A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 344

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 344

Chapter 344 The Ring Is Meaningless

Since the last time she almost fell from the fire exit, Su Jianan was extra cautious.

But she never thought that such an accident would repeat itself.

She subconsciously looked at Lu Boyan and was going to scream for help.

If there was a mirror in front of her eyes, she believed that she would see her eyes full of panic and seeking help.

Lu Boyan thought that he could turn a blind eye to Su Jianan, but he had already crossed in front of Han Ruoxi. He quickly circled Su Jianan's waist and held her steady before she fell to the ground.

Luo Xiaoxi's heart was hung up as she walked over with fear. Jianan, are you okay?

Su Jianan was also undecided, and she only returned to herself after a long while, shaking her head toward Luo Xiaoxi, indicating that she was at ease.

Luo Xiaoxi secretly let out a sigh of relief and looked at Han Ruoxi's eyes. If something happened to Jianan today, she could not guarantee that she would not push Han Ruoxi down to the second floor.

Noticing Han Ruoxi's eyes full of hatred, Su Jianan realized that Lu Boyan was still holding her, then she struggled for a moment. Thank you.

Lu Boyan did not intend to let go of Su Jianan. His eyes deeply stared at her, as if he wanted to see through her.

When he saw her at the hotel last time, she was as usual, and once he thought that even if he left, she would be as good as before.

Why was she so pale and weak after he hadn't seen her for half a month? And why did her face look like she was ill?

Su Jianan was terrified by being looked at by Lu Boyan, and she got free from his arms. Xiaoxi, let's go.

Wait, Han Ruoxi called Su Jianan and stared at her hand, Miss Su, you have divorced Boyan, and the story with Young Master Jiang is also raging, but you are still wearing the wedding ring. Is that appropriate?

The normal reaction should have been Su Jianan taking the wedding ring off and giving it to Lu Boyan.

But she took her hand backward. That is my business.

She hid so fast, but Lu Boyan still saw it.

Almost at the same time as her voice fell, Lu Boyan pulled her hand and suddenly looked down. What happened? Her hand was not only swollen but also covered with needle holes.

Su Jianan tried to take her hand back, but Lu Boyan held it too tightly. She had to make an excuse. I caught a cold a few days ago and took injections for a few days.

Lu Boyan blinked and pulled up her other hand. It was not swollen and he could not find any holes, but it was not normal.

His eyes were like a torch. If you took injections for a few days in a row, why didn't you ask the doctor to change it to the other hand?

It's not convenient to have it in the right hand to eat and drink. Su Jianan took the ring off and handed it to Lu Boyan. Here you are.

Lu Boyan did not pick it up, but sneered. We have been divorced for more than a month and you only give the ring to me when someone reminds you to return it?

I have been wearing it for so long, I have not felt it or noticed it. I thank Miss Han for reminding me.

Su Jianan's tone was faint, as if she were saying something that was irrelevant, which was tantamount to pouring oil on Lu Boyan's anger.

Lu Boyan took the ring. You really don't want it?

Su Jianan turned her head. It has no meaning.

Oh Lu Boyan sneered, suddenly raising his hand and throwing it. The diamond ring reflected light in the air, falling like a meteor to the first floor.

Su Jianan's heart felt like it was cut, but she couldn't look at the ring, nor go down to find it. She could only take Luo Xiaoxi to leave, pretending nothing had happened.


Before they walked a few steps, Lu Boyan's voice came from behind.

Stopping and looking back, Su Jianan saw Lu Boyan picking up Han Ruoxi's hand as he smiled and asked, Is there anything you want to say?

Su Jianan said calmly, I wish you happiness.

After that, she left without looking back.

Lu Boyan's deep eyes reflected a sharp coldness, and the other hand hanging at his side clenched into a fist.

Han Ruoxi looked at his fluctuating chest and whispered his name, Boyan?

Lu Boyan acted like he suddenly woke up. He released Han Ruoxi's hand to chase them down, but he could not find Su Jianan.

He looked in the direction of the mall's entrance, and his face slowly added a touch of self-deprecation.

Su Jianan certainly did not care at all. Even Aunt Liu, who was helping at home, was tempted to ask him and Han Ruoxi, but Su Jianan did not care.

Perhaps for Su Jianan, who he was with and who he had a relationship with had nothing to do with her.

Han Ruoxi walked down. Boyan, let's go, have a cup of coffee with me.

Lu Boyan did not seem to hear Han Ruoxi's words, and he started to look for something on the floor.

Han Ruoxi was stunned, and then she realized that he was looking for the ring and she asked, Is Su Jianan's unwanted thing still important to you?

The ring is what I put on her hand. Lu Boyan did not let any corner of the mall slip by. I have not allowed her to take it off!

Han Ruoxi looked around at the big shopping mall. Maybe you can't find it.


After that, Lu Boyan saw the ring stuck in the trash can in front of the elevator. He walked over and rubbed it and went straight outside.

Han Ruoxi did not expect him to leave without a word, so she caught up to him. Where are you going?

The mall has been patrolled and I have other work to do.

Then, Lu Boyan suddenly stopped and looked back at Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi thought that he changed his mind and promised to accompany her, so she started to feel happy. However, before this joy had spread, Lu Boyan said coldly, I want you to clarify the thing you need to as soon as possible. If I do it, you might lose face.

After that, Lu Boyan did not return and left.

Han Ruoxi looked at his back, and her heart was dying little by little.

Perhaps it was as others had commented, that Lu Boyan's little bit of gentleness had all been given to Su Jianan. Other women couldn't even be seriously looked at when they were with him. There was no exception, even if she was the woman.

Su Jianan She clearly had divorced Lu Boyan, why should she still be able to control Lu Boyan's emotions?!

Going to the minivan, Han Ruoxi immediately dialed the number of Kang Ruicheng and asked him to make the next move for Su Jianan.

Now we can't move Su Jianan, or Lu Boyan will find that the previous things are what we have done together, and our efforts will be wasted.

But Lu Boyan still remembers Su Jianan, which is different from what we expected! Han Ruoxi was almost hysterical. I want Su Jianan to disappear from his eyes forever!

But I still want to continue to see Lu Boyan be in pain for not having what he wants. Kang Ruicheng smiled and said the first half of the sentence, then the voice suddenly went cold. Han Ruoxi, remember this clearly, you are not qualified to order me to do anything! The thing that you think is more important than life is held in my hand, so listen to me!

You Han Ruoxi felt angry and burning, but Kang Ruicheng had already hung up the phone. She slammed the phone off and yelled at the driver, Drive!

When the minivan slowly left, Lu Boyan's car stopped in front of Lu Enterprises.

Lu Boyan did not get out of the car, but just sat in the driver's seat and lit a cigarette.

After Su Jianan left, he ignited this sort of thing that was said to be able to solve the problem of sorrow, but he did not smoke it.

Just because he remembered that Su Jianan hated when people smoked, he was afraid that she would be angry when she came back.

But he had waited for so long and gave her so many opportunities, and she still never intended to go home.

Lu Boyan pulled down the window and stuck out his hand with the cigarette in it. The cold wind blew, the cigarette burned very quickly, and the ashes fell with the wind, but he didn't know where they floated to.

He extinguished the cigarette and recalled that when he was in the mall, there was nothing unusual about any of Su Jianan's move. Instead, Luo Xiaoxi When Su Jianan was about to fall, she seemed to scream a little bit loud.

Without warning, a lucky and crazy thought jumped into Lu Boyan's mind. He quickly took the phone and dialed the number of Shen Yuechuan. Check which department is Jianan's cousin working in the hospital!

If Xiao Yunyun worked work in OB-GYN, then his conjecture was likely to be rightXiao Yunyun used her position to help Su Jianan forge the illusion of her induced labor.

This was not difficult to check on, so Shen Yuechuan quickly called back. Xiao Yunyun is working in heart surgery. She is just an intern, usually follows the doctor to check the room and work with the physicist and the chief physician. But she is said to be highly valued by the director of the department. Once the internship period is over, she will sign a contract with the hospital.

Not OB-GYN? Lu Boyan frowned slightly.

Shen Yuechuan was confused by the question. After a while, he responded to what Lu Boyan was thinking and sighed. Over such a big thing, Jianan would not joke about it with you.

Lu Boyan hung up the phone and his heart couldn't stop sinking.

It was still him thinking about too much.

Not long after returning to the office, Shen Yuechuan arrived.

The annual leave was not over yet. The company of nearly 100 floors was empty. The appearance of Shen Yuechuan was very abrupt. Lu Boyan glanced at him and took out two bottles of wine in a juggling manner and said, Been busy for a whole year, I suddenly became unaccustomed to idleness. Come and have a drink with me.

Lu Boyan took the gla.s.s of wine and drank it all then he found out that it was a low-quality wine. In the words of Shen Yuechuan, drinking this wine was like playing childhood games.

Shen Yuechuan explained spontaneously, I don't want to send you to the hospital after drinking. Right, were you going to inspect the shopping mall on Liuyang Road? What is the result?

I met Han Ruoxi.

Oh really unfortunate. Shen Yuechuan toasted to express his sympathy to Lu Boyan.

Jianan and Luo Xiaoxi were also there.

That's such a big coincidence. Shen Yuechuan tried not to let himself gloat in an obvious manner. Jianan might think that you were going shopping with Han Ruoxi. Did you explain it to her?

Lu Boyan took the bottle and poured himself a gla.s.s of wine. She didn't care, then, taking the ring out of his pocket, she just gave it back to me.

Shen Yuechuan was surprised. What about the affair of you and Han Ruoxi? Didn't she ask? It shouldn't be like this, her previous feelings for you were not fake. If you date Han Ruoxi so quickly, she should at least ask you about it excitedly.

But the truth was that Su Jianan seemed to have been calm as long as she knew that he would be with Han Ruoxi.

Lu Boyan did not want to continue this topic. How is the material for the appeal prepared?

Ready. Shen Yuechuan was full of confidence. Although there is no evidence to directly prove that Kang Ruicheng has provoked the person who reviewed the company's taxes, at least it can prove that some people in the tax review process have done a lot of work on the company's data. There is no problem to overturn the case.

Submit the information to the court as soon as possible.

Lu Boyan looked out of the windowtoday's sky was exceptionally blue.

Lu Enterprises' financial crisis had been safely pa.s.sed, and Kang Ruicheng, who caused the crisis, should also be surprised by him.

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