Age Of Heroes Age Of Heroes Chronicles Book 9 Chapter 283

Volume 9: Martial Arts Meet Chapter 283 To The Western Desert



Zettel is in the west part of Aetherland.

The people of Zettel often show a preference for leisure over business of any sort, whether in ruling their Kingdom or running a stall.

Their belief is that the good life is spent enjoying life.

Zettelian has a strong sense of family. They have many cities but none so big that it could compete with the cities in Arrandy or in Vangua. The exception is of course the Capital

The Capital is big and had its own unique characteristic of engineering but Arial is not coming there to be a sightseer.

Arial is using the forest path to travel, avoiding cities and villages.

But since Arial once went there, or more like stationed there during the Invasion, the most he knows about Zettel is their building.

After all, at the time, culture is just superfluous instead of a necessity. He also knows that Zettelian believe in the Night Mother and the Dawn Father.

There is temple for them all over the cities and some large villages.

But other than that the knowledge Arial had about Zettel is superficial. Their army is not that strong but it could be said that Zettel have many experts in martial arts which they can be proud of.

Arial is now camping outside the city of Zidur in the forest around it. He is about to train himself again.

But before that he had to calm himself. There are many things that he is dissatisfied about now and that would affect his training.

Actually he did not want to join the Martial Art Meet. He just got back from the Dark Lands and truthfully he wanted to spend more time with Helia and Ariadne.

But, he could not refuse the request of the Abbot of Linzi Temple, not when the Abbot has helped him before in the matter of the dragon heart.

Such deeds need to be repaid. He would not be accused as a person who doesn't know how to repaid gratitude.

Arial, with his personality he acquires in this second life of his, try to do his best. To let himself regret a little bit less.

If in the old world, he is a coward, in this life he will be brave. If he is unhonourable on his past life, he will be honorable in this life.

In a way, since he thinks like this since he was a child, his personality is remade as it is today.

Honorable and just.

It is by that virtue; he agrees to the Abbot request.

And there is also news that shocked him. He used to suspect Liao Bao of plotting against him but recent news had made him rethinks back.

His suspicion about Liao Bao is cleared. He now knows that Zhang Liao Bao is one of the disciple of the Northern Badger.

Because of that Arial also give him permission to follow him and had travelled earlier than him

When he first heard that Zhang Liao Bao could not return home because he has been invited to the Martial Art Meet, Arial was about to punish him but of course he relented.

After all, Liao Bao, that slicky bastard always has a way with words and he did contribute something in the North and Arial always reward people with result.

But then he received a letter from Vangua and everything changes. At least his plan for Vangua is halted.

Who would have thought the abbot then sent a letter asking him to be the representative of the South?

It seems the Abbot is training the next Abbot in the Mount MontBlanc and they need to train in seclusion for three years before he could come out and descend from the mountain.

Of course Arial try to reject it at first, asking the Abbot to send someone from the Temple to join the Meet but the Abbot insisted, even saying that all debt will be settled if Arial accept his request.

Arial himself was very respectful of the Abbot.

In his last life, he knew how the Abbot had sacrificed his life to fight off the invasion.

He and his Monk sacrifice themselves for the people of the Human Continent and as such Arial don't feel good if he keeps rejecting the Abbot and he finally agreed.

So, after Arial sent Silas back to Vangua to aid Harald in mediating between the Duke and the King, he began making preparation for the Martial Arts Meet.

He trains and polished his skill in the days preceding his impeding leave. All plans had to be delayed when he has set his sight on Vangua.

He has a thought about just ignoring the request but doing that means he is ungrateful and not to just a person but to one of the Immortals, one that controls one of hidden force in the continent.

The great thing about expert is they rarely interfere in the matter of worldly possession but Arial always believe that to be ridiculous.

One needs to be in harmony with people to understand the Heaven intention.

Those that separate himself with worldly matters and held their head high, believing themselves to be above worldly matter, that is just hubris.

Arial is this kind of existence.

He believes that by tethering yourself to worldly matter then you are not lost in your thoughts and your conviction.

It contributes greatly towards your moral and intellectual health, to be brought into habits of companionship with individuals unlike yourself, who cares little for your pursuit and whose abilities you must go out of yourself to appreciate.

This is what he believes.

But his decision to join the martial art meet makes many of his vassal startled and shocked. His council and his parent for example.

They even persuade him many times to reject it, to decline the Abbot invitation but Arial have made his decision.

And a man as strong will as him, who could stop him once he decided on something?

It also makes Helia angry. A few weeks before his departure they both had an intense argument.

Helia then told Arial of his responsibility as husband and as a father to their daughter chastising him on the matter of his travelling and adventuring but finally after Arial told that he need to settle this debt, and with great persuasion by his parents, employing Lisa help to console Helia heart even though Helia is sulking, she finally understands and consented.

With a kiss on Helia lips and he kissing Ariadne forehead, he started his journey, without anyone accompanying, much to the chagrin of his council who all wanted their lord to be accompanied by elite guard of the Dragonguard.

But Arial is confident of his ability to take care of himself. And the more people he had to bring, the slower the journey will be.

This journey might take two months to go the Xenos Desert. That is what he thought when he examines the distance in the map.

He is right now inside a large forest, with green leaves and big tree everywhere he looks. Arial has chosen a secluded spot to conduct his matter in private.

He has also set up a tent, a simple tent that does not need much maintenance.

The tent is just fit for one person, with a few clothes on the top to stop water, if it ever rains, a very shabby looking tent and Arial is satisfied enough with this.

Supplies in the matter of food are sufficient. He brought enough supplies, more gold then food.

After all he is not worried being robbed.

A man as strong as him, who have endured journey in the Land of Dragons and the Plains of the Orc, human bandit is the least of his worries.

And expert? Which expert will lower themselves robbing a junior as young as himself?

And Arial himself acknowledge that he is strong. After all, not many can claim they defeated a dragon in this day and age.

The wind blows hard and cold but Arial body is fine. His body after the heart swapping with the dragon is tougher than before.

Cold and hot is just a breeze for him. A tingling sensation at the most extreme. He is beginning again his training.

Since he begins his journey he has been trying to improve his technique. His internal energy is not a problem but his technique is.

Primarily, his swordsmanship technique. This, he had to admit, especially when he remembers Velamina sword style and the sword styles of the Kobold warriors.

Arial began sitting down, cross legged and take his breath. Right now he is focusing his internal energy to feel the flow in his body, the power coursing through his vein.


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