A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 13

Chapter 13: 12 - Daphne

"How do I look, Angela?" Madison asked a little shy because she dressed well.

Sona came out of his torpor and responded quickly with a big smile. "You look beautiful!"

When Madison heard this, she was very happy and quickly replied, "You look beautiful too, child. Some kids will try to get close to you today."

The two laughed and exchanged conversations while watching each other.

"Daughter... since we don't have much money, let's eat a little before we go out? Then you can keep all the money you get today." Madison said worried, their family situation was very precarious. "There's still some bread and milk leftover from breakfast, we can eat, it's not bad yet."

Sona felt bad when he heard his mother say that, they had a good family structure before Harry died. With his salary, they had never spent any kind of need at home, but in the few months that he died, things started to go wrong and today Madison and Angela ate bread and milk, which was the cheapest food they could have, at almost every meal.

"All right, Mom... but I'm not gonna let you go through this any longer." Sona said the last part quietly.

They both ate the bread that was already a little hard and took the milk so they wouldn't get hungry. Now with the hunger satisfied, the two took a bus and went towards the bar.

No matter if they were on the street or on the bus, anywhere the two beautiful women drew attention by attracting the attention of interested men or jealous women. One of the women who had the attention captured by both of them was Daphne Devoe.

"Well, if it isn't the blue pig! Looks like you managed to hide those masochistic wrists?" Daphne said while looking at Sona.

When Madison heard this, she was prepared to go ahead and swear at this girl, but she felt the shake in Sona's hand and decided to keep quiet and let her daughter solve this matter.

Sona looked at the pretty girl with long blonde hair, big breasts, thin waist and a body completely covered by expensive branded clothes while holding the hands of a very attractive boy to the deadly pattern, and felt a wave of memories return to her.

Angela had been transferred from school during the beginning of this school year because her parents discovered that she was bullied in the old school she was studying because of her long blue hair and the beautiful face she had because the other girls at school were jealous the way the other boys looked at her.

When her parents told her that she would change schools, she decided to try to solve this problem by cutting her hair in a short cut, so that the same problem would not occur again, but for her unhappiness, everything happened in the same way.

The boys started to pay a lot of attention to her and the most popular girls got jealous and started to treat her badly again trying to exclude everyone but a single boy.

Frederick Smith, the definition of a gentleman, the most handsome and desired boy in the school, captain of the school's Soccer team, definitely the boy with whom the teenagers would want to have a relationship.

While everyone treated Angela badly, Frederick treated her like a lady. Unconsciously, Angela started falling in love with Frederick and in four months, he called her for a walk in the park and confessed to being in love with her. Angela was very happy and promptly confessed to the feeling she had too, but to her disappointment, when she accepted, he started laughing and took the phone out of his pocket.

When he pressed a button and showed her that he was recording everything, she felt confused. When she asked him why he was recording, the lovely look he had on his face had been replaced by a look of disgust and contempt.

Angela began to feel bad just because of the look he was giving her, but as she held on to the crying, she twisted inside so he would be playing with her.

Unfortunately it wasn't a joke, Frederick whistled loudly and a beautiful blonde girl, who Angela was familiar with, came out of the back of a tree and hugged Frederick while 8 other girls came out of where they were hiding.

Angela was surprised and sad to see the person she liked hugging another girl, but before she could say anything to complain, Frederick said with a scornful smile on her face. "Didn't I tell you baby? That I could make that blue-haired bitch fall in love with me? Now, where's my reward?"

The girl in Frederick's arms, Daphne Devoe, started laughing looking at Angela and said in a low voice that only Frederick's three could hear. "All right, since you've shown so much that you want to try my back hole, I'll let you do whatever you want tonight."

When Frederick heard this, he quickly got excited and looked at Daphne's beautiful ass and if they weren't in the middle of something, he would have dragged her to a hotel at that instant.

Angela hearing this, she could not help but be disgusted by what they were saying and her gaze showed nothing but hatred.

Daphne turned to her and with a challenging look said, "What was blue pig, will do what? Did you enjoy being deluded by my boyfriend? He wanted so much to experience my beautiful body that he bet me that he could make you fall in love with him and still record you confessing, don't worry, tomorrow the whole school will see your stupid face on all the social networks." She started laughing after she said that.

The girls who came with Daphne began to laugh at this situation, the boyfriends of some of them clearly felt interest in this blue pig and jealousy, they wanted to find a way to humiliate the girl. When Daphne came out with the news, they all came to see the show, and for them, it was better than any movie.

Angela hearing all this felt so angry that she began to cry, she could no longer control the sadness and anger that were inside her and ran out of there to hear the girls laughter.

When she got home, her mother, who also had a red face and a hoarse voice of crying, gave the news that her father had died and that they would have to go see his body.

When Angela saw the state her mother was in after learning about Harry's news, she couldn't take the frustration she felt from her mother and ran to lock herself in her room. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Taking the scissors she had in her manicure case, Angela started cutting her own wrists as a way of trying to escape from this cruel world.

But remembering her mother, who was pregnant, she couldn't muster the courage to abandon now the only person who loved her in the world and only cut to discount her anger, avoiding the fatal points.

"Why doesn't anything good happen to me?! Why is that? I just wanted to have an ordinary life!" She screamed on her pillow crying out in frustration as she felt the pain of a broken heart and cut wrist.


Now, Sona seeing Daphne and Frederick hugged as they looked at her with a look of contempt, all the anger and frustration Angela felt came to Sona and she had to control herself a lot not to use the Knight level force to kill the couple right now.

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