All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball Chapter 60

Chapter 60: It Feels Lonely To Be Undefeatable!

For some reason

Ever since he defeated Stackhouse with Kobe, Su Feng felt like his days were getting boring.

"Su, Coach John (Lucas) seems to have told us that

"If we are willing to, we can visit the Philadelphia 76ers' training court any time?"

After challenging Su Feng for a day, Kobe asked Su Feng.

"Yes, seems like it, why?" Su Feng scratched his head and looked at Kobe.

"Shall we go and challenge Jerry again?" asked Kobe.

Su Feng was speechless.

That was too much!

Sir, do you really think Stackhouse is a punching bag for you?

"Forget it, I don't think it's very nice." Kobe shook his head and looked depressed.

Su Feng smiled like a father when he saw Kobe becoming more mature as the days passed.

This Black Mamba had grown up!

"Oh right, Su, shall we go and look for Tracey during winter break?

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