A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 12

Chapter 12: 11 - Wow

"Mom, I have something to tell you..." Sona said by thinking of something to cheer Madison up.

Madison was drying the tears from her eyes and looked at her daughter who even though she was showing traces of emotion, had kept her composure and was consoling her. That made Madison so calm, that kind of feeling she only felt when she was with Harry. It seemed that the two were the same kind of person, a calm that seemed to show that they had everything under control. "You're becoming like him. Madison thought.

"What is it, daughter?" Madison asked.

"I got a job." Sona said with a beautiful smile. If anyone saw that smile, they'd think Aphrodite herself had come down to earth.

When Madison heard that, she didn't know how to feel. The first thing that came to her mind was Angela working as a waitress somewhere. She was only 17 years old and very beautiful, her mother's concern was devastating her, she did not want her daughter to go through this kind of situation because they were going through a bad financial situation. But on the other hand, the sense of pride that her daughter was conveying was something that made Madison even more proud, as she felt that her daughter wanted to help, totally different from when the girl was locked in her room cutting her own wrists.

In the end, she didn't know how to act and she said. "Daughter... you don't have to do this... I don't mind having to work two jobs. Working as a secretary isn't tiring, and my other job labeling parcels in the mail isn't hard either." Madison said worried.

"No mother, don't try to fool me, I know how hard it is just to have one job, to have two, one of them being a manual laborer is something I won't admit, especially with you being pregnant." Sona said with a contagious calm. "And the job I got is something I like. I went to the bar and they let me play tonight. The cash will be low, but it will help a lot if I get it regularly."

When Madison heard that her daughter wouldn't work as a waitress, but would be an artist, her heart calmed you. "Really, daughter? That's great! I'm coming with you, I want to see your first presentation." She said excited.

"All right, Mom, we'll go together when the time comes." Sona said with a sweet smile on her face.

"Working as a secretary, I was able to learn about some unwritten business rules. Tell me what the proposal was like, what the place is like, I can help you get better terms." Madison said very excitedly, until she remembered something that made her worry again. "But daughter... I gave you the instrument yesterday, I thought you played and sang very well, but do you think you can play for several people without difficulty? Playing for a live audience is very different from just playing for me."

Sona, hearing this, almost released a little laughter, since for her, who played for thousands of years, doing a show for a few dozen people was almost the same as playing alone. "It's okay, Mom, I'm confident in myself." Sona answered with a quiet smile.

Madison seeing the way her daughter reacted, also reassured herself and continued talking about the bar and how the presentation would be.

Sona, pleased to have pulled Madison out of those bad thoughts because of the Tudor family, continued to talk to her mother as she thought about what to do about this family. First she'd have to get her power before she could dig deep into the story. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The two of them talked until a few hours before Sona's show at the bar. Seeing the time come, Madison got excited and went to get ready.

Sona did the same, but during the bath, she saw her own wrists. The small scars hadn't healed yet, even now that she was on the Knight level. Sona definitely didn't like these scars on her own wrists, so when wearing a suit, she chose a black shirt with long sleeves again.

She didn't like dark clothes very much, but most of the clothes in Angela's wardrobe were dark, not to mention that the bar was rock, so the color of dark clothes was normal there.

Sona didn't worry about doing any kind of makeup since besides the scar marks on her wrists, her face was very beautiful, a makeup could more disturb the appreciation of her beauty than add.

Sona sat on the couch as she quietly fingered Etwahl when her mother's bedroom door was opened.

When Sona turned to look, she had her chin down. Madison was awesome. It's been over a year since Angela saw her own beautiful mother. She had already noticed that Madison's features were very delicate and beautiful before, but now seeing her so well tidy, with her long blue hair combed, the body that even having a slightly rounded belly due to pregnancy still exhibited how sexy she was and the cold and serious eyes that she had on her face gave her the impression of being another woman.

"Wow." Sona said she was really impressed.

Madison hearing her daughter's comment couldn't help but be pleased. It had been a long time since she had cleaned up so well, today after seeing her daughter's change, she felt it was time to change too, when she saw herself in the mirror, the confidence she had lost returned to her with full force, making Madison Young, one of the most coveted women by the men who looked at her return to her old self to damage the relationships of the men who faced her.

The two were very beautiful, each with its own particularity, happily talking unconsciously about the damage they would do in the bar tonight. Tonight I'd be in the history of the little rock bar.

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