Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 exiting the mountain

Chapter 1079: Exiting the Mountain

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Qi Dongliu and Qin Wentian spoke via voice transmission, the others naturally didn't know the content of their discussions. These people were an ancient tribe and only those who could awaken the battle saint bloodline and grow a sacred bone would know of this. In usual times, they would never bring this up. It was only that Qin Wentian was here, so they decided to tell him this secret.

"Yunxi, tell those from the Southern Phoenix Clan to choose two treasures or weapons per person. It's the same for those from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. Since Dongliu said that we are guests from afar and he wants to gift us some presents, there's no need to be polite." Qin Wentian smiled and spoke to the others. The treasures here were all at the sixth-rank. In the second world, most probably there are seventh-ranked divine treasures which correspond to the immortal king realm.

"Saint Lord is right. It's very rare for us to have visitors in our world. There's no need to be polite." Qi Dongliu also smiled. Nanfeng Yunxi nodded, "Nanfeng Yunxi will thank senior for your kindness then."

"Everyone is friends of the Saint Lord, there's no need to stand on ceremony." Qi Dongliu waved his hands as everyone started to choose immortal weapons and treasures from the weapons hall.

After everyone finished, Qin Wentian smiled, "It's been several days since we came here and we have received some nice benefits. Everyone, it's time for us to leave."

Qi Dongliu started as he felt a little bewildered. He stared at Qin Wentian and transmitted his voice, "Saint Lord, you are leaving like this? You haven't selected who you wish to bring out with you from the younger members of our tribe. Also, although our tribe was almost annihilated, there are still some powerful innate techniques and arts left behind. Although they are not complete, the power they can unleash is still extremely overwhelming. Even our most important Battle Saint Art can be lent to Saint Lord for your perusal."

"Dongliu, there are currently many experts from different powers out there now. I cannot let them be suspicious of you. If we went out like that, everyone would wonder where these people came from. Hence, I will leave first but I will come back after a few days to bring them with me." Qin Wentian transmitted his voice. The Violet Emperor, Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, Jiang Clan and Ying Clan were all still out there. In order to better keep the secret of the Battle Saint Tribe, it was best not to have too many complications.

"I understand." Qi Dongliu replied. Since Qin Wentian would still come back, he naturally wouldn't say anything. Seeing the Saint Lord thinking of them, it naturally made Qi Dongliu happy.

"Mhm, it's about time to leave." Nanfeng Yunxi nodded. Although their benefits weren't as great as Qin Wentian, it could be considered that they didn't make a wasted trip here. In addition, there was actually a power which Ancient Emperor Yi aided once before in that world. It was truly interesting.

Qin Wentian's harvest was naturally the greatest. He managed to cultivate the complete God's Hand, causing an unknown amount of envy to many powers. However, it was useless even if they envied and were jealous of him. God's Hand could only be comprehended and cultivated within the ancient mountain.

Qin Wentian bid farewell to Qi Dongliu and everyone returned back to the entrance. Like before, only he alone could open the entrance, he did so and they returned to the immortal palace of Ancient Emperor Yi. Qin Wentian then looked around and spoke, "For those with lower cultivation bases, equip the puppeted armors now. Those fellows should still be outside waiting for us, and it's best to be more careful."

"Mhm." Everyone nodded. Qin Wentian took out the puppeted armors and activated them for everyone. Only then did he open up the entrance as they stepped out of it.

And as expected, the moment they exited they saw numerous silhouettes standing in the distance, staring at them. Ying Teng's injuries had actually almost recovered. When he saw Qin Wentian, an unbridled killing intent gushed forth from him. His hatred for Qin Wentian had already reached the extreme level.

"Woah, everyone is still hanging around?" Qin Wentian smiled and walked out of the gate. After they exited, the bronze gate closed. The greater demon guarding the gate was still in a slumber, as though it didn't have anything to do with this.

"Brother Qin, did you receive any benefits?" Jiang Ziyu smiled at Qin Wentian, he didn't seem to be angry at all.

"I guess my understanding of God's Hand can now be considered at the adept level. After opening the bronze gate, I obtained all these puppeted armors and plenty of sixth-ranked divine weapons. I guess it can be considered a great harvest for me. However, I don't think Brother Jiang would put these mere treasures in your eyes." Qin Wentian smiled. The two of them were happy to feign civility, each not wanting to tear off each other's face. Qin Wentian couldn't see through what Jiang Ziyu was thinking but as long as Jiang Ziyu doesn't take the initiative to antagonize him, he wasn't willing to face such a strong enemy.

There were cases of descendants of immortal emperors being killed. An example were Dongsheng Ting and Zi Daoyang. If one wanted to live a long life in the immortal realms, it wouldn't hurt to be more careful.

"I, Jiang, am truly interested in God's Hand. Sadly, I won't be able to cultivate it." Jiang Ziyu sighed. "As for the sixth-ranked divine weapons, I don't lack any of them. However I believe that within the other two bronze gates, there should be even more valuable treasures. In the future, they would all belong to Brother Qin."

"I temporarily don't have the ability to open the other gates for now. Maybe after I step into the immortal king realm and my understanding of God's Hand reaches a certain level and I can unravel the profound mysteries of the runic diagram inscribed. Naturally, the prerequisite is that I must survive until then." Qin Wentian jokingly laughed. Jiang Ziyu stared at Qin Wentian's revealed eyes outside the puppeted armor. In fact, he had the same conjecture as Qin Wentian. He believed that only when one reached a certain level in cultivation would they be able to open the other two bronze gates.

As for the treasures Qin Wentian obtained from the first bronze gate, Jiang Ziyu believed Qin Wentian because from his observation, the others who went in with Qin Wentian didn't really have any unusual expressions.

In that case Qin Wentian had become a living treasure. Everyone could only depend on him to open the gates to obtain the things Ancient Emperor Yi left behind in the future.

Qin Wentian turned his head and glanced at the two other bronze gates. The transformations of the runic diagrams on these gates contained a profoundness that he couldn't see through yet. It was impossible for him to open it currently.

"Let's return." Qin Wentian spoke to those beside him. For this trip into the ancient mountain, the benefits he obtained was exceedingly great. All these armors he had collected were considered supreme immortal-foundation ranked treasures. Naturally in the future, there would be even more terrifying rewards within the two other bronze gates.

The fact that Ancient Emperor Yi was able to dominate the immortal realms back then most probably had a connection to this.

Qin Wentian left when he said he would. The experts from the Southern Phoenix Clan and the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect also didn't linger. The crowd opened up a path, allowing them to walk through as they departed this place.

Ying Teng clenched his fist tightly, staring with reluctance at the golden figure picture and bronze gates, as he spoke, "Let's go."

Now, they could only return with nothing.

Everyone left. Although they were filled with reluctance at obtaining no benefits, they couldn't do anything about it. They all became the foil that made Qin Wentian shine more brilliantly.

"Ancient abode of Emperor Yi, Bronze Gates. I hope someone in my clan would have an idea about how to gain access within." Ying Teng silently mused. However, he knew that it was probably impossible. Immortal emperors cannot enter the ancient mountain.

Up until now, they still thought that everything here was left behind by Ancient Emperor Yu. Naturally, if Qin Wentian didn't enter the world and encounter the Battle Saint Tribe, he would believe it was so as well.

Some days passed after these people left. A young man with a bronze mask brought along a black hound and came to this area. He walked towards the entrance of the five finger peaks before taking out a sealing treasure and sealing the entrance. After which, he entered the immortal palace and walked towards the golden figure picture. With a step, he walked into it and just like his original body, he received an impurity cleansing.

Although the path he took was different from the original body, it wouldn't affect the cultivation of God's Hand. His original body unleashed God's Hand via destruction and suppression energy. He could do the same using sealing-attributed energy.

After some time when the impurities cleansing was done, he returned to take back the sealing scroll and walked towards the bronze gate. The three greater demons stared at him with astonishment in their eyes.

After which, the greater demon saw Di Tian opening the bronze gate and stepping within.

The three greater demons exchanged mutual glances. There were actually two people who appeared in the same generation who could open the bronze gates?

Di Tian continued on to the inner bronze gate and opened it up, stepping into the world where the Battle Saint Tribe's members resided. Very soon, numerous figures appeared. When Qi Dongliu saw the silhouette of the young man with the bronze mask, he felt a feeling of extreme shock in his heart. How could this be possible? There were actually two Saint Lords?

"Dongliu, it's me." Di Tian removed his mask, revealing his features that were completely the same to Qin Wentian. Only the charm he exuded was a little different. Qi Dongliu stared at him in astonishment. This man knew his name, and had the same features as Qin Wentian, they should be the same person? But in that case, why were their auras so different?

"This is my other self." Di Tian explained. The Battle Saint Tribe's secret was with him and they had sworn a vow to protect him. Once any members from the Battle Saint Tribe were captured, they would instantly destroy their memories and commit suicide. Di Tian was willing to share with them his secret because it was impossible for them to betray him.

"I pay my respect to the Saint Lord." Qi Dongliu had no more hesitations. He was extremely shocked, to think that the current generation Saint Lord was so powerful and had another true-self that cultivated an entire different set of techniques.

"Let's go," Di Tian stepped out as Qi Dongliu followed behind him. He didn't expect the Saint Lord would come here again so quickly.

Young, mastered God's Hand, treasured cauldron, Sacred Luminance, and another true-self.

Seems like the current generation Saint Lord is even more extraordinary compared to the second-generation one. Qi Dongliu's heart was filled with boundless anticipation for the future.

In the outside world, at God Hand Mountain Manor, the Violet Emperor, Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, Nanfeng Guhong, the immortal emperors from Ying Clan, Jiang Clan, were all still waiting.

It's been so long but those core members they sent into the ancient mountain have yet to return? Nobody knew what had happened inside and was there someone who managed to cultivated God's Hand yet?

If there was one, who would the person be?

Also, they had no idea if a war erupted among the juniors in the ancient mountain. If it did, which faction of power suffered the most casualties?

And at this moment, an energy fluctuation could be felt at the entrance of the mountain. All of a sudden, a bright light flashed as several silhouettes could be seen riding immortal treasures as they exited the mountain.

"Ziyu." The eyes of the immortal emperor from the Jiang Clan flashed. Jiang Ziyu led everyone from the Jiang Clan back out.

"Ying Teng." The immortal emperor from the Ying Clan also glanced over.

Continuously, more and more people emerged. They actually came out together and didn't seem to have fought each other at all. This made the immortal emperors feel a little puzzled. What was going on?

These juniors that moved towards the God Hand Mountain Manor. Right now at the entrance of the ancient mountain, Nanfeng Yunxi's phoenix puppet appeared as the experts from the Southern Phoenix Clan and the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect also came out. They all seemed to be clad in some kind of armor, drawing the attention of the crowd. The juniors who came out earlier were all staring with ill intent at these people. Also, the immortal emperors discovered that these juniors all had eyes gleaming with envy as they all stared at the young man standing beside Nanfeng Yunxi, Qin Wentian!
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