Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 courting humiliation

Chapter 1008: Courting Humiliation

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Qin Wentian stared at the sky, it was as though he wanted to see his father's silhouette amidst the boundless starry sky. Why was fate so unfair? The majority of his father's life was evading pursuit from others, but he depended on himself to stand at the peak he stood at, defeating his former best friend whom was deemed as a king in their clan ever since that person was young, But ultimately, the power of his blood, the myriad runes on his bones, even his soul strength was plundered away. Qin Yuanfeng could only choose death.

He had no idea to know completely what his father experienced but there were no doubts those memories he saw earlier were core memories. Within those core memories, he already had an idea of how strong the world his father Qin Yuanfeng came from was, including the life of his father from young - the loneliness, the doting of the servants, the bone-engraving immeasurably deep love he had, the betrayal by his good brother, ending up in being surrounding and killed by supreme core ancients of their primordial clan.

At that time, Qin Yuanfeng was no longer lonely, the people of his faction was willing to die in battle for him. His strength seemed to have given them an even purer soul, giving them an indomitable spirit that stood against all obstacles, yet they were sorely suppressed by others of their clan.

Those people clearly knew following Qin Yuanfeng was a path that led to death, yet they had no fear and continued forging forward. They didn't mind sparing amy expenses, wanting to fight beside Qin Yuanfeng even in death.

Qin Wentian sensed that his father had no way to break the ties between him and his former best friend. This was why his father returned back to the clan to challenge him once and for all, wanting to use strength to tell everyone that he, could win against the king the clan had chosen.

"Father, you must definitely be still alive!" Qin Wentian clenched his fist. Back then when his parents were fleeing, they went to many places, even to remote particle worlds. Thinking back to the memories he seen, he guessed that his father might have chosen a new particle world to start a life anew at the very end.

"Maybe this was all planned by father. He knew he could not flee forever and would be captured one day. He must have planned together with mother to meet again, hiding in some other particle world. This might very well be the reason why Uncle Black and the others kept such a low profile." Qin Wentian mused, filled with an intense anticipation at meeting his parents. He was constantly consoling himself that his father was still in this world.

"Hu" Qin Wentian let out a turbid breath, the anger in his chest were all channeled out.

"Calmness." Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath, reminding himself. His father was so powerful, totally unexcelled in this world, slaughtering so much until the ghosts and demons wail. At his peak, he even dared to head back to his divine clan and fought the people there until the sky changed colors. Despite him establishing a saint-grade immortal foundation, he was still so far away compared to his father. He had to constantly remind himself - to gain more power, to gain more power.

However he was destined to continue down this path. His heart had to be calm, he had to be the same as his father, possessing an indomitable spirit. He finally understood the reason behind why his parents chose this name for him. Wentian, asking the sky, asking the heavens, he would be the master of his fate, the lord of his own destiny.

"Let's take a look and see if I can find more memories." Qin Wentian immortal sense dove deep into the tiny astral-being once more. He broke through several memory fragments at the shallow level, however these memories were all fragmented ones and weren't core memories. In this boundless starry astral space with so many memory astral fragments everywhere, it was completely impossible for him to find a fully completed set of memories. And ultimately, Qin Wentian could only sigh and withdraw his senses.

"Now, I can only wait for Uncle Black to tell me. He should know for sure what father has experienced. Combining the knowledge of that with the memories I saw, I would be able to know everything." Qin Wentian mused, yet there was no way for his heart to remain truly calm. The impact this memories given him was just too huge. The joy of him ascending to immortality and establishing a saint-grade immortal foundation, were all wiped away.

The immortal foundation realm was merely the starting step. He wanted to be the same as his father, standing at that peak where his ancient divine clan was at.

Steadying his breath, only after a long period of time did calm return to him. He closed his eyes, his immortal foundation radiated light. The law energy from his constellation cascaded down, refilling his energy to the brim. He would seal these memories temporarily first to spur himself to advance further on the path.

After ten days, Qin Wentian stopped his cultivation. He stood up and glanced at Little Rascal and Purgatory only to see them both in the midst of a transformation. Little Rascal was cloaked in golden light, as immortal might gushed forth from him while exuding an incomparable majesticness. Purgatory's body was cloaked in terrifying flames, literally like hell on earth. It similarly exuded immortal might."

They both had stepped into the immortal foundation realm and became greater demons, known as demon immortals.

Qin Wentian stepped forth, soaring into the air. The close-door seclusion this time around lasted almost five years. It felt too long to him. Qin Wentian had never expected it would be so difficult to establish an immortal foundation. No wonder it was impossible ordinary people to complete their immortal foundations even if they used a lifetime.

In Princess Changping's estate, Qin Wentian left the cultivation platform. Several people noticed he exited seclusion as their eyes gleamed with light. Back then, the heavenly phenomena in the sky was still fresh on their minds. None of them suspected that was caused by Qin Wentian and now today, Qin Wentian finally finished his cultivation.

"Big brother Qin, you've exited seclusion. Have you ascended to immortality?" A beautiful figure walked over. It was none other than Princess Changping's youngest daughter, Ling`er.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian stared at Ling`er with a smile as he nodded.

"Really? Big brother Qin completed your immortal foundation?" Ling`er had a look of pleasant surprise on her face. It was already very difficult to form the embryonic form of the immortal foundation in one attempt, yet Qin Wentian completed his. Qin Wentian merely nodded as he continued to smile.

"Some time earlier, boundless light illuminated the sky and there's a silhouette of a divinity that appeared in the sky. Was that a phenomena caused by big brother Qin's establishment of your immortal foundation?" Ling`er asked again.

"Hmm, I'm not sure about that." Qin Wentian shook his head. At this moment, Princess Changping and the Scarlet Eye Marquis appeared here. They stared at Qin Wentian with piercing eyes that felt as though they could see right through him. Right now, although Qin Wentian only had a simple and unadorned robe on, he was clearly more extraordinary and more handsome looking than before. Just a glance was enough to tell that Qin Wentian was a supreme genius.

"Ling`er, you just have to see if your big brother Qin is more handsome compared to the time before his seclusion and you would know if he ascended to immortality. Is there still a need to ask?" Princess Changping glanced at a daughter as she laughed. Ling`er had an extremely curious expression on her face, she then closely scrutinised Qin Wentian and indeed as her mother has said, her big brother Qin did seemed more good looking than before. Now, she felt that Qin Wentian even had a transcendent aura.

"Not bad, completing your immortal foundation using only five years. Not only that, the grade of your immortal foundation is clearly not low. Since Qing`er hadn't finished hers yet, I will prepare a banquet for you first." The Scarlet Eye Marquis laughed. "Men, organise a banquet to celebrate nephew Wentian's success at completing his immortal foundation."

"Roger." One of the servants bowed and went ahead to carry out the order. It wasn't good for Qin Wentian to reject the Marquis's good intentions so he could only reply, "Many thanks!"

"Let's go and drink a few cups of wine." The Scarlet Eye Marquis didn't put on any airs of nobility at all. He walked together, placing his arm around Qin Wentian's shoulder, like a pair of bosom friends.

However, during the banquet, it was clear that Qin Wentian was distracted. It seemed that he has some worries in his heart.

"Wentian, what are you thinking about?" The Scarlet Eye Marquis could sense that Qin Wentian was off somehow.

Qin Wentian smiled, he raised his winecup and shook his head, "Nothing much, just thinking about somethings. Let's drink up."

"Mhm," The Scarlet Eye Marquis drained his cup. "You've already become an immortal. Do you have any plans for the future? Do you want me to bring you around the immortal realms for tempering?"

"Many thanks for Marquis's suggestion, however there are somethings I need to handle first. I will wait for my demonic beast companions, and if they can end their seclusion within a short period of time, I will bring them alone with me. If not, I might venture out myself and leave them for now for Qing`er." Qin Wentian replied.

"You don't plan on waiting for Qing`er?" Princess Changping smiled as she look at Qin Wentian.

"No, I don't know how long would she take for her seclusion." Qin Wentian slightly shook his head. He knew that Qing`er would certainly want to come with him. But Qin Wentian understood the Evergreen Immortal Emperor's heart. Truly, the him right now wasn't strong enough to protect Qing`er. Also, the memories of his father has stirred him up, influencing him. What sort of character was Qin Yuanfeng? Yet he had to undergo so many difficulties to be with the one he loved.

"Might as well." A deep and meaningful look flashed through Princess Changping's eyes. Seems like there were some worries deep in Qin Wentian's heart.

At this moment, the people of the royal palace also received the news that Qin Wentian ended his seclusion. They were all very curious as to whether the heavenly phenomena that time was caused by Qin Wentian or not.

"Princess, Marquis." At this moment, a butler came by to report. "The crown prince of the Qi King Manor is here requesting for an audience."

"Oh? He still has the face to come?" The Scarlet Eye Marquis glanced at Qin Wentian as he smiled. "Allow them in."

"Yes." The butler retreated and an instant later, Yang An and a group of people appeared. A ferocious aura gushed forth from Yang An. Now, he has already completed his immortal foundation, his strength was incomparable to five years ago. His entire body shone with immortal light and his battle intent soared the moment his eyes landed on Qin Wentian. He coldly spoke, "Qin Wentian, come out and fight."

Princess Changping and the Scarlet Eye Marquis glanced at the elder beside Yang An, knowing full well what these people were planning in their hearts. Seems like they wanted to use Qin Wentian as a grindstone to temper Yang An. This would only make Yang An work harder in the future, and even if he was defeated, they were fine as well. They wanted Yang An to remember the experience and humiliation of defeat. But of course, they could also use this chance to probe Qin Wentian's strength after he broken through to immortality.

Qin Wentian glanced at the experts around Yang An, he also understood their intentions. He calmly glanced at Yang An, there were no emotions in his eyes like he was looking at an insignificant being. After which, he turned his head around and quietly sipped his wine, no longer bothering to look at Yang An as he spoke to Princess Changping and the Scarlet Eye Marquis," Princess, Marquis. Thank you for the banquet, I'm going to cultivate now."

"Sure," Princess Changping nodded. Qin Wentian stepped out and soared into the air, disregarding Yang An.

"You" Yang An felt extraordinary shame. Qin Wentian held him in so much disdain that he couldn't even bothered to fight with him.

"BOOM!" A fearsome gush of energy burst out. Yang An's immortal might was extremely tyrannical. With a thunderous boom, he directly rushed Qin Wentian as an immortal sabre swipe past, tearing the air apart with crushing force.

An extreme coldness flashed in Qin Wentian's eyes. He turned about and took a step forward, causing the sky to tremble. Yang An only felt his immortal foundation trembling, totally out of his control.

Qin Wentian waved his hand, causing immortal light to flash. Layers of fiendgod armor covered his arm as he blocked Yang An's strike with his bare hands. A deafening blast echoed out loud, his palm continued forward with no obstruction, directly grabbing for Yang An's throat. His strength was so overwhelming that Yang An couldn't even defend himself. He could only roar in impotent rage, with green veins protruding out of his face, futility trying to break Qin Wentian's hold on him.

The coldness in Qin Wentian's eyes intensified. They wanted to treat him as a grindstone to temper Yang An?

Sure, he will grant their wish then. His other hand smashed out, slamming into Yang An's body as the sound of something shattering could be heard. Yang An screamed in agony as the sound of shattering grew even louder.

"INSOLENCE!" The other experts from Yang An's side soared into the air, preparing to rush over only to see the Scarlet Eye Marquis coldly speaking, "You guys are the insolent ones."

His voice was like the booming thunder, shaking the others. In the next instant, he stood in the air blocking the others. "Wasn't this your request?"

The bodies of the experts trembled, they didn't imagine that Yang An, after completing his immortal foundation, still wasn't able to withstand a single strike from Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian directly smashed through his attack, grabbing him by the throat. He was simply too ruthless.

"Are you even qualified to fight me?" Qin Wentian's eyes bore into Yang An, penetrating into his soul. With a toss of his hand, the sound of something crashing rang out. Yang An's body was slammed to the ground as Qin Wentian turned and departed!
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