Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Challenging The Formation

Shui Yanyu was displeased in her mind. She detested such clingy people. However, Ling Han was present, so she naturally wouldnt say too much. She would let Ling Han deal with the matter.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, In order to avoid any further coincidences, please, you first.

He gestured for Xia Wuque to enter the stone statue formation first. He had already seen the might of the formation, and each of the stone statues possessed a battle prowess at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. Although they were only at the early stage, their overwhelming numbers more than made up for it.

It could be said that apart from Sun Moon Tier elites, pretty much no one at the the Mountain River Tier could successfully navigate out of the stone statue formation. There werent just a few hundred or a few thousand stone statues, but at least millions. Who could stand up against such a tremendous number of these stone statues?

The spear-wielding man immediately took a step forward to whisper a word of warning, saying, Be careful, Young Master!

They had arrived later than Ling Han, so they had only seen the group of disheveled people walking around the army of statues. Combining this with the scene before them, they could easily guess that the stone statues before them werent ordinary.

A confident look appeared on Xia Wuques face. He was a prince of the Domineering Summer Majestic Empire, and was a peerless prodigy who would rule over an era.

He was the embodiment of invincibility in the same cultivation level, and as long as these stone statues hadnt reached the Sun Moon Tier, there was nothing for him to be afraid of. Moreover, after glancing at the wounds suffered by the group of people before, he could determine that the battle prowess of these stone statues was far from reaching the Sun Moon Tier.

Believing in his own invincibility?

He didnt simply believe thishewasan invincible being!

He looked at Shui Yanyu, and said, Ms. Shui, how about I escort you through this formation?

It couldnt be more obvious that he was trying to steal her from Ling Han.

Heh, theres no need to trouble an outsider like you! Ling Han waved a hand, and said, In any case, you mightnt even be able to make it through yourself. I suggest you dont brag too much.

A look of annoyance flashed across Xia Wuques face. He had naturally paid no attention to Ling Han. However, this ant had provoked him time and time againhe was truly seeking death! Even so, he still had to maintain his princely demeanor before Shui Yanyu.

Then Ill navigate through it for Ms. Shui to see! he said calmly. He purposefully didnt mention Ling Han in order to show his disdain.

He looked at the stone tablet, and read, Those who believe they are invincible can challenge this formation! Hehe, as long as my opponents cultivation levels are the same as mine, I am indeed invincible!

He strode into the stone statue formation.

After a few steps, the nearby stone statues all came to life, launching attacks toward Xia Wuque.

Weaklings like you arent worthy of being my opponent! Xia Wuque didnt attack. Instead, a terrifying aura surged from his body as he glared at the statues.

Peng, peng, peng!

The stone statues that had leaped over were instantly sent flying.

Powerful, he was indeed very powerful!

Ling Han nodded in his mind. He could also defeat opponents at the early stage of the consummate level, but he definitely couldnt send his opponents flying simply by relying on a burst of aura from his body.

By the looks of it, Xia Wuque wasnt only at the peak stage of the consummate level. He potentially possessed a power of four or even five stars. This was the reason behind him being so powerful.

Young Master is so great! the spear-wielding man and the others praised, their arms raised in excitement. They all followed behind, challenging the formation alongside Xia Wuque. However, even though they were all at the consummate level, the difference in their battle prowess was significant. For example, the spear-wielding man was extremely powerful, and was able to send a stone statue flying with each swipe of his spear. However, there were also those who were weaker, and they were instantly plunged into a perilous situation after being surrounded by a dozen or so stone statues.

Xia Wuque didnt show any sign of wanting to head back to help. He simply clasped his hands behind his back as he continued forward, the air of his arrogance already soaring through the heavens.

If Im to be honest, this person is indeed very powerful, Ling Han said. He wasnt afraid of mistaking their battle prowess. After all, he could use the spear-wielding man as a comparison. This youth was very powerful, and he was able to send a stone statue flying with each of his strikes. However, after venturing deeper into the formation, he also showed signs of exertion.

Meanwhile, Xia Wuque still hadnt launched an attack yet. It was just that the speed of his advance had become slightly slower. After all, releasing his aura to defeat enemies required more Origin Power than simply launching an attack. This was the price of showing off.

His Origin Power was abundant, yet it couldnt stand being used so wastefully. Beads of sweat were already forming on his forehead.

However, he hadnt even passed one percent of the stone statue formation yet!

After walking forward for a short while, Xia Wuque couldnt rely solely on his aura anymore. He swept his hands outward, sending terrifying waves of power toward the stone statues, easily blasting them into the air. It appeared as if he were be invincible.

Ding Ping shuffled over, and asked quietly, Master, can you defeat him?

Ling Han pondered for a moment before saying, If theres a limit on the number of exchanges, then he wins. If theres no limit, then I win.

If there were a limited number of exchanges and victory couldnt be decided, then victory would go to the person who had enjoyed the advantage. In such a case, the victor would definitely be Xia Wuque. His battle prowess surpassed his cultivation level by more than four stars, and he was more so six sub-minor levels above Ling Han. An advantage of 10 stars was no small deal.

However, Ling Han also possessed a powerful physique and an incredible recovery abilityhe was the type of person who wouldnt die unless he were insta-killed. Thus, if they engaged in a drawn-out battle, Xia Wuques stamina would eventually run out. As such, Ling Han would naturally emerge victorious.

Of course, after learning of Ling Hans freakish physique, there was probably no one who would engage in a drawn-out battle with him. In such a case, it was more likely than not that the battle would end in a draw.

Fortunately, his words werent heard by the spear-wielding man. Otherwise, he would definitely mock them for being shameless and inflated.

More people arrived behind them. Some took a detour around the statues, while others started to challenge the formation.

Ling Han had been indifferent at the start, yet a look of surprise quickly appeared on his face. This was because those who arrived were all at the Mountain River Tier.

So be it if there were no Heavenly Body Tier elitesthey were extremely few in number, after all. However, it was quite strange that not a single Sun Moon Tier elite had arrived here.

Could it be that the crowds were unknowingly dispersed?

No wonder there are only puppets at the Mountain River Tier in this formation. This is because this formation is for those at the Mountain River Tier to challenge. Otherwise, if a Sun Moon Tier elite came, this formation wouldnt be able to block them even if there were tens of millions of puppets. After all, how can such puppets block the steps of a Sun Moon Tier elite?

This was an astounding abilityeverything had happened without their knowledge. Even though Ling Han noticed it now, he had only reached this conclusion after observing the events before him. In reality, he still couldnt sense anything out of the ordinary.

An elite is an elite, after all. The things theyve laid out are still so impressive, even countless years after their death.

Many people challenged the stone statue formation, convinced that they were invincible. However, the large majority of them were knocked out after advancing only an extremely short distance. Fortunately, one didnt need to retreat from the path that they had advanced when they couldnt hang on against the stone statues any longer. The stone statue formation was only one kilometer wide, after all, and those who gave up could easily exit from the sides.

However, the strange thing was that people could only exit from the two sides, not enter. Was this to prevent people from cheating?

Ling Han was especially intrigued. He decided to challenge the formation.

You two take a detour around! he said to Shui Yanyu and Ding Ping. Then, he nodded to the Asura Demon Emperor. He was signalling for him to protect his wife and disciple.

The Asura Demon Emperor hurriedly wagged his tail in understanding.

Be careful! Shui Yanyu clearly knew that Ling Han possessed the Black Tower, yet she still couldnt help but worry about him. Remember not to be rash.

I know! Ling Han said with a smile. In reality, he wasnt scared at all. Following his breakthrough to the high extreme, the strength of his physique had already reached the level of Level Four Godly metal. Thus, what did it matter even if he were attacked by hundreds upon thousands of puppets? They wouldnt be able to injure him at all.

In any case, he was the nemesis of puppets.

Ling Han confidently strode into the stone statue formation.

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