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Ancient Godly Monarch summary:

Description In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator. Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. Their talent in cultivation was such that they could even establish innate links with constellations that existed in a layer higher than the Nine Layers of Heavens, eventually transforming into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens. Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of meridians, successfully cultivate? There were countless Stellar Martial Cultivators, as there were countless constellations in the vast starry skies. What he wanted to be, was the brightest constellation of all, shining dazzlingly in the vast starry skies.

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 14793 months ago
Chapter 14583 months ago
Chapter 14174 months ago
Chapter 1399 Lure4 months ago
Chapter 993 lesson11 months ago
Chapter 962 injury11 months ago
Chapter 944 mo xie11 months ago
Chapter 796 crisis11 months ago
Chapter 750 greed11 months ago
Chapter 709 scum11 months ago
Chapter 701 rumors11 months ago
Chapter 687 gift11 months ago
Chapter 652 family11 months ago
Chapter 638 key11 months ago
Chapter 601 origin11 months ago
Chapter 536 target11 months ago
Chapter 527 scheme11 months ago
Chapter 499 smile11 months ago
Chapter 455 jun yu11 months ago
Chapter 427 sigh11 months ago
Chapter 423 tyrant11 months ago
Chapter 324 force11 months ago
Chapter 321 spar11 months ago
Chapter 313 no one11 months ago
Chapter 304 cause11 months ago
Chapter 266 berate11 months ago
Chapter 246 wilted11 months ago
Chapter 234 invite11 months ago
Chapter 224 wrath11 months ago
Chapter 208 qinger11 months ago
Chapter 196 diyi11 months ago
Chapter 193 return11 months ago
Chapter 192 qinger11 months ago
Chapter 173 scheme11 months ago
Chapter 149 danger11 months ago
Chapter 110 dumbo11 months ago
Chapter 84 fantasy11 months ago
Chapter 80 trap11 months ago
Chapter 64 yanaro11 months ago
Chapter 63 favor11 months ago
Chapter 60 fetters11 months ago
Chapter 47 kill11 months ago
Chapter 23 crisis11 months ago
Chapter 14 choice11 months ago
Chapter 12 divide11 months ago
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