Advent Of The Archmage Chapter 561

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Accepting Avatar’s battle technique book, Link flipped through without changing his expression. Half a minute later, all the content was ingrained in his mind.

After finishing, he returned the book to Avatar, commenting, “Very good battle techniques. However, it’s too restrictive. Even a Beastman would need absolute talent to accomplish it, right?”

In the game, every Beastman player tried for the Soul Furnace battle technique book. However, the book was not enough by itself. They had to fulfill many strict requirements. This was expressed by a set of practically impossible missions that had to be completed alone under three tries.

If the player failed at the third try, the book would disappear.

According to calculations, of all the lucky Beastman Warriors who could receive the Soul Furnace book, only 20% could successfully pass the test and learn the technique.

If the game was this difficult, real life would be worse.

As expected, Avatar looked proud after Link said that. Link had read too quickly, so Avatar thought his comment was a bit too rash. However, anyone liked hearing praises. Chuckling, he said, “You’re right. Only three people in our entire race have learned this battle techniqueHolun, Parmese, and I. Right now, I’m the best.”

Link had to admit this point.

In the later stages of the game, Beastman King Avatar was the undisputable top Warrior. He was a legend amongst legends and had even injured Nozama, Lord of the Deep, forcing him to retreat back to the demon fortress.

It was completely true to say he was the best.

As for the Soul Furnace battle technique, Link had taken a look and determined he could learn it. But if he wanted to learn it fully, it would be difficult. To reach Avatar’s level would be practically impossible.

Not only did the practitioner need Savage Power, but they also had to have unshakeable and courageous will. They had to do things according to their heart, unaffected by anything else.

This was the path to a true and pure Warrior.

And Link was a Magician.

A Magician had to be flexible and agile. A powerful Magician couldn’t forget their original intention but should use any method possible. In order to reach their goal, some white lies were alright, but this would betray their heart. This was the opposite of a Warrior. If Link forced himself to learn it, he would probably distort it.

But even though he couldn’t learn this battle technique, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t use the wisdom in the book. To a Magician, everything had a pattern and could be learned and used. This included battle techniques.

The Soul Furnace seems to fit with the Soul Stamp of the game system. The two are different but have the same function. They both stamp power onto one’s soul. If I can truly grasp the Soul Stamp, my spell-casting ability will truly follow my heart’s wishes. My speed will really rival battle techniques, and I’ll be powerful enough to destroy everything I need to grasp this power as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Link grew excited.

One must know that all current spells, regardless of whether they were mortal or Legendary, required a Magician to use their own power to build the structure and activate the outer force by shaking the structure to attack.

This was extremely powerful but lacked in speed. This shortcoming was especially obvious after entering the Legendary level.

There were two reasons: Firstly, Legendary spell structures were very complex. Even if a Magician was experienced, the spell-casting speed would still be restricted.

Secondly, the power after a Legendary spell structure reverberated was different from a regular spell. Regular spells used the power of the Firuman realm, while Legendary spells took from the Sea of Void. This was hundreds of times more powerful than the former.

Firuman was actually submerged in a little “bubble” in the Sea of Void; they actually overlapped. Technically, this shouldn’t cause a delay. However, the laws of Firuman rejected the Sea of Void, thus causing the delay.

Due to these two reasons, a Legendary Magician’s speed was much slower than a Legendary Warrior. If the Warrior got close, especially if they were an Assassin, the result would be tragic. The Magician would barely be able to fight back.

This was why Link practiced martial arts to protect himself.

This was the only solution though. If Link could solve the problem using a spell, he would rather do that. Now, Link saw some hope in solving this shortcoming through the Soul Furnace.

These thoughts all flashed through Link’s mind in an instant. Then he heard Avatar sigh. “A pity that I lost the broadsword.”

Avatar was depressed. His obsidian broadsword wasn’t the best, but it had been with him for more than a decade. He was used to it, but it was forced out of his hands when he blocked the vine. It was probably left in Mara City.

Unexpectedly, Link waved at a long bag by the campfire as soon as he finished speaking. The bag flew to Link’s hand, and he pushed it towards Avatar. “Open it.”

When Avatar took the bag, he already got the feeling. “Is it my broadsword?”

Link smiled in reply.

Excited, Avatar unwound the cloth, ring by ring. Slowly, a reddish black blade appeared. It was the same color as his obsidian blade, but it was much smoother. The spine of the sword was sturdy and ancient-looking, while the blade was sharp and bright. It shimmered when Avatar moved it. The nicks on the blade were gone too.

At closer inspection, Avatar saw many faint gold runes on the sword. He didn’t know what they were for, of course, but they were very detailed. They fit with the overall style of the sword too. When the cloth was entirely unraveled, and the sword was completely out, Avatar subconsciously held his breath.

It was also a black obsidian sword, but his old one was like an ugly rod in comparison.

When he grasped it, he was even more pleasantly surprised. It felt like the sword was connected to his blood, like the sword was an extension of his arm. He swung it a few times and discovered the weight was just right. It whistled as it cut through the air; it was impressive as a dragon’s low roar.

“How did it change so much?” Avatar didn’t want to let go.

Link smiled. “It’s your old sword, but I made some small adjustments. When you were unconscious, your arm was still bleeding. I used some of your blood for a blood refining method. I’m sure you felt that it could understand you, right?”

“Indeed.” Avatar’s eyes were glued to the sword without leaving for even a second. He caressed the sword gently as if it were his lover.

With a sword like this, he was confident in using many of the tricks that he couldn’t before. His power could triple at the very least.

After appreciating it for a long while, Avatar suddenly said, “I can feel that it has another special power.”

“You’re very sensitive. That’s right. It can cut through the causal ring Uh, it’s for fighting the Spear of Victory. That’s the Naga’s weapon. I think that you must have felt how dangerous it is, right?”

Avatar nodded. He had the feeling that if the Naga used her spear, he would definitely be dead. That was why he used all his might to make sure the Naga couldn’t fight back.

Link chuckled. “You don’t have to worry anymore.”

“Oh Thank you. I owe you a life and a weapon But I need to ask something of you.” Avatar lowered his head. It was hard to say because he really owed too much.

Without needing him to say anything, a crystal vial appeared in Link’s hand. There was dark red liquid inside it.

“What is this?”

“The antidote. I stole a potion from that Dark Magician and spent a whole night studying it to create this. A drop can cure a regular man.”

Avatar’s mouth fell open. He didn’t know what to say. After a long while, he said, “I will personally lead my elites to the Orida Fortress after this!”

Link had already done so much for his race. In return, there was no reason for the Beastmen to reject the alliance. Repaying in gratitude was the honor of the Beastmen!

Link was happy that his goal was accomplished, but he couldn’t show it. Calmly, he said, “There’s no hurry for the alliance. Right now, we have another challenge to face. You must recover to your peak as soon as possible.”

“What challenge?” Avatar was shocked.

Link smirked. “It’s those High Elves. They revealed their identities and have become your top enemy. After I saved you, they used a magic seal to lock this area.”

With that, Link pointed at the moon. “Look at the moon. Doesn’t it waver every now and then?”

Avatar looked and saw that it was true. Not only was the moon wavering, the air around them would ripple like water too.

“That’s the magic seal. It’s 30 miles in radius, and we’re inside. If we break through it, they’ll use a portal to appear by us within three seconds.

Avatar was shaken. “They’re going to make us die with the secret?”

Link nodded. “Not only that, they even temporarily allied with the Army of Destruction to increase efficiency.”

Before, Vance and Elin had said that the High Elves might very possibly break past their bottom line, but he didn’t expect them to go to this extent.

Right now, they had six enemies. Though Avatar had greatly wounded the three from the Army of Destruction, the High Elves had impressive healing techniques. They were probably mostly recovered by now.

Link wasn’t there match at all. Even if he could kill some, it would be over for him too. However, if he added Avatar and his new sword, Link was 80% sure they could wipe out the enemy.

The fury Avatar had just repressed flared again. Gripping his sword, he gritted his teeth. “Good, very good. I was looking to cause them some trouble!”

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