After Rebirth I Became A Powerful Minister’s Beloved Chapter 993

Chapter 993: I Owe You Too Much

Xiao Yi was surprised: "Why do you think this way?"

Seeing that Nan Baoyi was aggrieved and couldn't answer, he pursed his thin lips and smiled for a moment, and said seriously: "I never thought about this. You can't have a child, and I have no complaints, let alone a little princess by accident?"

There is contentment in his eyes.

He shook Nan Baoyi's small hand and clasped her fingers carefully: "I am with Nan Jiaojiao, not to pass on the family, not to covet your family's wealth, let alone your appearance. I am with you, Just to be with you."

At this moment, the brutal emperor put down all his pretensions and tried his best to give his women a sense of security.

Listening to his confession, the anxiety that Nan Baoyi had hidden in his heart quietly disappeared.

She bends Danfeng's eyes, smiles sweetly, and puts on her tiptoes to embrace Xiao Yi's neck: "Second brother!"

The scent of hibiscus is full of flowers.

Xiao Yi hugged her back, sniffed her fragrance deeply, and couldn't help raising the corners of her lips.

The two were tired and crooked for a long time, and Nan Baoyi suddenly patted his head: "I'm here today, besides giving my second brother a writing brush, there is one more important thing!"


The patio veranda in the small pavilion is winding.

Nan Baoyi took Xiao Yi's sleeve corner and came to a stone cave outside the moon gate like a thief.

She peeped quietly into the courtyard. A middle-aged man in a snow-white suit was sitting behind the piano table with exotic grasses planted in the patio. He slowly flicked the strings, and the sound of the piano was low and low.

The breeze rolled up his wide sleeves and hair band, adding a touch of elegance and calmness, but he was weaker and thinner after all.

Nan Baoyi regretted: "Second brother, I can't imagine that your father turned out to be the young overlord who frightened the nations more than 20 years ago. He was born handsome, and he must have been majestic!"

Xiao Yi was unhappy: "You brought me here just to see my father? Look at him, it's better to look at me."

Nan Baoyi gave him an angry look: "What do you think?"

The two were arguing quietly, and footsteps came from across the patio.

Nan Baoyi hurriedly looked.

Emperor Shen came after all.

Yuchi Changgong followed behind her, with an unhappy expression on his face.

Empress Shen sat on the round stool, shaking her sleeves, her eyes on the piano case, sarcasm on her beautiful face: "I don't know, you can also play the piano."

Xiao Yu held down the strings.

The ending tone gradually closed, and he said: "The Xiao family is good at rhythm."

"So, you deliberately pretended to be Zhaonu to attract my idea in Fengxue Temple?" Shen Jiang sneered, "Don't look at how many catties you are, pretending to be him, do you deserve it?"

Behind the moon gate.

Xiao Yi whispered, "Pretending to be Zhao slave?"

In a few words, Nan Baoyi told the story of the Fengxue Temple by the river that day.

Xiao Yi: "So you suspect that the piano master back then was actually my father?"

Nan Baoyi nodded: "No one will hide things from a rival in love. With your father's dominance back then, if he wants to kill that piano master, he will destroy all his belongings, but he will keep that one alone. White fox mask, dont you think its weird? What's more, your father is also an extremely proud man. He can never win Queen Shens idea by pretending to be a rival."

Xiao Yi was silent.

If the piano master was the father, then why did he stage a scene of killing the piano master?

Is it worth making Shen Jiang hate him for more than 20 years?

In the patio.

The sunlight was dappled, and the vines on the wall bloomed with lilac flowers, and the shadows of the flowers fell on Xiao Yu's clothes, a kind of calmness after the years settled.

Xiao Yu met Shen Jiang's mocking face and smiled calmly, "Those pills are easy to use? Will it still hurt on the night of the full moon?"

Shen Jiang's expression changed slightly, his face seemed to be covered with frost and snow.

She quickly recovered and grinned: "Don't think you helped me, I won't hate you. Xiao Yu, you owe me too much!"

Xiao Yu seemed to mutter to himself: "Yes, I owe you too much..."

For more than twenty years, his attitude has always been such a concession.

Shen Jiang tapped his fingers, his tone was a bit impatient: "Nan Baoyi is used to talking nonsense, and it is ridiculous to say that you are Zhao slave! Xiao Yu, I will not allow you to play the piano again in the future, you are not worthy !"

Xiao Yu closed his eyes deeply.

The cyan eyelashes resembled smoke and drizzle, depicting unspeakable complex emotions on his face.

The hands on the strings tightened and tight, and he slowly opened his eyes, still smiling: "Okay."

He always has no temper.

Shen Jiang became angry for no reason.

Xu was so bored, she got up and left.

After a few steps, she suddenly turned around and took out the old white fox mask from her wide sleeves: "I ask you, why do you keep his things?"

Xiao Yu stared at the mask, silent for a long time.

Shen Jiang unhappy: "Xiao Yu!"

Xiao Yu laughed softly: "As a trophy, it has no other meaning."

Shen Jiang frowned angrily, his chest rose and fell so badly, he turned and left.

After a few steps, she bit her lower lip and stopped walking again.

She turned around, her delicate and sharp eyes fixed on Xiao Yu.

Queen Niangniang, do you think the piano master back then might be the emperor? He always wears a mask, and you have never seen his face...

Nan Baoyi's words came to her ears again, urging her to do something like a magic sound.

For more than 20 years, a bowl of contraceptive soup every month comes to mind.

After crossing the river, the bottle of blood-red medicine he gave was harsh, cruel, and gentle.

She stared at Xiao Yu's pale face, awkwardly, and suddenly stepped forward.

She squeezed his jaw and put the mask of the white fox on his face regardless of--


Good night

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