A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 28

Chapter 28: 28 - Let's go to V first.

Daphne was sweating cold, that was the fourth and last question according to the teacher. She had settled 9 questions during Kahoot, adding to the first question she had settled, her score had risen to 10. But unfortunately for her, the following three questions she was sure she knew the answer, but somehow, she couldn't find it.

Sona, on the other hand, had settled all the issues by getting four extra points to add to the score at the end of the two-month period. Andy had hit three and missed one, getting two extra points and Greg hit two and missed two, keeping the same note. The only person who lost points was Daphne.

"You were accusing me of cheating, but you couldn't answer those simple questions? Maybe you were accusing me of trying to bring the blame away?" When all the questions were over, Sona provoked Daphne.

Hearing that she was being despised by the person she despised most, Daphne became very angry. If she wasn't in a classroom right now, she'd definitely come forward to hit that nut.

"True... ...Daphne didn't settle any questions..." A little girl commented.

"Yeah, even Greg got at least two questions right." Said a chubby boy.

"Well... actually I can't take points from the students. I just said that to make it more exciting. Each right question will increase the student's grade by one point and each mistake will neither increase nor decrease, don't worry." The teacher said with a shy smile on her face.

"Ahhhhhh..." The students who did not participate gave a sigh of sadness. Even more so the other student in the top 5 who decided not to participate for fear of lowering his grade.

When all the students left, Sheila asked Sona to stay. "Angela, are you studying at home?"

"Yes, teacher." Sona answered calmly.

Sheila was happy since she knew this student had potential. But seeing the calm she was demonstrating was something that made her even more impressed. "Looks like you've matured a lot." Sheila said happily.

Sona opened a little smile and left after being dismissed by the teacher. Passing through the door, she saw Andy there still waiting for her.

When he saw her, an innocent smile opened on his face. If any other student saw something like this, she'd probably think she was a different person smiling there, since Andy Williams always kept a face closed. "Hey, Angela, let's get the clothes, shall we?"

"Let's go." She responded calmly by feeling a little happy that Andy was there waiting for her.

"He asked with a smile after what he saw in class today.

"Sometime I had to start." She answered with a little smile too.

They both arrived in the parking lot, Andy took the keys and unlocked a 118i BMW. Sona was surprised that he already had a driver's license and when they got into the car she started to observe how this machine worked. She did not understand whether this was luxury or not, but she found it interesting how this thing worked.

Just like the bus she rode, she had seen many other more advanced technologies on the planets she had visited. But being primitive or advanced, Sona always found it interesting to see how each species developed its own technology.

She once visited a planet where people developed their technology through plants. They learned to modify the plants for the purpose they wanted, whether it was to make deliveries, cure diseases, perform surgeries. Each culture developed in a different way.

While Sona watched Andy's car work, he didn't say anything since his driver's license was new, his fear of hitting the car for lack of attention was very great.

When they finally arrived in place, Andy let out a sigh of relief as Sona realized that he was sweating even with the air conditioner on. "Is everything all right?"

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"Yes, it is. It's just that it's very tiring to drive." He said it while he was taking a deep breath.

"Looks fun." Sona casually commented.

"When you know exactly what's going on, it's very good. But driving in the middle of town as I drove now is very stressful for me. Shall we?" He answered while he was getting out of the car.

Sona also went out and looked around to understand what kind of place they were. From what she could see, it was some kind of multi-store place. All the stores had glass walls so that customers could see what was inside, while the rest of the materials seemed to be of very good quality compared to the stores she had seen through the bus window when she was going to the bar.

"From your surprise, it seems you don't know Liverpool One?" Andy asked.

"I've only heard of it, but I've never even seen pictures." Angela had probably come here with her parents when Harry was still alive, but Sona didn't know.

"Well, then I'll be your tour guide, mademoiselle." Andy joked about imitating a French butler.

Sona did not understand where the reference came from, but by his actions, she understood the meaning he wanted to pass on and responded with a form of greeting that she learned while reading some books. Pretending to pick up the skirt of an invisible dress, she lifted and lowered her head as if they were back in antiquity.

That got some laughter from both of them and some looks from the passers-by. After all, it's not every day that you see a beautiful boy and girl to the point where they can be models together.

"This is Liverpool One, the largest outdoor mall in the UK and the sixth-largest in the world. Each store was created by a different architect, leading to very marked differences between some buildings, and this is how Liverpool ONE differs from other shopping centers. "Andy also said, keeping an expression as if he were a French butler.

Sona found it amusing and also joked, pretending to be a young girl, while observing the decorations of this place. It was exactly as Andy had said, each store seemed to have been taken from a different place, but contrary to expectations, they fit together perfectly, creating a unique atmosphere.

"Let's get you a dress, shall we? I think my parents will like a dress." Andy said while looking for a good store to buy around.

"That's fine with me." Sona answered without caring since they came here for that.

Andy looked around and found the store he was looking for. "Let's go to Versace first."

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