A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 23

Chapter 23: 23 - I Refuse

"Andy, nobody called you here, go away, I want to see if that pig has the guts to do anything." Daphne responded by shouting back to the handsome young man who was approaching.

The young man named Andy, he walked in between Sona and Daphne and crossed his arms. "Will you stop me from passing too?" He asked with a challenging look.

"Are you really gonna stand by and try to defend this blue pig Andy? Will you bow down to that?" Daphne asked with hatred in her eyes.

"Will you stop me from passing too, Daphne?" Andy asked again, ignoring her question.

Daphne knew she couldn't do anything to him, which made her even angrier, so after looking at the number of people who saw her being humiliated now, she left with her friends while they cursed Sona. "Let's see what you do when there's no one around to protect you, piggy."

Sona looked at the young man standing in front of her, looking for Angela's memories, she discovered that this young man was Andy Williams, one of the most popular boys in school, talented in sports, talented in studies, popular with the girls, his popularity was even a little higher than Frederick's, but since Andy was not very sociable or liked to flirt with anyone, Frederick attracted more attention than him. But as Sona looked at him now, she felt a slight familiarity, as if he reminded her of someone else: "What do you want?" She asked. Sona knew that free lunch in the world was something almost impossible to happen.

"Let's go somewhere more private." He said while he was getting out of there.

Sona knew that he had come to help her, even if she wanted something in return, so she decided to follow him, as she did not ask for his help, she also had no obligation to accept anything he would say.

When the two went to a distant field from where the crowd of students was, Andy finally stopped and turned to her. "Do you know who she is?" He asked.

"Daphne Devoe, a rich, futile girl." She said with a selfless look.

Andy listening to her brief explanation asked her to continue. "What else?"

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"I don't care about the rest." She said.

When he heard what she said, he quickly understood and facepalmed. "Her last name, Devoe. It comes from one of the most powerful families in the UK, falling behind only a few families. Even more so now that the Devoe family is closing a business deal with the Tudor family, they are becoming even more powerful." He said patiently.

Sona hearing this did not understand where he was going and was even angrier at Daphne for being related to the Tudor family. "So what?"

"I can't tell you how I know, and I can't tell you how it's possible, man, I could feel that you would at least break her arm that was stretched out in front of you, right?" He asked with a serious look.

Sona, listening to what he said came as a surprise. She was really going to do that, but she didn't use any energy, and when she was trying to feel if Andy had any energy, she couldn't feel anything either, it didn't look like he was a cultivator, so how did he find out? "I can't deny it, but what does that have to do with you?"

"Until now, I had nothing to do with it. But my moral sense didn't let me just look away when something so catastrophic could happen." He answered.

"She was just gonna have her arm broken, after a few months she'd be back to normal, there's nothing catastrophic about that." Sona answered with a look that said, "You're taking this too seriously."

"The catastrophe wasn't going to be something that would happen to her, it was something that could happen to you. What do you think the Devoe family would do if they knew their princess's arm was broken?" He asked her.

Sona raised an eyebrow in surprise, listening to what he said, she deduced what might happen, if the problem was only with her, she wouldn't mind, but the proportion would get out of control. "They would attack me and my family." She answered a little bit upset because she didn't think of it. Even though I didn't know earlier that the Devoe family was so powerful, she would still be acting irrationally just for a silly little fight from a spoiled girl.

Hearing her deduction, Andy was surprised too. He didn't expect a normal teenager to understand that so quickly, usually for people outside that social circle, it was hard to understand what these little things would impact. "Yes, you're right."

Sona realized that he had really helped her a lot this time and asked sincerely this time. "What do you want?"

Andy scratched the back of his head a little embarrassed, but he answered. "I want you to be my girlfriend."

Sona hearing his answer was in shock. She had no experience with love, and wanted to develop a relationship, but not with someone she had just met. "I refuse." She answered mercilessly.

Andy seeing her answer without even thinking about it was a little sad, but he quickly answered. "It's not what you think, let me explain."

Sona raised an eyebrow, if it was someone else, she would have left, but whether she wanted to or not, this guy had helped her today, she should at least listen to what he had to say. But when she used energy to understand what he was feeling, she became even more confused.

She didn't expect the feeling he was feeling wasn't love, was...

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