A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Mom

When Sona fainted, an enormous amount of new memories began to merge with her existing memories. Perhaps because of the explosion of Chronos' staff, she became weaker, but these 17-year-old memories of a young woman were merging with the thousands of memories she had acquired during her life as Goddess of Music.

The memoirs were about a teenager named 17-year-old Angela Young. Angela lived alone with her pregnant mother since her father had died a few months ago shortly after her mother discovered the pregnancy.

The two had gone into depression with the man's death, Angela started missing many classes at school and was only locked in her room playing on the computer while Madison started working countless extra hours just to spend as little time at home as possible so she wouldn't remember her husband seeing their stuff.

They were a poor family, often didn't have much to eat. Her father's death, combined with her mother's pregnancy, caused her mother and daughter despair. They needed to find a way to make money or they would starve to death.

Now, two months after her father's death, Angela and Madison's relationship was at its worst. The daughter had become rebellious and the mother cried non-stop.

When Sona got those memories, she was worried. Apparently she had reincarnated in the body of the teenager on a planet called earth. First she was curious since she had never spoken a sound, whether she would make it in this new body. According to that she never had a real family, the adoptive mother she had in her other life did not live long after adoption and she ended up not becoming very close. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

But when Sona saw Angela and Madison's relationship, she was worried that even on this other planet she wouldn't be able to live this feeling of such intense family affection.


Feeling the headache diminish, Sona opened her eyes and noticed that she was back in bed with another towel over her head. When asked how she got into bed again, the bedroom door was opened and a beautiful blue-haired woman with worn-out clothes entered the room.

When the two faced each other, Madison quickly started crying again and ran to hug Sona. "Daughter... how long has it been since you've eaten? You're so thin... I've already lost your father, don't make me lose you too."

When Sona heard that, she felt the concern coming from deep within Madison's soul. That kind of worry was new to her, something she always yearned for, but never had the chance to feel. We don't know if it was because Sona was happy to receive this affection or if it was because of the sadness of seeing her mother like this, caused by her newly acquired memories, but Sona also started to cry while hugging her mother.

When Sona cried, she unconsciously started making crying noises. When she realized that, Sona felt the greatest happiness of her entire life. She could make sounds like anyone else! Apart from the repentance of never having found love in the millennia of her life, not being able to make any sound was the greatest repentance she ever had.

"I... I promise I'll take care of myself, Mom." Sona said as she cried, even more, when she heard her own voice. It was a feeling she'd never felt before. "But what about your work today?" She asked with concern.

"When I saw you lying on the floor I couldn't think of anything else and didn't go to work... I think it's best if I call and say I won't." Madison said with a little laughter that she was happy to see her daughter worrying about her even though she was so ill.

The two still loved each other, but with the death of their father/husband, they ended up distancing themselves and focusing on other things to forget.

While Madison was calling work telling her that she couldn't go today because her daughter was very ill, Sona was in her room testing her new voice and enjoying the feeling of being able to say everything she had always thought of.

"Aaah Ohh Ihhh Uhh" She tried to sing, and without her noticing she was crying again. Like the goddess of music who could never sing... now being able to do that was magical.

While she was experiencing her new voice, Sona kept watching the room. It was a very poor look, but with interesting things. She had always focused on getting better by playing etwahl, so one day she could use her voice again. Logically in several shows that she gave, she witnessed many different things, of different timelines in different dimensions, but some things on this planet were new to her.

Thinking about it, Sona felt bad. 'Will etwahl come back to me even on this planet?' She thought concerned about the instrument that accompanied her throughout her journey to divinity.

While she was thinking about it, Madison walked into the room with her hands behind her back. "Daughter, yesterday when I was leaving work, an old man was selling a different instrument for a very cheap price. I know you like rock and roll and that sort of thing, so I thought I'd buy it for you." She said as she took out a box and showed it to Sona.

When Sona saw the box, she felt a familiar feeling for her coming from what was inside. She knew what it was before she even took it out of the box. "Thanks, Mom, I'm gonna use that instrument to play you a song, how's that?" Sona said with a smile.

"Really? I'm going to record, so I can listen whenever I'm at work and remember you." Madison said excitedly for when her daughter learned to play the instrument and played a song in honor of her.

When Sona opened the box, what she saw for sure was what she was expecting. Etwahl was there, with all the glamour of the beautiful instrument that for thousands of years was used by Goddess Queen of Music.

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