Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Commanding An Army

Chapter 1093: Commanding an Army

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For the next few months, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect no longer launched large-scale attacks. Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen kept a low profile in their camp. Their identities were extremely sensitive and had already attracted plenty of attention on the battlefield. In order to lower the risk of their identities being exposed, they naturally chose to be more low-profile.

However, there were still the occasional small-scale conflicts which caused some casualties to the Thousand Transformations Army. Qin Wentian also knew that in the Thunder Prefecture, the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect was unceasingly trying to recruit more people to join the army. Although the number of people who were willing to join and resist the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect was only a small portion, considering the vast population of a prefecture, there were still new people joining daily to bolster up the numbers in the army. The Thousand Transformations Army could only depend on this method to continue the battle to resist the Eastern Sage Army's invasion.

During these days, Qin Wentian and his team participated in many of these small-scale combats and had outstanding performances. Within the army camp, Qin Wentian's fame shot higher and higher and was promoted to the position of vice-captain. In fact, Ye Qing also wanted to step out so the position of captain could go to him. A second-level immortal becoming a captain of a battle team was something unprecedented in the Thousand Transformations Army. However, Qin Wentian didn't agree to it. Becoming the captain or not makes no difference to him.

On the battlefield, Qin Wentian only wanted to temper himself and kill more enemies to diminish the strength of the Eastern Sage Army. Also, his goal was to kill the man who acted against Luo Huan and Qin Yao, it was just that he hadn't found the opportunity yet. That man was from an elite battle team of the Eastern Sage Army. For this battle, although his control of the formation was already very outstanding, he was fighting against ordinary enemy battle teams. If he was to fight against a team of elites, it would still be extremely difficult.

There was no mercy in a war, everyone wanted to continue surviving and grow stronger and stronger from it just like from cultivation. Unknowingly, time would flow by very fast and it was common for large-scale immortal wars to last a hundred to thousands of years before defeat or victory could be determined.


God Hand Mountain Manor, outside the ancient mountains, already eight years have passed by since the immortal emperors descended there. Right now, many people had already left the area due to impatience and only the subordinates sent by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor and the Violet Emperor still remained. However, these people were impatient as well, it was just that they didn't dare to disobey the orders from their masters.

In the depths of the ancient mountain, within the ancient palace left behind by Emperor Yi, the first bronze gate slowly swung open as a young man with a bronze mask walked out. His immortal sense stretched out into the distance but didn't discover anyone. He then walked back into the bronze gate and not long after, he led a group of experts out of there. These people all had extraordinary auras and had masks to obscure the features. They didn't say anything more and all of them shot towards the entrance that led to the external world.

When they arrived at the exit of the ancient mountain, the young man in the lead with the bronze mask slowed down. He actually began to inscribe a formation on the surface of the ground while using a spatial-type treasure as the focus. The spatial-type treasure emitted spatial fluctuations containing the power of space which was infused into the formation. Right now, he could already see the location of the exit. Although this ancient mountain was sealed by a mysterious force, one could use spatial energy to exit this place.

"There seems to be immortal kings outside the ancient mountain. After we use this teleportation formation, I will seal all of our auras. Don't do anything unnecessary after we exit this place or under the scrutiny of the immortal senses of immortal kings, they would still be able to find us even if we teleported very far away." The man in the bronze mask spoke while the others nodded, "Yes, Saint Lord."

"Also, don't refer me as Saint Lord when we are in the external world." Di Tian commanded. All of them stood within the formation. At the same time, sealing energy gushed forth from him, completely sealing away their auras.

An intense spatial light flashed and the space trembled, connecting this point to a location that was far away outside the ancient mountain.

Many immortal-foundation experts were extremely bored as they guarded the exit. Suddenly, spatial fluctuations could be sensed and an instant later, they saw a bright beam of light erupting out with incredible speed, instantly vanishing from their sight like it never existed before.

"Damn! That must be a teleportation formation." Someone exclaimed. After which, a fearsome might gushed forth as a silhouette from the shadows soared into the air. This was none other than an immortal king. His immortal sense frenziedly swept out, enveloping this entire area and continued stretching out into the distance.

"There's no one?" That immortal king's eyes flashed. He then stepped out and instantly vanished from sight.

"There's no one at all?" That immortal king continued speeding by. The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor commanded them to guard here for eight years and finally when there's someone who exited the ancient mountain, they actually allowed them to escape? How could he answer to the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor?

Also right now, nobody knew the identity of that mysterious person. In the future as long as that young man removed his mask, nobody would be able to find him since they were associating the bronze mask to the person who killed Dongsheng Ting and Zi Yunwu.

Does this meant that the youngest son of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor died just like that with the one responsible successfully escaping? Most probably the immortal emperor would fly into a rage again.


In Yuan City, more elite teams came by to invite Qin Wentian. However, they were all still rejected by Qin Wentian. Right now, the attacks launched by the Eastern Sage Army grew increasingly intense, there were even times when they sent elites to launch attacks. During some of the minor clashes, there were a few times where Qin Wentian's team had no way to defeat the enemy team formation which consisted of high-level immortals. The Eastern Sage Army has already begun to pay special attention to Qin Wentian's battle team and treated them like a team of elites.

Today, over ten thousand experts from the Eastern Sage Army launched another attack. The Thousand Transformations Army similarly sent out an equal number of experts to meet their attacks. They didn't fight using the full strength of their armies because everyone knew the movements of the other. If the Thousand Transformations Army mobilized their full force, the Eastern Sage Army would instantly pull out and retreat. There was no meaning to this at all. Hence, they chose this method of minor clashes.

The Thousand Transformations Army suffered yet another defeat. When Qin Wentian and the others returned to camp, Xiao Yehan cursed in a low voice, "Right now the Eastern Sage Army is piling on the pressure. We don't have that many elites to fight against them."

"Many in their army are core disciples of their Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, their quality is naturally higher compared to us who recruits people from the masses. Seeing how pressing they are, I bet they would soon launch an all-out concentrated attack." Ye Qing spoke.

"Mhm, I also sensed that. Most probably the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect would launched a concentrated attack." Qin Wentian nodded.

And just when they were talking, the sound of a blaring horn filled the air. However, this wasn't the signal to send out the entire army but was for mobilization instead. All soldiers hurried to the large drill ground only to see the military governor already there. The military governor then spoke, "The last battle was the vanguard sent by the Eastern Sage Army. Right now, their remaining army is split into two and preparing to launch a three-pronged attack at us. The battle that would occur next would be more intense that any before. The Dream Demon King has issued a death order, cutting off all path of retreat for their soldiers. They have to succeed at all cost."

The eyes of everyone flickered. They understood that once combat erupted, there was no way for them to retreat from a three-pronged attack. They could only go in with their all and hope for the best.

"For this battle, we can live if we win and we will die if we lose. Similarly, this is also a huge opportunity to earn major battle merits. Is everyone confident?" General Lan's voice blasted out as everyone replied, "FIGHT!"

"Good, now I shall arrange the manner of our combat. Our main plan is to attack into the heart of our enemy and face off directly against their elite troops. If our Yuan City falls into their hands, we will instantly switch targets and plunder their Han City." The military governor spoke, his words causing the hearts of everyone to shake. What a crazy plan. General Lan wanted everyone to fight directly against the enemy's elites and rush straight into their stronghold, the Han City?"

This strategy wasn't set in stone yet. A majority of the Thousand Transformation Army immediately was mobilized to move out, it's best they do so with haste or their opponents might have a chance to adapt to, or re-adjust their strategies. They had to grab hold of the fleeting opportunities.

Right now, only a small portion of the overall army still remained in the drill grounds. Among them was Qin Wentian's team. Ye Qing heard a transmitted command earlier to remain behind. The others then stared at Ye Qing in confusion as they asked, "Captain?"

"There's a special mission for those teams chosen to remain behind." Ye Qing spoke and after that, no one else spoke any longer. They knew that it was possible for some teams which were more powerful to be selected to execute special missions. They didn't expect that they would be one of the teams chosen for it."

"There is something wrong, the other teams remaining behind are ordinary teams and not elites." Everyone started feeling puzzled again. After being in the army for so long, they naturally had some idea which teams were the elites and which teams were not.

And at this very moment, General Lan appeared. He also brought along a group of experts and when he arrived, he turned his gaze in the direction of Qin Wentian as he continued, "There are thirty-six experts here sent from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect and they will be added to the various battle teams to assume the position of the captains. These new captains will control the flow of the battle. All of you are to obey with no defiance. Do you all understand?"

"Yes." The hearts of everyone were still bewildered but this was a military order and they had to obey. Defying a military order was a great crime.

"Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan step out. Both of you will also act in the role of a captain of a battle team." General Lan spoke again.

"Roger." Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan stepped out. Over here, there were a total of thirty-nine battle teams. Right now both Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingchen were to take command of one of the teams each. Both of them originally already had strength enough to do so.

"Also, these thirty-nine battle teams will form into an independent regiment of troops. Tianwen will be the commander of this regiment and everyone has to obey his orders. Those who fail to do so will all be killed." General Lan's voice boomed out once more, his words causing the armored figures to turn their gazes all onto the masked Qin Wentian. Seems like they had underestimated the identity of this fellow. He should be the direct descendant of a major character in the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. Before this, they wanted him to adapt to the lifestyle on the battlefield and right now, they finally gave him authority to command a regiment.

Thirty-nine battle teams meant that this regiment has over thousands of experts. This authority was considered very vast.

The thirty-six experts who came with General Lan were in fact members of the Battle Saint Tribe who followed Di Tian out. They then moved out separately, each joining a different team. Their cultivation bases varied among the first and ninth levels but all of them exuded an extraordinary aura. Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan also took control of a battle team. Only Purgatory and Little Rascal remained with Qin Wentian. Purgatory wasn't proficient in commanding and controlling others.

Qin Wentian soared up into the air as he spoke, "Move out!"

"MOVE OUT!" At this instant, everyone below echoed after him. Qin Wentian's fame shot up to another level, and there was no doubting his authority. He, was truly the commander of this regiment!

Ye Qing stared at Qin Wentian as she smiled, it should be this way since the beginning!
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