A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 20

Chapter 20: 20 - Math

In the early morning from Saturday to Sunday, Sona had cultivated until late and slept for only 2 hours. But cultivating it rested, relaxing the muscles, resting the mind and relieving the soul. Even though she slept for only two hours, she woke up renewed as if she had slept for several days.

Getting out of bed, Sona looked in the mirror and saw herself a little more beautiful again. This time the difference was not as notable as the first, as the last time she went from a mortal to a Knight level grower. But even so, looking in the mirror, Sona saw a young woman with short blue and silky hair, very different from the dry and hard hair she had when she came to this world. Her face that even after becoming a Knight was a little thin, was now very healthy. Raising his pajama shirt to look at, Sona saw a belly with a great ratio between fat and muscle.

A little higher up there were a couple of peaks that Angela didn't like very much, because they were considered a little small. But since Sona started cultivating, their size has started to grow, little by little. They were still considered small compared to normal people, but now they were no longer straight as a board.

The thin waist widened a little in her hip, giving a feeling that her ass was a little bigger, even though she didn't have that much meat. Making the much-desired body into the mold of a guitar.

In her old world, Sona didn't really care about this kind of thing, but after absorbing part of Angela's memories, Sona started to care and enjoy a little of her own vanity. After all, one of her biggest regrets was not loving and being loved by someone in her old world, in that world she would definitely want someone to say it was hers.

When she arrived in the kitchen, Sona saw for the first time, a table with a wide variety of food. It had bread, cookies, cereal, bacon, eggs, and other stuff. While Sona thought it would be impossible for the two of them to eat it all by themselves, she looked at Madison and saw the happy and proud smile she had on her face. Remembering how long she hadn't eaten so much for breakfast, Sona thought it best not to throw a bucket of cold water at her mother and opened a smile.

"Good morning, Mother." She said as she sat down.

"Good morning, Angela! Did you like breakfast?" She asked with hopeful eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yeah! I'm gonna eat till I get my belly just like yours." Sona said in a calm voice and had a delicate laugh.

Madison looked at her daughter's belly that looked like a model's while looking at her own belly that was round for carrying a child and laughed.

They both ate happily while playing and talking about various subjects. Each breakfast they had together, Sona felt more and more happy to have come to this world.

When the two of them finished eating, Sona thought it would be a good time to ask a question she was keeping. "Mom, how much money is the Tudor family charging us?"

Madison hearing this question quickly had her face darkened, but remembering the daughter's ability, her face returned some color and answered. "They're charging us £20,000.00..."

Sona knew that Madison barely earned £1,300 a month, not counting all the expenses she had to pay to keep the house, buy food, clothes, pay the bills, for herself and for Angela, not counting now that she had to prepare herself to support another child. It was impossible for her to pay that obviously abusive bill. Sona didn't know much about family, but what she learned from her adoptive mother in her past life was that the family should always help each other, but seeing her father's family treating them like this... made Sona angry to return.

After calming them down a bit, she began to make plans to earn money and pay off this debt to her mother. But she doesn't just intend to pay the debt and stay that way, no, she'll make this Tudor family regret doing this to them.

For now, Sona had to get ready for school the next day. Having absorbed part of Angela's soul, Sona understood some of the material that would be charged in class, but what she learned was not enough for her to take a grade 3.

Sona climbed into her room and took the tests that Angela had done and was a little disappointed with the grades that Angela was taking. Because of the bullying, the girl could not focus and focus in class, there was not a single grade that was higher than 4.

Sona knew that now would be a good time to change that and he took Angela's books. The books were all scribbled, some even with swearing and offensive drawings. The worst of all was a drawing of a pig colored in blue on the back cover. When she saw this, Sona started to get angry again, looking in Angela's memories for who did this she saw that it was Daphne and her friends. 'This mortal wants to die...'. Sona thought while trying to control his anger.

Brave to see these drawings, Sona remembered the video Madison had made of Daphne and Frederick and in her beautiful and delicate face, a sinister smile that would make anyone's body hair shiver appeared.

Sona took Madison's cell phone and transferred the video to the computer. After downloading, Sona uploaded the video on several platforms, but left the video as private, only she could see the videos so far. She knew that when Daphne saw the video where she and her boyfriend were lying in a puddle of piss on the floor, the rich, spoiled girl would get very angry. Her reaction would be immeasurable, when Sona would post the video publicly, she needed to be close to Daphne to watch how she would look in the box.

Satisfied to have a small way to get revenge, Sona began to study the content. Starting with the math book, she saw the formulas and was amazed. These calculations were very basic, probably with the knowledge she already has about mathematics, there is no one on this planet who can compare it in calculations. Maybe there's some way to make money out of it?' She thought as she put her hand on her chin and started to think.

I learned math just out of boredom, often I was a little tired of playing and with nothing better to do I asked some of my disciples to buy some books for me to read. One of these books was math, after a few decades of reading the books they had bought, the calculations had become very easy and I asked them to buy more and more complex books. After a few millennia of using some of my free time to study, developing some machines was quite easy, but apart from Etwahl, nothing else caught my attention, since it was possible to do everything using Energy.

But here on this planet, people don't have energy... maybe I can do some things that surprise these people and make me a little money to help my mother...'. Sona was getting more and more excited about the idea.

Quickly she took a notebook and started taking notes, as people are beings who love to talk and are highly lazy, Sona thought that maybe producing an object that would enable people to control what they wanted in electronics by voice was something that would draw the attention of these mortals.

First she started with the drawing, this object would need to be compact, not bigger than an open fist.

With Energy available, Sona could create temporary 3d prototypes. That was something a being learned to do when they became gods, before reaching that rank it was almost impossible for a being to accomplish things like "creation from scratch". But when a being became a God, it was as if a finger that was anesthetized suddenly came back to work and the Lord could use that finger again as if he had already been born with that knowledge.

Sona had already reached this knowledge once, so there was no way she could unlearn, the difference is that the amount of energy used was too high because her rating was too low, but she still didn't give up.

With focused thinking, she opened both hands and with both palms facing in one direction towards each other, Sona began to imagine a cylinder cut with a diameter of 4cm and a height of 5cm.

When she took the object in her hand, she felt the size was perfect. But it still looked very solid, she would have to make this object softer.


Thus, Sona began to develop something that humanity would know in the future as the first voice-controlled electronic assistant, taking the revolutionary place of Amazon.

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