Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 238

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The Little Phoenix's First cry [9]

Princ.i.p.al Cang He looked at her deeply and said in a sincere and earnest voice: Princess Bei Yue, you are very talented. If you concentrate on cultivating, then in the future youll definitely become very strong. I think you should reconsider about transferring to the martial arts academy.

Although Huang Bei Yue doesnt think the same way as Princ.i.p.al Cang He, she told him shell consider it.

Princ.i.p.al Cang He nodded his head and went back to sit on the judges seat.

At the end of the battle between Princess Ying Ye and the expert from the martial arts college, Princess Ying Ye had won without a surprise. The expert that was defeated by Princess Ying Ye and had willingly admitted defeat.

The two battles between the imperial college and the martial arts college were both won by the imperial college. This made the talented experts from the martial arts college lose face.

Teacher Lei who was on the judges seat was fuming with rage while teacher Guo was stroking his chin and laughing heartily. This year, the students from the imperial college have given him so much face!

Princess Ying Ye walked back to her seat with her sword in hand. But when she saw Huang Bei Yue, she smiled as she pulled Bei Yues hand forward.

There was a lot of people before so I didnt go up to congratulate you. My royal brother and I are very happy for you.

Thank you, princess. Thank you, crown prince.

Princess Ying Ye smiled and said: Why are you thanking us? We are a family. Whats more, you have destroyed the arrogance that AnGuo Gongs residence and the government ministers residence always have. These two old guys support Prince Jin so they harbor bad intentions towards my royal brother! They need a good beating!

For a long time, Government Minister Lin and AnGuo Gong are jackals of the same tribe. In addition to Government Minister Lin and AnGuo Gongs side, there is also Prime Minister Qi. In Nan Yi country, these two groups both harbor ill intentions towards the crown prince.

However, a few days ago, Huang Bei Yue had killed Xue Meng. Shortly after that, AnGuo Gongs treasure was stolen. In a short time, people from AnGuo Gongs residence cant be as arrogant as they were before.

Presently, the two talented geniuses from government ministers residence have been crippled by Huang Bei Yue. Now, they have been beaten to the point where they cant lift their heads up.

After hearing this, the experts who have been relying on the government ministers residence would probably break their ties with the government ministers residence. It doesnt matter which residence they would join. As long as theyre able to take away the arrogance from AnGuo Gongs residence and the government ministers residence then its for the best.

Even though this was unintentionally caused by Huang Bei Yue, Princess Ying Ye was very happy.

Princess Ying Ye took Huang Bei Yue to sit at where the royal family would sit. However, the Xiao family wasnt seated far from where the royal family would sit. This is because by using Princess Zhangs name, they are able to be seated close to where the royal family is.

As Huang Bei Yue walk pa.s.s them, the group of people sitting there started to become nervous.

Xiao Zhong Qi and Xiao Yun immediately put up their guard as they looked at her. After so many years of bullying her, they dont believe that she wont come and seek revenge!

However, unexpectedly, Huang Bei Yue didnt even spare a glance at them. She walked straight up to the crown prince and was about to bow when Zhan Ye raised his hand and said: No need to be too polite.

Princess Ying Ye and Huang Bei Yue sat together. Princess Ying Ye said: Royal brother, how was Bei Yues performance before. Isnt she very strong?

Zhan Yes complexion wasnt too good. His face was slightly pale. But after hearing Princess Ying Yes words, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. Zhan Ye rarely say words of praise to others but he said: Very good.

Royal brother rarely praises others, Princess Ying Ye mischievously said.

Huang Bei Yue looked at Zhan Yes face and was secretly worried. Why is his complexion still so pale? It seems that he still wasnt able to detoxify the poison. Was hundred poison pill not effective at all?


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