Adorable Food Goddess Chapter 153

Ye Jiayao clarified, "What? You're going to use me as your shield?"

"You don't have to sound so surprised," Xia Chunyu said, rolling his eyes. "After the contract expires, we can just divorce. Anyway, people in Jin Ling already knows that you're mine. Even your ancestral home recognizes me. This deal just makes sense."

Ye Jiayao doesn't really think so. In fact, she actually felt insulted.

"What if I do not agree?"

Xia Chunyu thought about it for a moment before saying, "Then the Heavenly Residence would have to be given as a gift to Princess Liu Li. I will announce your real identity and let you return to your family in Yang Zhou. Oh, and I'll dismiss Zhong Xiang and the others and hire my own workers."

She wasn't even surprised that Chunyu resorted to baiting her like this.

Zhong Xiang and the others have yet to make a name for themselves. They were all following her so that they'd earn money to put food on their table. If they were dismissed on such a short notice, where would they go? Furthermore, her family had already counted on him caring for her. If he ends up marrying Liu Li, her grandmother would be angry.

F*cking hell! He doesn't have anything to lose here!

Ye Jiayao had to think of something to even out the playing field. Heavenly Residence earns an estimated daily income of 5,000 and a monthly income of 450,000. That's a very substantial amount and that's not even including their peak season.

She just found her leverage.

"You mean we'll have a fake marriage?"

Xia Chunyu nodded. "But you still have to fulfill your obligations as a Lady. You'll have to respect your parents-in-law, preserve my reputation..."

"Are we going to be sleeping in separate beds?" she tacked on.

"That's impossible. There are people serving in the room who'll see that and I definitely can't withhold."

If they were going to do all that, it's not really afakemarriage now, was it?

"Don't think that I want this. There's a reason why people easily believed your male disguise..." Xia Chunyu looked her up and down, disgusted.

Ye Jiayao kicked him and yelled, "You're shameless!"

He rubbed his calf painfully and glared at her. "You really are not a lady!"

Go to hell, you f*cking bastard!She really wanted to spit on his face.

Was this how her life going to be from now on? A business transaction? She'd have a source of wealth and a loveless marriage.

It really doesn't matter, does it? No matter if they're handsome or ugly, from the ancient era or the modern world, men are unreliable pigs.

"If I agree to this, I have two conditions," she started, throwing daggers at him.

"Tell me."

"First, I will leave after two years and eight months and the people must know that it wasmewho asked to leave."

Xia Chunyu frowned lightly, "Why must the people know? We can just separate quietly."

"That would also be my decision if I wanted to go that route or not," Ye Jiayao riposted. She has to protect her reputation.

Xia Chunyu conceded with a smile. "It's up to you."

"Second, during this period, I want 50% of the income of the restaurant, the common property of the husband and wife."

Xia Chunyu deliberately considered it for a long time before answering with gritted teeth, "Fine."

"Third is-"

"Third? Didn't you say that there are only two conditions?" he interrupted.

"I just thought of it.

"What is it this time?"

"While we're married, you are not to have any promiscuous sexual relations with others. If I hear of such things, I promise you that I'll save my reputation before yours."

Xia Chunyu raised a brow questioningly. "How do you propose I satisfy my needs?"

"I really don't care," Ye Jiayao said meanly.

"Okay. I promise. Is there anything else? Once we get out of here, the agreements that we made are final."

"Let me think about it again." She has to cover all her bases. She couldn't afford to be so trusting again, especially since Chunyu had the habit of hurting her.

"Okay. Fourth, if your family deliberately make things difficult for me, I willdefend myself and you must stand by me." She was going to be living with the Xias for almost three years. She was definitely not going to endure snide comments and unnecessary bullying from any of them.

"That depends on the situation. If you're being unreasonable, I won't back you up just so you could preserve your ego."

"Well then, look for someone else to use as your shield. How about Liu Yiyi? I'm sure she'll give you all the comfort you need," Ye Jiayao said sarcastically.

"I can't do that. Her status will bring shame to our family."

"Oh? But I thought only a head chef like myself can bring her food?" Ye Jiayao said sourly.

Xia Chunyu could not help but laugh, "You're jealous."

Pleased with her jealousy, he took out a pre-made contract. He wrote some additional conditions in the blank space of the paper and gave it to Ye Jiayao. "Look this over. If you agree with everything, we'll put our handprint on it."

Ye Jiayao grabbed it haughtily and looked it over. "Where are the other conditions I stated?"

"There's no more space. I will make up a supplementary agreement tomorrow."

That won't do. She won't just blindly trust his words anymore. "This isn't complete. I'll wait for the new draft tomorrow."

"Alright. Just remember, once you've put your handprint on it, the agreement is effective. Sleep well tonight, we have very important things to do tomorrow."

"What important things?" Ye Jiayao asked.

"We have to go to the palace."

The carriage stopped.

"Heir-Son Lord, we're here."

"The palace?" Ye Jiayao echoed.Does he plan to restore her identity tomorrow?

"Don't worry. All you have to say is that you lost your memory when you fell off the cliff. Everything you know now from our time in Black Wind Ridge, you learned from me." With that, Xia Chunyu got out of the carriage and helped her out.

"Can't we just slow down? I'm not prepared for this yet." When she was Li Yao, she might get from the hard work, but she was very happy. She didn't want to go back to being First Lady Ye and deal with the evilness of the Ye family.

"We can't slow down. It's only a matter of time before your identity is exposed. The Weis and the Mus are gunning for both of us. I even heard that Ye Jinrong had gone to the palace today. We've run out of time. We have to solve this matter now."

"But... but what if the Emperor couldn't forgive my lies?" Ye Jiayao asked worriedly.

Xia Chunyu gave her a tender smile. "What are you afraid of? If he wants to cut your head, I will be there with you.

Ye Jiayao was surprised to hear him say that. This guy really was very mercurial.

"Go in and rest. Don't go to Heavenly Residence tomorrow, just stay here and wait for me," Xia Chunyu told her and got back to his carriage.

She watched the carriage drove away, feeling like everything that had just happened was a dream.

Despite Chunyu's order to rest, Ye Jiayao couldn't seem to sleep. Just the thought of seeing the Emperor tomorrow and confessing her deception was enough to make her heart pound.

And what was up with Chunyu? Did he really just want to get rid of the Emperor's marriage arrangement?

Is there no possibility that he really likes me?

Ye Jiayao shook her head. She was so confused. She doesn't know what to think and what to feel.

Eventually, her thoughts lulled her into sleep.

Meanwhile, Wei Liujiang's new house was bustling.

Ye Binghuai began, "Lady, things have been gone awry here. Heir-Son Lord will not stop until he punishes all of us."

"I don't care if he doesn't give up. If you dare to divorce me, I will kill you," Ye Ning said angrily.

Ye Bing assured her, "It's only an expedient measure. When it all calms down, I'll be with you again."

Ye Ning sneered, "Binghuai, I have been sleeping with you in the same bed for more than 10 years. I know what you're thinking about. Don't even think of trying to fool me."

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