A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 21

Chapter 21: 21 - Mythologies

If someone entered the room at that moment, the person would see a beautiful blue-haired girl sitting cross-legged with her somewhat pale skin and a pair of thin, frowned blue eyebrows while breathing heavily.

'That... how hard can it be?' Sona thought as he looked at the little piece of the incomplete circuit in her hand.

While she was making the solid, simple parts, the amount of energy that was wasted was very low, only that the problem began when she moved on to the more complex parts. Making a small rugged and resistant fabric spent almost 90% of her total energy, after recovering the energy, she went to try to make a more complex part. However, when she started trying to make a small circuit of the speaker, because of the sheer amount of detail needed, before she could react to her energy had already run out.

I think I'll have to get a little stronger before I do that magically, but there's nothing to stop me from finishing planning and doing that in the way that mortals do in the future. She thought as she shook her head in frustration.

Leaving these things aside, Sona turned her eyes to the pile of books. One thing she had neglected and that could help her a lot in this new world was to study the history of the planet. Seeing the history book that Angela had, Sona quickly began to leaf through it and some of the things she saw caught her attention. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

One of them was the Church of this world. From what she saw, there were countless religions in the world, but only a few drew her attention.

One mythology that caught her attention was the Nordic one, so she speculated, these gods were actually people from planets who had deeper knowledge about cultivation and who after reaching the divinity decided to travel to more primitive planets to study culture or even just for fun.

Another that intrigued her was the Catholic church, a church in which almost a third of humanity believed in God and followed his word. Sona as a Goddess of Music also had her own church and several religions on countless planets that worshipped her but seeing a religion that managed to dominate a third of a planet alone was new to her.

This church has its headquarters in a country called Italy, 2,000 kilometers from here. Maybe I can pay a visit there in the future. She thought as she tried to understand how this god of this religion became so recognized. In her mind the only possibility for this God to have become so influential on earth was that unlike the Nordics, this god had something to do with humans, and instead of doing like the Nordics and traveling around the planets, this god decided to stay on earth and help humans in the way he considered most wise.

Not to mention Greek mythology, with the gods very similar to the gods of Nordic mythology, perhaps even coming from the same planet, but from different factions.

I never got to know any of these gods despite several wars by gods who wanted to participate in my presentations.

This only makes me speculate that these gods, whether Catholic, Nordic or Greek, or weak gods who never even reached the position of God-Duke, or even came into existence in my old world... bringing me the possibility that this is a parallel and distant dimension, where Chronos, Aatrox, Kayn, none of them ever existed... But if that's true, how did these mortals get information about us to put into this virtual game?

I will need to visit these religions in the future to clear my doubts. The more she thought, the more doubts appeared, so Sona decided to abandon it for now and focus on the subject she had in hand, continue studying this world.

During the study afternoon, Sona learned good things and horrible things that happened in this world. To reach the divinity, Sona had to fight countless battles, but her personality was never one that spontaneously searches for it. Of the countless battles she fought, one can count on her fingers how many times she fought for something she didn't believe to be fair, and those few times they happened, were because she was too naive. But after reaching the divinity, Sona started to dedicate herself only to music, and the battle was only for cases of extreme need.

Seeing the countless wars, some of which even encompassed the entire planet, destroyed cities full of innocent people... all this brought sadness to her. If I'm just reading about it, I'm already sad, the people who have experienced it or suffered the consequences of these wars must have suffered countless times more.'. She thought.

After she started to dedicate herself only to music, to remember the suffering that countless people were going through in the infinite planets making her feel bad, so she adopted a hobby, and this hobby made the religions that adored her appear.

The religions that worshipped her in her ancient world were created after wars like these, where both sides were devastated and suffering invaded the hearts of people with hopelessness. Suddenly, a divine being descended from the heavens and with a mysterious instrument played music to bring back the will to live that people were losing. The hope for a better day, the solidarity to help those most in need... after listening to her songs, the people with their eyes on fire in determination to do good began to look for the savior who once for them, but she had already gone to other places that needed her, thus making these people become worshippers of the mysterious goddess and began to worship her.

"I hope my music also helps the people of this world. She thought with her eyes set on helping innocent people.

After studying history, Sona studied more and more subjects until the sky darkened. When she finally finished studying all the content she would need at school, the link looked out the window and saw that the sky was already dark. In addition to eating breaks with Madison, all the rest of the time was spent studying.

It had been thousands of years since Sona went to a school as a student, she was excited about what tomorrow would be like.

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