A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 8

Chapter 8: 08 - 20 minutes

"All right, let's stop wasting time, just start singing so I can go back to sleep." The man said with a selfless glance as he leaned his head on the table with both hands.

Sona heard this and became a little angry, she knew that she was not a God these days, but for thousands of years being treated with all respect and worship for mortals, the only person she would accept treating her differently was Madison, her mother.

Knowing that this man slept little, Sona decided to take revenge in the way that only she the Goddess of music could do, using the music!

She took the box she was carrying on her back and put it on the floor. When Sona opened the box and picked up Etwahl from inside, the man was surprised and the disappointment worsened even more on his face: 'Does she think she's at a classical music concert to bring this strange harp? This is a rock bar, people come here to enjoy the music and dance, with this harp it will only make my customers sleepy and go away.

But Sona, who still wanted to take revenge on the man who only wanted to sleep, with no microphone or anything put Etwahl on top of a keyboard that was already mounted there, since showing Etwahl floating in front of the man could cause some misunderstanding.


'Seriously, what does this little girl think she's doing here? Just because she has a pretty little face, she thinks she can do whatever she wants? I'll teach her a lesson in humility when she's done playing that boring instrument. I thought as I watched the delicate little girl play that harp.

When she apparently finished adjusting the harp, she didn't even pick up the microphone and was getting ready to sing. Docked on the table, I saw her start strumming the strings of that instrument, but to my complete surprise, the sound that was being produced was something I had never heard before in my entire life.

Her little fingers pulled the rope and began to produce a calm sound, my body was beginning to relax and my eyelids began to weigh. The sleep I was feeling seemed to have been amplified several times.

As my eyelids were about to close, the calm sound she was making stopped. I turned to look for the reason she stopped playing and saw her smiling at me.

When I asked myself why she was smiling, she played again, but now at a much higher speed than before. The sound that was once calm was now becoming agitated and chaotic.

All the sleep I had was swept away and my heart was constantly racing. It was like I was listening to Through The Fire And Flames now. My favorite song, the song that most agitates me.

By the time I realized it, I was already standing there, staring at her with my mouth open. My ears told me I wasn't listening to DragonForce's Through The Fire And Flames, but my heart said yes. It was like I was listening to two songs at the same time.

That instrument of hers was definitely not a harp. No harp could produce a sound like that.

The girl wasn't singing anything, but only by the sound of her instrument, I could hear the voice of ZP Theart singing in the background making my old heart accelerate even more.

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When Sona stopped touching, the satisfied smile on her face was evident. She had used 25% of the energy she had available to her to play this song. She knew that even if she played using 10% of her own energy, this man would be impressed and do everything to keep her there, but she wanted to teach him a lesson.

From what she had seen in the bar, apparently this man had slept very little at night and had not had time to rest. With the music she played, he would hardly be able to sleep now, and when night came, all the fatigue he accumulated yesterday and today would overload him, turning him into a sleepwalker.

It was a light revenge, but the man had done no harm to her, he just didn't know who he was dealing with. Her goal was just to leave a mark and make him suffer a little.

The man who was still dreaming awake suddenly realized that the music had stopped and quickly searched for Sona. When he saw the little girl with short blue hair standing on stage, his eyes glowed, he knew that this girl had a future. With only one song she had managed to make him look like that, imagine a complete show of it.

He knew that she had never performed in any other bar, because if she already had, no owner would let her go in good conscience. This girl would be the perfect money machine. So what if she was a little arrogant? She has enough skill for that.

"Girl... um... what's your name again? I'm sorry I didn't ask before. My name is Jefferson, but everyone calls me Jeff." The old man, Jeff, said with a silly smile on his face as he scratched his neck.

Sona saw the 360 change in the old man's attitude and was satisfied: 'So a Queen must be treated.' She thought as she nodded. "My name is Angela, Angela Young."

"Angela Young, beautiful name, very beautiful name. Only an angel could equal you, Angela." Jeff said he answered quickly trying to please her.

Sona heard him compare her to an angel and did not take the comparison with these inferior beings seriously. "Leave that aside, can I introduce you tonight?" She asked.

"Sure, you want the 45-minute presentation schedule? I can't take off the band for an hour since I've already confirmed with them, but putting you on 45 minutes is no problem." He said quickly.

"I want to present for only 20 minutes." She said it quietly.

Hearing that bomb, Jeff's mouth opened in astonishment. He didn't expect her to want to introduce herself for just 20 minutes. If that happened, the public would be angry after hearing it.

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