Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Young Master Wuque

Who are you? How dare you stick your nose in our matters! One of the men turned around to scold the green-haired youth.

Insolence! How dare you speak to Young Master Wuque like that! A young man who was holding a spear leaped out from the group of youths, and shouted, Ill send you on your way!

He raised his spear to attack.

The man instantly drew his saber to parry.

Ding, ding, ding!

After a few exchanges, his expression changed drastically.

Although both of them were at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier, his battle prowess was a lot weaker than that of his opponent. Thus, he was immediately forced onto his back foot. Meanwhile, his opponents spear was especially deadly and brimming with killing intent. This made him feel the threat of death.

So powerful! he thought to himself in astonishment.

He frantically roared and started to fight as if his life depended on it. Bursts of divine light exuded from his body as he suddenly grew several times his original size, becoming a giant who stood nine meters tall.


His palm was run through by the spear, yet not even a single drop of blood flowed out. It was as if he had no blood in his body.

Moreover, it appeared as if he couldnt feel pain, either, and he swung his saber toward the spear-wielding youth with his other hand.

The spear-wielding man couldnt help but be surprised. He hurriedly swiped his spear up, pushing his opponent back and dissolving the might of his attack. A look of realization appeared on his face, and he said, You didnt expand your body, but merely filled it up to make yourself look bigger. Its not a genuine extension of your body, and thus you were completely unaffected, and didnt even bleed after being struck by my spear.

So what if you know? The man chuckled coldly, and said, My body is so large right now, so how are you going to hit my vital points? Do you know where my vital points are?

Haha, I dont need to know where your vital points are. Against my Chilly Frost Spear, your only option is death! Veins of divine patterns instantly lit up as the spear-wielding man activated his spear. Boundless amounts of frosty air surged into the surroundings, and it was as if the nearby land had been turned into an ice cave.

The mans teeth couldnt help but clack. There was a stunned look in his eyes, and he yelped, L-level Four God Tool!

It was clear that this spear-wielding man was subordinate to the green-haired youth, yet even an underling like him could possess a Level Four God Tool. What kind of concept was this? This group of youths Unbelievable Their backgrounds were definitely astonishing.

Heh, its all just a misunderstanding, another man chimed in, and said, Since these two are your friends, please forgive us for our recklessness!

The spear-wielding man looked toward the green-haired youth, who merely gave a cold smile before saying, You still want to live after daring to offend this beauty?

The spear-wielding man instantly understood his intentions. He raised his spear and launched an attack toward the four men.

He was extremely powerful right now, and under the might of the spear, the surroundings were transformed into a world of snow and ice. In fact, the might of his attack had already surpassed the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. Coupled with his own battle prowess, it was as if there were two elites fighting alongside each other.

Even though he was fighting against four people by himself, he still enjoyed a great advantage. By the looks of it, he would be able to dispose of those four men in a few more strikes.

Ling Han couldnt help but nod. It was difficult for cultivators to attain a battle prowess of even one star. However, God Tools were different. This was because elites could nurture such weapons, and then bestow them to their descendants. As such, their descendants could easily surpass four or even five stars.

This made Ling Hans anticipation grow even stronger. Just how mighty would his Divine Demon Sword be when it caught up to his cultivation level? It was comparable to Divine Metal, and it wasnt simply a weapon that could grow.


It wasnt long before the four men were all killed. The spear-wielding man lowered his weapon and respectfully returned to his position behind the green-haired youth. This was an astonishing sight. One had to realize that the spear-wielding man possessed an incredible battle prowess, and could easily make a name for himself. However, he was acting like a lackey right now.

The green-haired youth walked over and flashed a charismatic smile at Shui Yanyu, saying, Milady, Im sorry that you had to be frightened like that.

Ling Han shook his head in his mind. By the looks of it, he had a new rival in love.

This wife of his genuinely possessed an incredible charisma. People would try to strike a conversation with her wherever she went, and these people were all of high positions and statuses, no less. It had been Zhao Lun before, and it was this green-haired youth now. Moreover, his background was probably no weaker than that of Zhao Lun.

Ling Han extended an arm to block the youth, saying, Please say whatever you want to say. Just dont come too close!

Insolence! The spear-wielding male leaped out and pointed his spear at Ling Han.

Chang Sun, calm down! The green-haired youth smiled faintly and lightly pressed down on the spear of the male, saying, Im Xia Wuque, and I come from the Domineering Summer Majestic Empire of the Great Growth Planet.

The man who he had referred to as Chang Sun immediately put his spear away, and respectfully said, Please excuse me for my actions, Young Master!

Xia Wuque simply waved his hands before turning to Ling Han and Shui Yanyu, and saying, And you two are?

Ling Han. This is my wife, Shui Yanyu, Ling Han said with a smile.

Xia Wuques expression involuntarily became dark. He had seen many beauties before, but this was the first that he had seen a seductive beauty as charming as Shui Yanyu.

A feeling of admiration and a desire to possess her had arisen in his mind at first sight. Yet, she was already taken?

He swept his gaze over Ling Han, a look of ridicule involuntarily appearing on his face. How could such a lowly person deserve such a jade-like beauty? He chuckled coldly. Anyone who wasnt blind would be able to determine who was better between him and Ling Han.

He had full confidence in himself.

He was the 67th son of the emperor of the Domineering Summer Majestic Empire. At the same time, he was also the youngest son. However, he was the emperors most outstanding child, having already reached the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier at a young age of 507.

More importantly, he had been placed in a small world when he had been around 40 years old. There, he had successfully opened the sky and cultivated each cultivation level to perfection.

He was full of ambition, and it was his aim to become the strongest prodigy in all of history.

He smiled, and said, Friends, the situation here is unknown, and it might be extremely dangerous. How about we team up and work with each other?

Shui Yanyu shook her head, and said, We merely met by chance. Theres no need!

She naturally knew what was going on in his mind. However, her heart was already with Ling Han now, so she was naturally unwilling to cause any more troubles.

The two of them were about to leave, yet the spear-wielding male instantly dashed over to block their path.

Chang Sun, what are you doing!? Xia Wuque shouted coldly.

The spear-wielding male hurriedly retreated and kneeled down on one knee, saying, I was too rash!

Xia Wuque flashed a confident smile, and said, Ms. Shui, well meet again!

Shui Yanyu didnt reply. Meanwhile, Ling Han simply waved his hand, not even turning around to look.

Young Master! The spear-wielding male shuffled over, a puzzled look on his face. Young Master clearly liked that woman, so why didnt he force her to stay? With his identity, status, and talent, what kind of woman wont throw herself at him?

You dont understand! Xia Wuque said with a chuckle. There was a meaningful look on his face.

Where was the fun in easily obtainable women? Was he short on beauties?

However, a woman as charismatic as Shui Yanyu was like a fine wine that had to be savored slowly. Not only did he want her person, he more so wanted her heart. Thus, he couldnt act too rashly.

Well meet by chance again! He waved his hand, and said, Follow them!

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