Cauldron Army, possibly even resulting in a major rout of the soldiers on the ground!

Comparing the two, retreating early was certainly a better option.

Even so, being able to see that was one thing. But being able to overcome his pride and emotions, so as to give the rational order to retreat, that was something admirable indeed.

Since General Longming was the only one who could see the full picture, doing this might result in his subordinates casting doubt on his capabilities, perhaps even losing their trust in his shotcalling abilities.

Reputation was a big thing to someone of their status.

General Mojian felt that if he was in General Longming's position, he would probably have hesitated in a bid to find ways to turn the tide in his favour.

"Retreat!" General Longming announced once again, confirming his previous order.

This time, the members of the Dragon Cauldron Army dared not delay any further, obeying his instructions and starting to fall back.

"Pursue them! Kill them all before they can escape!" General Mojian passed down the order immediately.

This was an extremely advantageous situation for his side, so he definitely had to make the most out of it!

Even so, he could not help but feel a sliver of worry in his mind.

"Scouting team, move ahead and see if there are any traps laid down by the enemy in advance," General Mojian sent a message through his communication ring.

Though unlikely, there was always the chance that General Longming had set a trap for them.

Since Nanlu Tianzi had presented him with such a wonderful gift, he definitely had to make sure not to waste it!

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