Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167: Toyed With

Chapter 1167: Toyed With

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What sort of character was Ying Teng? Although he couldn't be considered too outstanding in the sacred academy, he still belonged to one of the three ancient clans that dominated the Southern Regions of the immortal realms. He was also a prince-level character and had a lofty status. But for some reason, he kept getting humiliated by only a single person - Qin Wentian.

This time, Qin Wentian used a simple three words, 'Who are you?' to completely smack his face.

After speaking, Qin Wentian continued proceeding forward, exceeding Ying Teng.

That step he took, felt as though it was trampling directly on Ying Teng's heart.

Cultivation in the Stonebell Ramparts needed do be done step by step, slowly settling in, comprehending the energy of the rampart and gain benefits from there to improve oneself. This was the experience discovered by these geniuses after thirty-plus years of staying in this sacred academy. There was scarcely anyone like Qin Wentian who managed to take 50 steps using a single breath.

But right now, Ying Teng also couldn't care too much about this. He too, continued advancing as his aura soared higher. The bell chimes also rang out unceasingly from within his body.

He gave a thunderous roar and turned to looked at Qin Wentian as he spoke coldly, "After so many years, you are still as arrogant as ever. However, in the sacred academy filled with supreme geniuses, what the hell do you count for?"

Qin Wentian didn't reply, he continued proceeding forward, shaking Ying Teng off again. This caused Ying Teng's expression to turn ashen. Qin Wentian's disregard was truly triggering him, lighting the fires of his anger.

"BOOM!" Ying Teng stepped out once more, not willing to show weakness, maintaining the same pace as Qin Wentian. Although they were on different immortal paths.

Qin Wentian glanced at Ying Teng as a hint of a smile flickered in his eyes. Despite so, he didn't say anything and continued proceeding forward. He made it look as though the pressure was too much for him, and he could only persevere with immense difficulty but even so, he eventually succeeded.

This was the 53rd step. Ying Teng had a cold expression on his face as his noted the fluctuation of Qin Wentian's aura. Was Qin Wentian nearing his limits? If Qin Wentian continued, his fate would surely be the same as that supreme genius who was jolted to death by the pressure.

Ying Teng's aura rose up as he released his immortal foundation, which was in the shape of a dragon. Draconic roars shook the air as he stepped forth once more in a domineering manner. With a loud roar, Ying Teng only felt his blood, bones and body trembling from the blast of the attribute energies. Countless bell chimes echoed from within his body, his long hair fluttered in the wind and after some time, he finally succeeded. He then opened his eyes and stared at Qin Wentian.

Right now, Qin Wentian had an ugly expression on his face. After resting for a long moment, he once again lifted his foot and stepped forward. Ying Teng coldly laughed as he observed on. Will Qin Wentian be able to succeed in this step?

The 54th step was on the level of 'six upon nine.' When Qin Wentian stepped out, his body was trembling violently from the pressure. Upon seeing this scene, Ying Teng's eyes gleamed with sharpness, was Qin Wentian's endurance at its limit? It's best if Qin Wentian died from the pressure.

However, despite the convulsions, Qin Wentian still managed to stabilize his body. Drawing in a deep breath and with an incomparably unsightly expression on his face, he once again managed to succeed. Glancing at Ying Teng, a mocking light could be seen in his eyes which caused Ying Teng's anger to flare again. Ying Teng was already humiliated once before in the God Hand Mountain Manor, how can he allow himself to be defeated miserably here again today. Thinking of this, Ying Teng braced himself and stepped forward. With a thunderous roar, his aura trembled the space around him as a violent energy permeated the atmosphere. His body now was also shuddering violently but he still managed to steady his step, stabilizing his position despite his qi and blood flows being in chaos.

"Mhm?" The spectators outside the Stonebell Rampart also noticed that Qin Wentian seemed to be challenging Ying Teng and all of them had expressions of interest on their faces. This Qin Wentian's talent was truly shocking, able to reach the end of the 'six upon nine' level. If he stepped out once again, he would enter the 'seven upon nine' level.

That level was a gap that obstructed numerous geniuses.

Qin Wentian appeared to hesitate for a long while but he still eventually stepped out. Ying Teng was visibly nervous, his eyes fixed harshly on Qin Wentian, waiting for Qin Wentian to fail. He wanted nothing more for Qin Wentian to implode under the violent pressure.

"BOOM!" The bell chimes echoed as loud cracking sounds could be heard from Qin Wentian's bones. His bloodlines hummed as Qin Wentian groaned miserably, with a trace of blood trickling down from his lips. Qin Wentian's body swayed unsteadily, like a kite with its line cut, and he was so pale that he could seemingly wilt at any moment. However, after a long moment, he still managed to stabilize his step eventually.

Ying Teng turned ashen. Qin Wentian had managed to succeed and was once again turning back to glance at him. In Qin Wentian's eyes, there was a strong provocation that was clearly directed at him.

Ying Teng clenched his fists tightly. He stared at the footprints ahead. Logic told him to stop now, and not to continue further, exceeding his own limits. He had to stay here for a long period of time to acclimatize himself to the violent attribute energies ravaging his body and comprehend them deeper before proceeding. If he stepped forward now, things would no doubt be extremely dangerous.

"As a descendant of the Ying Clan, how can I suffer such humiliation. So what if there's danger, I can surely prevail!" A voice rang out in Ying Teng's heart. As this thought surfaced, courage was born in his heart, granting support to his spirit. A descendant of the Ying Clan would face all challenges head-on.

Ying Teng's morale returned, he once again lifted his foot and stepped forward. When his foot landed, an even more violent blast of attribute energies he was proficient in slammed back into him, infusing his body completely, madly ravaging it from within. With a groan of pain, his body seemed on the verge of collapse. And at the next moment, he actually coughed out mouthfuls of fresh blood before being jolted backwards and flung through the air from the impact. The power of the bell chimes seemed to penetrate his body, leaving behind numerous bloody wounds.

Ying Teng was slammed ruthlessly onto the ground. His countenance was as pale as paper as he inclined his head to stare at Qin Wentian. Right now, his expression was incomparably ugly to behold. Ultimately, he still lost to Qin Wentian but even so, his confidence didn't waver. His courage was still there.

However, at this very moment, Ying Teng noticed Qin Wentian was smiling at him. After that, under the stunned gaze of Ying Teng, Qin Wentian continued proceeding forward, and was doing so with ease! Where was the appearance whereby Qin Wentian was also on the verge of collapsing and could only proceed on with immense difficulty? Everything was just an act! As Qin Wentian's foot landed, the bell chimes that rang out were like a hammer slamming down on Ying Teng's heart.

This was an unsurpassable distance, and also an extreme humiliation. The Ying Teng now, how could he fail to understand that Qin Wentian was intentionally toying with him, treating him like a retard? At this moment, all his supposed confidence and courage vanished into thin air. What was left was only he feeling stupid and useless.

With a cough, Ying Teng spat out blood once more. He was so angered that he actually fainted into unconsciousness.

Such a scene caused all the people here to have an amazed expression on their faces. This fellow was so ruthless, he actually managed to infuriate a genius from an ancient clan so much that he fainted. Also, from the beginning until the end, he didn't even act. Everything seemed as though Ying Teng was courting his own humiliation.

Qin Wentian didn't turn his head back to glance at Ying Teng. He continued on his way. For characters like Ying Teng, if he didn't encounter them again coincidentally, he would have truly forgotten about them. But since Ying Teng wanted to humiliate him, he didn't mind playing along with Ying Teng.

The Qin Wentian now was already on the 63rd step, the multiplication of seven upon nine. If he continued, he would step into the next level where it would be the multiplication of eight upon nine, ending at the 72nd step. Many people had heavy expressions, all sighing in admiration at Qin Wentian's performance.

This man, regardless of his determination to follow the steps or to toy with Ying Teng's confidence, he exuded an aura of imposingness. It felt that he truly wanted to challenge the limits of the nine upon nine, the complete 81 steps.

The 64th step was the start of the 'eight upon nine' level. However, when Qin Wentian's foot landed, he was still as steady as a rock. That body of his was like a rock-solid pillar standing tall while embedded into the earth. He wouldn't waver despite the pressure.

What was more terrifying was that Qin Wentian managed to walk till here in the span of a single breath.

At this moment, Qin Wentian could already sense that the pressure was extremely intense. This Stonebell Rampart was truly powerful. The attribute energies he was proficient in were continuously rebounding back on him, baptizing his flesh and blood, allowing him to comprehend the attribute energies more deeply. Every blast of impact was actually of tremendous benefit and although the pressure was starting to get overwhelming, it still had no way to crumble his defenses. This was naturally due to his perfect physique and incomparable bloodlines.

Qin Wentian's foundation in his path of cultivation was simply too sturdy. He had a legendary saint-grade immortal-foundation, a fiendgod-like body that was almost indestructible, powerful bloodlines...he simply had no weaknesses. It was naturally hard to cause his defenses to collapse.

However, on the other immortal paths, there were still other powerful experts ahead of Qin Wentian. There was even one who was now at the 75th step. That person exuded a tyrannical aura that had a majesticness to it as powerful sword intent swirled around him.

This expert was none other than Gu Xiao from the Paragon Sword Sect, an innate sword king. Back then, Qin Wentian once met him before in the imperial palace of the Evergreen Immortal Empire. The Paragon Sword Sect joined forces with the Skymist Immortal Empire then and challenged the Evergreen Immortal Empire. At that time, this Gu Xiao had entered the battlefield and displayed his domineering combat prowess.

"Gaining victory over a weakling, does that make your confidence swell up?" Gu Xiao's tone was as sharp as he sword. Back then, he naturally saw Qin Wentian's arrogant performance when in the Evergreen Immortal Empire. Qin Wentian's actions had enraged many experts from both the Skymist Immortal Empire and Paragon Sword Sect.

This Gu Xiao actually insulted Ying Teng as a weakling. But in truth, when compared to him who was an innate sword king, Ying Teng can really be considered a weakling.

This Gu Xiao was able to reach the 75th step and he was only 6 steps away from completion. One could see how strong he was just from this. In addition, nobody knew if he still had the potential to carry on further, moving from beyond the 75th step.

Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared at Gu Xiao as he calmly spoke, "What do you mean 'make my confidence swell up'? My confidence has no need to depend on external factors. As for those who wanted to humiliate me, I don't mind repaying them in their own coin the things they want to do to me. No matter if they are weaklings or truly terrifying geniuses, they don't matter to me. Their consequences will still be the same."

"This fellow..." Several experts felt their hearts shaking. After toying with and injuring Ying Teng, Qin Wentian actually wanted to challenge Gu Xiao who managed to step onto the 75th step?

His words were extremely clear. No matter weaklings or true geniuses, regardless of Ying Teng or yourself, the consequences are the same if you want to provoke me.

Gu Xiao's lips curled up in a cold smile. He who was resting at this spot for a long time, finally moved again. A surge of supreme sword might penetrated through the air, shooting from the rampart, aiming for Gu Xiao as he lifted his foot. Despite so, he calmly stood there, enduring the pressure as he complete the 76th step. He did so in such a domineering fashion as a response to Qin Wentian's sentence.

There were only five steps left before Gu Xiao reached the final point.

"How powerful, it would most probably be impossibly difficult if one wanted to challenge Gu Xiao." The hearts of the people here shuddered. Other than him, there were still quite a few geniuses on the other immortal paths currently standing on the 73rd to 81st step range. All of these people were undoubtedly extremely terrifying geniuses!
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