A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 17

Chapter 17: 16 - Second Songs

By the time Sona had finished playing his first song, five minutes had passed. Before people could understand, she took the microphone again and said. "Good night guys, I think now that I've performed my song, can I perform too?"

When the audience heard what she said, people woke up and started screaming. "Woooaahhhhh!!"

"Oh, my God, what was that? I don't think I've ever been more entertained in a song in my entire life." Said a man holding a beer, when he took a sip, he felt that the beer was already starting to get hot.

"That was incredible!" Someone else said excited.

"Really, for her to first present her music before herself, shows an attitude of wanting to prove herself with actions and not with words or with a beautiful face." Said a woman pleased to see the girl's attitude, she knew that usually, girls who are born very beautiful tend to use their appearance to gain space themselves, but this girl preferred to first present her work and then consider introducing herself.


Sona seeing that some people had understood her intention was satisfied and continued. "Well, I'll take that as a yes! I'm Angela Young, I'm 17 and I hope you like my music. My presentation today will be short, so let's not waste any more time talking about not delaying the GeekGadGets' presentation." She said before she put the mike back in place.

The audience who had already experienced her music was now excited to know what the next one would be like.


Cartman was a chubby man who came almost daily to this bar, every night some bands performed and most of them were at most mediocre. He was just coming to enjoy the last band and have a cold beer to drown his sorrows.

But what happened today was unlike anything he'd ever been through before. A thin and very pretty girl came up on stage to play, when he was already starting to be disappointed thinking that another bad song would come, she started playing and something inside him started to come back.

He was always an angry and sad man, ever since he was a child playing with his friends in the neighborhood. Many times he even thought about suicide, but because of the son he had with his ex-wife, Cartman didn't have the courage to do it.

When the blue-haired girl played her first song, the sadness that he was feeling inside himself began to slowly disappear and began to be replaced by a feeling that he hadn't felt for a long time, happiness.

He hadn't felt happy for many years, but today, listening to this girl play that instrument he couldn't understand, Cartman felt happy again. It was a genuine happiness. He being known as a boring and grumpy man was almost crying, because he could feel this feeling that had been drowned by frustration after so many years.

When the song was over, Cartman found himself standing waving his head at the rhythm of the song and having a little embarrassed laugh. When he realized that he laughed a little, his face froze and even more ashamed, he returned to the serious expression that he held before while sitting down again.

But while she kept her serious expression, her curiosity for this singer and her music was aroused. When she said she would start playing the second song, Cartman was no longer able to control the excitement and got up from the chair so she could look at it better.

This song was different, instead of feeling happy and excited, the feeling that came now was different. His mind began to remember moments he'd already forgotten.

He and his three friends talking and laughing at the snow-covered bus stop waiting for the bus that took them to school to arrive.

The day he fell in love for the first time.

The day he first kissed.

The day he lost his virginity.

The day he and his friends went to a rock concert together and got drunk.

His wedding day.

The day his son was born.

The moments he played and had fun with his son.

Cartman began to remember all these moments and his eyes began to drip with nostalgia. He was missing those moments he lived through, nostalgia was taking over.

When the song was over, Cartman realized he was crying a lot and quickly wiped his face so that no one would see him in that state. But when his eyes were clear, he looked around and saw that almost everyone was in that state, the only person who was perfectly normal was the singer, Angela Young.

"She's bringing those feelings with the music. That's what was going on in the public mind as they saw the reaction of others. Everyone was amazed, since to be able to invoke these feelings in the audience just by listening to the music... she didn't even sing, it was just by playing the instrument. That was something that only the most famous musicians in the world could do, and it wasn't even with all their songs, it was just songs that people really liked.

Sona saw the crowd wiping their tears and picked up the microphone to talk, "Was this song a little too much?" she asked, pretending to be in doubt.

"No! I loved that song!" Someone screamed.

Listening to this person, the others quickly screamed too. "Please, sing more!" "Yes, sing more!" "This song reminded me of my mother, thank you, Angela!" "I hope you sing for two hours."

Sona was satisfied with their reaction and saw that they were already returning to normal weather. Following the order she followed to make the performances, now it was time for her to revive the audience, and nothing better than to play the song she played for Jeff.

She got excited thinking about their reaction to listening to their favorite songs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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