A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 678

Chapter 678: "memories of the Forgotten River and Mo Yanhuan" 082. She could do whatever she wanted

What had she experienced in the past?

Sometimes, Lu Huanzi even wondered if she had already recognized Mr. Mo before she lost her memory.

There were too many things in her mind.

It was as if she had tied a knot and turned into a paste.

Lu Huanzi only felt a splitting headache and could not think about it anymore.

Just as she reached the hall of the Emergency Room and was about to leave...

Lu Huanzi unexpectedly bumped into an acquaintance.

Tang Yingzhi walked in wearing a windbreaker, wearing sunglasses and surrounded by a group of bodyguards in black.

Tang Yingzhi was really famous.

When she came in, many people immediately surrounded her.

She walked through the lobby of the hospital.

Finally, she disappeared into the VIP passage.

Only people were left talking about her.

"Is that the Big Star Tang Yingzhi? "

"Yeah, why would a person like her come to the hospital? "

"I don't know. From the looks of it, she's probably here to visit someone. "

"who would be so generous to let Tang Yingzhi come visit? "

Lu Huanzi felt as if a ray of light had flashed across her mind.

It was Mo Lichuan.

Tang Yingzhi must be here to visit Mo Lichuan.

In other words...

Mo Lichuan was currently staying at the Jiangfu Hospital.

It was useless to draw such a conclusion.

Lu huanzi still left in confusion.

When she returned to the hotel, the makeup artist had already arrived early.

It was precisely because she couldn't find her that her mind was in chaos.

When Lu Huanzi went in.. The makeup artist, Sven Ke, pulled her over and nagged, "my little ancestor, where have you been? Do you know that I've been looking for you for a long time? Oh my God, look at your black circle. What's going on? How many times have I told you? A girl needs to take care of herself. Sleep is the most important thing. In your situation, even a hundred face masks can't save you. You're really my little ancestor. Look at your listless appearance now... ... ... Let's do a hydrating face mask first."

As she spoke, Lu Huanzi was already pushed to sit down by Sai Wen.

Her ears were filled with chatter, like a sparrow.

Lu Huanzi only felt like a puppet, allowing herself to be tossed around.

It was only an hour later, and everything was done.

Lu Huanzi looked at herself in the mirror.

for visiting.

Because of the makeup, her face was rosy and full of energy.

She was completely different from the way she looked when she came back in the morning.

Sai Wen raised his orchid-like finger at the side. "makeup is indeed a woman's best friend. Just the way you looked just now, it was as if you were robbed and raped. In the future, if you dare to let me wear makeup with two dark circles under my eyes again, I will definitely smash a powder pancake on your face. "

Sven was an internationally renowned makeup artist.

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