Abyss Domination Chapter 261

Chapter 261 New Fighters

Chapter 261: Chapter 74 New Fighters!
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From the desolate desert towards the East, across the boundless Gobi into the fortress surrounded by mountains, a young man in shabby armor walked alone. He had just finished a battle and dealt with an ogre wandering nearby. At the moment, he was wiping the blood on his sword. Then, he sheathed his sword into his scabbard and walked towards the fortress surrounded by mountains in front of him. The fortress was built on the hillside, which was very time-consuming and energy-consuming at that height and environment. There seemed to be a very long history here. One could feel the vicissitudes of the fortress at a glance.

There were still some black marks on the wall, some of it was fresh blood that seeped into the rock, and had finally become etched into the stone.

The young man took a deep breath and then slowly stepped into the fortress. No one else seemed to be surprised by his arrival, and no one stopped him from entering. He walked to the center of the fortress hall. There were six marble pillars in the hall with almost no other decorations. There were some paintings on the walls, which looked quite empty. On the long table in front of him sat a rather sturdy man with a standard square face, vigorous, clean short hair, thick eyebrows, and sharp eyes.

The man was wearing heavy armor and a double-handed sword leaned on his knee. When he heard the footsteps of the others entering, he raised his head slightly and put down his quill pen. There were piles of scrolls, nearly a meter thick, in front of him. Many of which had been read and turned then put aside. It seemed that he has been sitting here for a long time, with the food he ate at noon on the side, just plain bread and thick soup.

Youve arrived.

The sturdy man stood up. He was more than two meters tall. He was much taller than the young man in front of him. He put down his quill pen and the scroll in his hand, and looked at the young man in front of him with sharp and heroic eyes. The years did not leave too many traces on his face. But the sharp face that was as if it was carved by a knife still made other people feel what he had experienced over the years. He was a profession that was higher than a legendary level. His bloodline had been transformed by his powerful strength. His life span was far longer than that of ordinary people.

The young man knelt on one knee, lowered his head humbly. He held the top of the hilt, and said in a deep voice: Your Excellency Adjudicator!

The sturdy man did not answer. He just stared at the young man in front of him.

After a while, he came down slowly, towards the former Paladin. He pulled out his sword with a clang, then placed the sword on his shoulder, and said in a deep voice: Since you are qualified to come to me, you must have passed all the tests before you! I dont know what you have experienced, met, seen or understood along the way. Its not important to me. Whats important is that you learn to look at the world from a different perspective from today onwards!


Let me teach you your first lesson!

The sturdy man picked up a heavy statute and handed it to the young man in front of him. He forcefully said: Justice! Either by force or by law!!!

From today onwards, you will learn the entire statute of the mainland from me! When you have learned all the laws, I will tell you how an Adjudicator should use force to find justice! Young man! You must remember that using force is always the last resort! Before using force, you should learn to use your wisdom, and the law is also our most effective weapon. Even if the law requires us to use force to maintain it in the end!

The Adjudicator was a former paladin who was almost forgotten by history. Many people had completely forgotten the legendary Paladin, but if Soran was present, he would be able to recognize that the sturdy man was a more powerful and special existence compared to the Silver Hand. Not many people remembered his past, but Soran knew that he was one of the worlds few legendary professions who could confront powerful Gods, and was the only Paladin who dared to draw his sword against the [Lord of Glory]!

The City of Wealth.

In a dark basement, a woman with a ghost face mask frowned and coldly shouted at the people down below: What? The Lucky gold coin was stolen? You bunch of incompetent trash! Find it and get it back for me!

The angry voice was like a cold wind bashing through, which made the others below tremble for a while. One of the men mustered his courage and said in a soft voice: Your Excellency, please calm down! According to the prophecy, twelve lucky gold coins must be collected to unlock the secret of that place!. We still have time. We will find the lucky gold coin in time!

The woman with the mask looked at him coldly and said: Ill give you half a year. If you cant find the lucky gold coin after half a year, you can talk to his Excellency Avatar yourself.

The lucky gold coin.

A legendary special item that was said to bring good luck to people.

There were 12 lucky gold coins in total. One was the oldest, Luck Goddess, not the present Goddess of Good Fortune. On the reverse were 12 kinds of star signs, representing different meanings. There were few records about these lucky gold coins, only that they could bring good luck, but there was a special legend. That was, after collecting 12 lucky gold coins, one could find the 13th gold coin that represented bad luck and misfortune.

This was a very ancient artifact!

It could even be used to curse the Gods. It was an artifact made by the Goddess of Luck to protect herself.

On the Outer Islands.

Soran wasnt too keen towards the arrival of the Drow Warriors because the other party arrived much later than he expected. According to his original plan, the Drows should have arrived before he left for the Outer Islands, rather than waiting until he had established a camp on the Outer Islands. A group of Drow Warriors appeared in the distance. Although they were wearing some worn-out equipment, their aura was very strong. There were only thirty-one Drows, but their neat steps and cold eyes were even more intimidating than those hundreds of pirates.

These Drow Warriors were easily associated with the Elven army in the demon ring. Among the fighters of many races, the discipline of the Elves was the best. And among all the elves, the regimentation of the Drow Army was the cruelest. The training time of an Elven Fighter was quite long. Much longer than that of other races. Therefore, in terms of all the different aspects of quality, the Elven army was second to none. As for Drow Warriors, they were even stricter. They were trained far more than the other races.

All of them were above grade 3 professions!

Soran only took a glance at the Drow Warriors in front of him and had gauged their abilities. Almost all of them had the combat power of the pirate leaders. With this kind of combat power, they could be patrolling captains in prominent cities, but in the Underdark, they could only be used as a more sophisticated patrol guard. They did not even have the qualifications to apply for a Basilisk Knight. It seemed that their group has been weakened a lot, and Soran could not see that many grade four Drow Warriors.

One should know that the strict standard of Drow Warriors in the Underdark was at least profession level 15.

Your Excellency.

The leading Drow Warrior seemed to be intentionally showing his power. After stopping, he turned around. The Drow Warriors behind him also turned around in an orderly manner at the same time. There were no movements during this period. All of them were like a whole. This seemed very shocking and oppressive to the pirates, but it was a common practice for Soran. Because the discipline of the military parade was like childs play in his previous life. Their combat power might not be as strong as these Drow Warriors, but he has seen a more stunning arrangement of troops.

Soran nodded slightly and said: The rest of you, stay outside. You, come in with me.

I just so happen to have things I needed to talk to you about!

These Drow Warriors came at the right time. Soran had just needed a group of fighters.



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