A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 4

Chapter 4: 04 - The Scientist

Sona and Madison were eating toast in the kitchen while just enjoying each other's presence. Suddenly Sona felt her mother's gaze in her arms and followed her gaze to see what it was all about. When Sona was playing etwahl, she hadn't noticed, but her white, delicate wrists were slightly cut. Sona looked curiously at it, since she didn't imagine any animal that could cause that kind of injury.

As she stared, her memories activated and she realized that who had caused this kind of cut was Angela, Sona couldn't understand the reason, but as she explored more and more the memories she had acquired, she discovered that as a way to overflow the sadness that she felt, she had made these cuts on her own wrists.

Sona felt her mother's sadness and pulled the sleeves of her shirt higher up to try to hide, feeling ashamed. Madison saw it and said nothing, she felt bad for seeing her daughter in that state, but she didn't want to cause an argument now and ruin the moment they were having.

When they both finished eating, Sona offered to do the dishes. "Mom, go sit on the couch, I'll take care of it."

"No daughter, you can let me clean myself." Madison said quickly.

"I won't take no for an answer." Sona said as she was walking in front of the sink and was beginning to wash the dishes with a calmness that surprised Madison again.

Madison thought as she felt her chest warm because of the concern her daughter was showing her.

While the two of them were sitting on the couch, Sona was watching all the objects in the house to try to understand how this world worked. Unlike a certain God King who did not think about going beyond battle, she had lived a little in contact with civilization. It wasn't much, but it did help her learn a little common sense.

Wandering through newly acquired memories, Sona found a very practical device. The device was called "Cellular", in which she could conveniently learn everything she wanted to know about the world. Remembering that the device was in her room, Sona calmly stood up to pick it up in her room, when she returned, she sat down next to Madison while putting a headset in her ear opposite her mother's side.

Sona used the Internet to find the thing she liked best in life, music. First she started looking at what the songs were like on this planet, once she visited a planet that people hated music, but since her mother gave her a musical instrument, that probably wouldn't be the case here.

Apparently they really like love songs here... just like in my old world. I hope I can learn about love here... Sona thought while reading about the music.

She found the songs that these mortals call symphony very pleasant. Many were extremely well produced with several musicians playing together. The only people that Sona touched together were her disciples, but most of them could not achieve divinity, as cultivation through music was several times more difficult than cultivation through battle, as it depended not only on strength, but on creativity most of the time.

Sona was reading about some songs and remembered the song she had promised to sing to her mother. Remembering this, Sona got up and ran to the room to try a song she found.

Madison was a little sad to see her leaving, but just to see the advance that she and her daughter had today has left her very happy.

Sona arrived in the room and called etwahl telepathically. The instrument promptly floated towards her. "Thank you, my old friend. Sona said as she stroked the instrument that made a happy sound through the strings.

She had found a very beautiful song on the internet and thought it might be the perfect song to sing for her mother. But first she'd have to learn those Earth scores. Since each planet used a different style of score, Sona was used to it, and with the intelligence of a Goddess, Sona quickly understood how these scores worked.

Applying them to etwahl, she was able to play the melody of the music as if she had practiced for years. Satisfied with the result, Sona has now started practicing singing, something she had never practiced before in her life.


Madison was sitting on the couch watching TV happy for what the day was like, until she heard Angela calling her in her room. "Moom!"

The scream was calm and harmonious, making Madison relax even more when she listened, without worrying that something bad might have happened to her daughter. When she arrived in Angela's room, she saw the beautiful girl with short blue hair sitting on the bed with the instrument she had given her looking at her with a smile. Seeing that smile, Madison smiled back and asked. "What is it, child?"

"Do you remember the song I promised you I'd sing for you? Sit down, I hope you like it." Sona said with a quiet, confident smile.

Madison hearing this, quickly took the cell phone and turned on the camera to record her daughter, she wanted to keep this moment forever.

When Sona realized that it was being recorded, she didn't mind and waited for her mother to adjust.

When Madison focused all her attention on her daughter, she heard one of the most beautiful things she ever heard in her life.

The fingering of her daughter's fingers on the strings of that instrument... seemed magical... something only gods could do.

"# Come up to meet you

Tell you I'm sorry

You don't know how lovely you are

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Tell you I need you

Tell you I set you apart..."

When Madison heard the lyrics, she started crying again.

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