Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 239

Translator: lilcookiez

The Little Phoenix's First cry [10]

Is the crown princes body not well? Huang Bei Yue couldnt help but ask.

Princess Ying Ye knows that the crown prince has a cold and detached temperament and doesnt like to talk to others. Hence, she spoke first and said: It has been chilly these past few days so my brother caught a cold. His body is somewhat unwell.

Huang Bei Yue looked at Princess Ying Ye. Princess Ying Yes eyes were clear and bright, it doesnt seem like shes lying. Huang Bei Yue was puzzled, could it be that he didnt tell Princess Ying Ye?

Didnt he tell her that he had told the emperor and that he also went to Xiao Yao w.a.n.g to look for solutions? Could it be that he said all those just to comfort her?

When Huang Bei Yue thought up to here, her mood became heavy.

Princess Bei Yue, whos your master, Zhan Yes voice faintly sounded.

My master doesnt like it when I mention him in front of others. I hope you understand. Her master is a hermit and pa.s.ses his day like an immortal. The more quiet and secluded a place is, the more her master likes it. Hence, people from the outside rarely heard about him.

However, the disciples that he teaches would all become one of the very best experts in the world!

Zhan Ye nodded his head but he secretly thought in his heart: She must be Xi Tians disciple. That night, Xi Tian had told him that she had come here to repay Princess Zhang. But Princess Zhang has already died. Therefore, she could only repay her debt through Princess Bei Yue.

Huang Bei Yue has been rumored to be a waste and her physique was special so she couldnt condense any vitality. However, in the past few days, she was able to shock numerous people with her talent.

How can someone become so powerful in such a short time? It would be impossible unless they receive the guidance of an expert.

In order to repay the grace of Princess Zhang, Xi Tian would definitely do her best to teach Princess Bei Yue. Shes a confident and light person. Even if she had taken Princess Bei Yue as a disciple, she still isnt fond of showing off.

Your teacher must be very powerful to be able to have an apprentice like you. Zhan Ye didnt press the issue any further. Since Xi Tian had told Princess Bei Yue not to tell others, then he shouldnt make thing difficult for her.

Since little, Huang Bei Yue has always admired and respect her teacher. So whenever she hears others praising her teacher, shes especially happy.

Yes, my master is a great person. Although he is young, he is very powerful!

When Zhan Ye heard that her teacher is young, hes even more certain that its Xi Tian. Within the many experts in Nan Yi country, an expert who is young and powerful besides him, there is only Xi Tian.

When Zhan Ye heard how Huang Bei Yue revere her teacher, he is also very happy. There is no need to talk about Xi Tians character. The disciples that she teaches would naturally be pretty good.

A soft yet hard to detect flashed by his handsome face. From his s.p.a.ce ring, he took out a bottle of jade liquid for healing and gave it to her. He said: Carefully take care of your wounds.

Huang Bei Yue blankly stared at the bottle. Last time, Zhan Ye also gave her this thing. However, at that time, she was Xi Tian. Because she was a nine-star summoner, thats why he was very liberal when giving it to her.

That time, Yan had said that the jade liquid is very precious and hard to get. Even if you have money, it would still be difficult to get.

At the current stage she is at, there isnt really a reason for him to give her such a precious medicine right?

Could it be that hes nice to everyone?

Huang Bei Yue couldnt help but be a little depressed.

If she knows that Zhan Ye is thinking right now, she would feel speechless. How could she become her own teacher?

Princess Ying Ye enviously look at her, her brother has never been so generous towards her. Just as shes about to say something, someone from the Xiao family walked over.

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