Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 241

Translator: lilcookiez

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Counting Ones Chickens Before They Are Hatched [1]

A meow sounded in the forest and within that sound, it contains cold air that is rushing towards Huang Bei Yue.

Has Xiao Yun become crazy? A mere three-star summoner actually dare to attack her?

When she was battling against Lin Zi Cheng today, did Xiao Yun not see her strength? Otherwise, how could she so brainlessly dare to challenge her?

Unless someone has instructed her to do so in order to set up a trap!

Who is it? Whats their purpose?

Since Xiao Qi Yuan was the one to asked Xiao Yun to bring her then it must be that old fox! What does he want to do? Does he want to see her true strength? Dont make her laugh! Does he wants to see her true strength by sending Xiao Yun who is just a mere three-star summoner?

Huang Bei Yue twirled backward, arriving behind a tree. She swept her eyes across the forest. Xiao Qi Yuan must be hiding somewhere in order to see her skills!

He wants to see her skills? How could it be that easy!

She picked up a stone from the ground and held it in her hand. Huang Bei Yue used the trees to block the oncoming attacks from Xiao Yun. No matter how Xiao Yun attacked her, he wont appear.

The Snow White Cat has ice attributes. Although the cat is very docile, however, when its in a battle, its somewhat violent. The cat kept screaming and screaming, wanting to break the tree with its large body.

Huang Bei Yue secretly poured vitality into the stone that is in her hand and threw it in the direction of the Snow White Cats eye.

Suddenly, a miserable cry resounded throughout the forest!

When it comes to shooting games, even her master had praised her for her skills. Thats why Huang Bei Yue was able to shoot down Lin Wan Yis arrow while riding the unbalanced horse today.

When Xiao Yun saw fresh blood flowing from her beloved spirit beasts eye, she was immediately distressed and angry.

Huang Bei Yue, stop hiding and come out to fight me!

Huang Bei Yue coldly laughed. You want to fight me? Do you even have the ability?

She didnt reply as another rock flew out of her hand. This time, the rock didnt hit the Snow White Cat, but Xiao Yun!

Ah, Xiao Yun miserably screamed. She laid on the back of the Snow White Cat while covering her injured ear with her hand.

If she hadnt dodged quickly, the rock wouldve hit her eye!

That wretched Huang Bei Yue, where is she hiding?

Xiao Yun swept her gaze across her surrounding. She was surrounded by tall and dense trees. Every time Huang Bei Yue threw a stone out, she would use some weird martial arts to shift herself behind another tree. This made it impossible for people to sense where she is.

Stone after stones were ruthlessly and accurately thrown at Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun hid behind the Snow White Cat, preventing herself from getting injured. However, the Snow White Cat kept letting out blood-curdling screams as the rocks. .h.i.t it.

They were out in the open while Huang Bei Yue is hidden. This kind of situation was able very unfavorable to them. In addition to that, Xiao Yun was only a three-star summoner. She cant even be compared to one of Huang Bei Yues finger. How could she get the upper hand?

The enraged Snow White Cat was violently charging around the forest, it wants to catch the person that is attacking them and tear that person into pieces!

Yun er, an old voice suddenly sounded. Following that, a leopards roar could be heard.

A burst of hot wind swept over them accompanying the roar, making the trees surrounding them crash. This level of fire attribute was very fierce.

The Snow White Cats violent roar before was incomparable to this.

Grandpa! When Xiao Yun heard that voice, she was immediately happy. Now, shell have someone to rely on!


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