Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189: Jun Mengchens Humiliation Avenged

Chapter 1189: Jun Mengchens Humiliation Avenged

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The strongest force in the White Tiger Alliance was the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire. As for the Southern Phoenix Alliance on Qin Wentian's side, the strongest force was clearly the experts from the Battle Saint Tribe.

Huang Wudi stood in the direction of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire's forces. Since Huang Shatian wasn't present, the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire would naturally follow his orders. He was currently one of their strongest experts.

"Release your human-emperor glow," Huang Wudi ordered. In an instant, the experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire all released their immortal foundations, manifesting human-emperor silhouettes that encircled them. The emperor light converged together with a brilliant glow, wanting to slice apart the sky that was covered with dark clouds.

The experts from the Battle Saint Tribe stood side by side, all of them unleashing the power of the Battle Saint Art. A barrier of light then formed, like an unbreakable wall that stood protectively before them. The experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire also stood together. Their cultivation techniques were similar to each other and this was the case for the Battle Saint Tribe as well.

"KILL!" Huang Wudi commanded. Both parties didn't waste any words and immediately started the battle. Since they'd decided to join the White Tiger Alliance, all words were useless now. By fully suppressing their opponents through a show of strength, killing them, and obtaining victory, only then would that confirm their true intentions. Their final aim was to cleanse their hatred and humiliation by shedding the blood of their enemies. They will take the lives of Qin Wentian's comrades and use this incident as a warning to anyone foolish enough to antagonize their Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire.

As the sound of his command rang out, the emperor light converged together, transforming into destructive beams of light that shot forward. The barrier formed from the combined efforts of the Battle Saint Tribe flashed brilliantly, standing tall and unyielding before the beams of emperor light. The experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire couldn't break through the barrier at all.

This was the first time for both factions to clash with the other. They were making every effort to defeat their opponents.

Huang Wudi waved his hands, manifesting a thousand swords amidst the sound of humming in the air, each blade floating behind him. Huang Wudi then pointed forward and the human-emperor swords shot out one after another, intent on destroying everything. At his signal, the experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire provided support by infusing their sword intent and sword might behind his attacks. With so much power, how could they fail to slash through their opponents' defenses?

As expected, the protective barrier generated by the line of divine apes soon cracked under the pressure. Qi Da coldly snorted. He lifted his palm and slammed out with a gigantic palm strike. The other experts from the Battle Saint Tribe mirrored his actions, each of them sending out palm imprints containing an indomitable force to clash against the human-emperor swords. The swords couldn't withstand the might unleashed by the Battle Saint Tribe. The swords' light dimmed as the palm imprints continuously launched forward, breaking through with ease.

However, the humming of the swords didn't let up and they actually also generated enough pressure to cause the palm imprints to shatter apart.

"The Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire is merely so-so in strength." A mocking voice rang out, causing Huang Wudi's face to twist with displeasure. He then stepped forward, actually choosing to act himself.

In the direction of the Battle Saint Tribe, Qi Da stared as Huang Wudi walked forward, and without any hesitation, he stepped out as well. When Qi Da saw the supreme human emperor, Huang Wudi, slashing out with his human emperor sword, his arm expanded in size in response. It resembled the powerful arm of a divine ape that contained a might which could destroy the heavens, and he slammed out to meet Huang Wudi's attack.

The two of them stood in opposition, fighting as equals.

Upon seeing this scene, the experts from both factions finally moved. The experts of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire pressed forward, the white tigers fought against the Southern Phoenix Clan, the people from the Violet Emperor Sect fought against the disciples of Matriarch Ji, and the members of the Heavenly Talisman Realm obstructed the paths of the experts from the Skymist Immortal Empire and the Paragon Sword Sect A war had completely broken out.

The battlefield instantly expanded. The entire space had been cleared out for the two factions, and the spectators had retreated to a safe distance. This war was simply too ferocious and at too great a scale.

Huang Youdi knew that Qin Wentian wasn't present. His eyes flashed when he finally found an opponent, rushing towards Jun Mengchen. Jun Mengchen had the same thoughts as well, and he released his immortal-foundation that was in the form of an entire world, and with a single punch, the entire space around him trembled violently. Every casual strike he unleashed held the force of his innate techniques, powered from the energy of his world-type immortal-foundation. Even human emperors were forced to bow before his might.

The two of them fought in close combat, their movements both violent and crazed. Jun Mengchen, after stepping into the fifth level of immortal-foundation, didn't fear Huang Youdi at all. Their cultivation bases weren't at the upper three levels, but their combat skills were simply earth-shattering. Their attacks littered the battlefield with overwhelming explosions, and the resulting aftershocks turned their surroundings into dust.

"Senior Brother, do you feel that they're bullying the Southern Phoenix Alliance?" the monk Bujie asked his senior brother Buchen.

"Both factions willingly entered the war, so it cannot be considered a case of bullying. Although there are more forces siding with the White Tiger Alliance, but when you look at the situation, they are not gaining an advantage at all," Buchen spoke in a light voice. His entire person appeared unblemished, and he was incredibly handsome. Such a handsome monk was truly a rare sight in this world.

"Senior's judgment is much more accurate than mine. In that case, does that mean we don't need to act?" Bujie asked.

"If Huang Shatian had joined this battle, then that would be a true case of bullying. Given Hua Shatian's strength, there's probably no one who can stand up to him." Buchen spoke again. But he showed no intention of participating.

Buchen's judgment was truly accurate. The heaven's chosen around the area spectated the battlefield, all feeling shock in their hearts. The White Tiger Alliance was made up of many peak powers in the immortal realms, and those geniuses were all exceptional individuals with remarkable power. However, despite the Southern Phoenix Alliance having a disadvantage in terms of numbers, they could still fight equally against their enemies. Their individual combat prowess was truly outstanding.

"The Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect of the Eastern Regions was only recently established, but they have so many heaven-defying supreme geniuses among the immortal-foundation realm?" Many in the crowd couldn't believe their eyes. The experts from the Battle Saint Tribe had always followed Qin Wentian, and they used the identity of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect when they entered the sacred academy. Also, several disciples from the Heavenly Talisman Realm were included as well. There was naturally no need to doubt their strength.

For example Lei Ba, the Thundergod's Child. He had cultivated the heaven-defying might of lightning and thunder. Although Qin Wentian defeated him, it didn't affect how strong he was. Yet now, there was an expert form the Battle Saint Tribe on the same level as him, and that expert was actually obstructing him.

Huang Wudi and Qi Da's battle was naturally witnessed by all. Even Huang Youdi, who claimed to be a match for everyone underneath the heavens, was still in fierce combat with the fifth-level Jun Mengchen. Despite his strength, he was unable to take down his opponent.

The Skymist Immortal Empire also had their own outstanding character, but all of them were blocked by experts from the Southern Phoenix Alliance. This was a shocking sight to the spectators when they realized the true strength of the Southern Phoenix Alliance.

"This is an iron board; it's not so easily swallowed up by others."

The experts of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire's thought that theirs was a sure victory, but they didn't expect that the strength of their opponents would be so formidable.

A moment later, a deafening boom rang out. An expert from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire was killed by an expert of the Battle Saint Tribe, causing the Sky Connecting Realm to expel their body out of this realm.

The first to die was actually someone from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire.

In the battlefield Huang Wudi was at, the emperor-sword might radiating from him intensified further as a gigantic sword cleaved through the air. However, how could Qi Da let over forty years of cultivation at the sacred academy be wasted? He had already been at the ninth level when he first entered and right now, his spirit, essence ,and energy had all reached a terrifying state. He unleashed the Battle Saint Art to its limits as boundless energy erupted from him. When fighting against him, Huang Wudi couldn't see any weaknesses. In fact, according to the estimation of some experts, Huang Wudi seemed more likely to be on the losing end.

This was something Huang Wudi couldn't accept. In the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire, he always fell short when compared to his younger brother Huang Shatian. With Huang Shatian present, his luster would always be concealed. Although he admired Huang Shatian, it was impossible for him not to feel the slightest trace of jealousy. Huang Shatian was capable of fighting against five powerful experts at once. But as for him, he couldn't even deal with a single one of the five.

"Huang Wudi will certainly lose." The sky rocs were among the spectators. Jia Nantian floated up the sky, his eyes containing an unexcelled arrogance. He had once defeated Huang Wudi, but he wasn't proud of this fact. The Huang Wudi back then couldn't even induce him to unleash his full combat prowess.

In the other battlefield where Lei Ba fought against an expert from the Battle Saint Tribe, he couldn't seem to gain a proper foothold against his opponent.

As for the battle between Huang Youdi and Jun Mengchen, only the word 'tyrannical' could describe it. They returned attack after attack, neither one bothered with defense, and were fully focused on causing as much damage to their opponent as possible.

"In the past when Huang Youdi humiliated Jun Mengchen, it was true that he was bullying someone weaker than him. From the battle today, Huang Youdi seems merely so-so in terms of combat prowess." The hearts of the spectators trembled. Huang Youdi was a supreme genius, yet he couldn't even defeat an unknown cultivator like Jun Mengchen with ease. This battle was a true eye-opener. If Jun Mengchen were on the same level as Huang Youdi, wouldn't that mean that Jun Mengchen could easily crush Huang Youdi?

"Huang Youdi, are you even worthy to claim that you're a match for everyone underneath the heavens? Such ridiculous words are giving me a stomach-ache from laughing." Another heaven-shaking clash occurred and the two of them retreated from the impact. Huang Youdi's body glowed with boundless might. With the manifestation of six human emperors, he desired to dominate the world. Who dared to disobey him?

"Under my supreme emperor might, everyone in the world must submit," Huang Youdi coldly commanded.

"Under the pressure of the world, who dares to claim themselves as supreme?" Jun Mengchen stared at Huang Youdi as his immortal-foundation floated in the air. Boundless immortal light covered his body and the vast power radiating from Jun Mengchen suddenly intensified and grew more frenzied. A supreme emperor-king armor enveloped his body, and he fully felt like the overlord of this world.

"In this world that I control, human emperors are nothing but ants!" Jun Mengchen roared. Lifting his fist, he punched out at Huang Youdi, and as the force blasted forth, the heavens and earth changed. The power of his punch seemed to be augmented by the energies from the world. When an overlord looked down on all creation, human emperors were merely insect-level beings. Wherever his aura passed by, the multitude of living things would prostrate themselves in worship. Huang Youdi stared as Jun Mengchen punched out and to his shock, the attack was actually suppressing and controlling his emperor might. His face turned pale and with a wave of his hand the six human emperors madly attacked, yet their collective onslaught crumbled under the majesty of the overlord. Jun Mengchen's punch passed through all of them, intent on annihilating him completely in soul and body.

With a thunderous boom, everyone saw that Huang Youdi had actually disappeared from the Sky Connecting Realm and their hearts trembled with shockHuang Youdi had just died.

The war continued. Some experts from the Battle Saint Tribe and the Southern Phoenix Clan had already begun to die and were immediately removed from the Sky Connecting Realm. If this place wasn't in the Sky Connecting Realm but was in the external world instead, those who had fallen would have truly perished.

"To think that the Southern Phoenix Alliance would actually gain the advantage in this war." The hearts of everyone shuddered. One must know that the three monks from the Askheart Temple had yet to participate in the battle, and they continued to act as mere spectators. From this, one could see the full power of the Southern Phoenix Alliance. Their tyrannical strength was clearly proven by virtue of their combat prowess.

More and more experts died and were sent out from the Sky Connecting Realm when suddenly, in the direction of the Sky Connecting Immortal Rock not far away, a brilliant beam of light shot out. After that, the outline of a void gate could be seen as a figure stepped out from it, exuding a magnificence that would last through the generations.Countless people turned their gazes over and all of them stiffened in shock when they saw that figure.

It would seem that the omens were bad for the Southern Phoenix Alliance; they were now destined to suffer a crushing defeat.

One of the strongest in the academy was Huang Shatian. Since he'd now appeared, then if he attacked, who would be able block him?
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