Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Shattering The Stonebell Rampart

Chapter 1192: Shattering the Stonebell Rampart

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Qin Wentian continued speeding ahead, rushing towards the exit of the Sky Connecting Realm. That handsome face of his was now painted with coldness. His deep eyes flashed with killing intent, as well as a trace of worry.

The Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire, the Skymist Immortal Empire, the Violet Emperor Sect, the Paragon Sword Sect, the White Tiger Race, the Thundergod Hall There were so many major powers that were hunting down Qing`er and his other friends. How could he not be worried?

He would engrave the names of these major powers who participated in his heart. The grudges and hatred they had in the past, was it going to finally be resolved through the revoking of protection by the sacred academy? Since slaughter was now permitted, he shall show them a world of slaughter then.

The raging wind gusted, roc wings appeared on Qin Wentian's back as he sped forth with the speed of lightning.

Not long after, Qin Wentian walked out from one of the Sky Connecting Realm's exits. He stared at this particular sacred academy he was in with a somewhat vacant look in his eyes. Qing`er and his other friends were all fleeing for their lives but he had no idea where they were at now. They were experiencing a deadly hunt by their enemies and he could only search each block of sacred academy one by one, trying his best to gather with them again.

"Bzz~" A bright light flashed and Qin Wentian directly vanished. Some time after he left, a few figures also stepped out from the Sky Connecting Realm, with coldness in their eyes. After such a long time, has he finally exited? In that case, the next phase would be to hunt him down.

There was only one purpose for all these major powers allying together. The person they wanted to kill most was undoubtedly Qin Wentian.

Not long after, Qin Wentian stood in the air space above an ancient palace in this sacred academy. He simply floated there and stared off into the distance.

He knew that his friends probably were all dispersed throughout the four academies now. The people from the Battle Saint Tribe, the Heavenly Talisman Realm, the Thousand Transformation Sect and the Southern Phoenix Clan. They all had split up and fled away. Right now as he glanced over, he discovered that he was actually acquainted with no one in the crowd.

He then flew towards a random location. Over there, many experts could be seen. There would also be occasional bell chimes ringing through the air, and the place he was heading to, was none other than the Stonebell Rampart.

Qin Wentian stared at the Stonebell Rampart and directly walked into it.

The 1st step, 2nd step, 3rd step!

The 27th step, 36th step, 45th step, 54th step, 63rd step!

Within the rampart, the robes of this young man were fluttering intensely as boundless might bore down on him, the violent energies seeping into his body, tempering his immortal-foundation, bones, blood, sinews and flesh.

Once, Qin Wentian completed the 81 steps in the span of a single day. Today, he came back here again and accomplished a total of 72 steps with a single breath before he finally halted his steps.

Completing 72 steps with a single breath, this was something that exceeded the imagination of the geniuses here. This accomplishment was something the people attempting the trial might never achieve, despite giving their best efforts. However, Qin Wentian had manage to do it, seemingly so easily.

The people in the surroundings stared at the figure of the young man, feeling the magnificence he was exuding. Was he planning to use the Stonebell Rampart to announce his return?

As the 73rd step was taken, the bell chimes echoed out loud. The blood in his body was churning, his bones were shaking from the pressure. When he released his immortal-foundation, the flawless light from it illuminated the space all around him.

As the 74th step landed, that vast and violent burst of energies were like tidal waves of a tsunami, crashing into him. Despite so, they couldn't obstruct his advance.

The 75th step, 76th step, 77th step... As his feet landed, the earth and sky trembled under the resounding bell chimes. In the vast area that was around the Stonebell Rampart, cracks could be seen on the earth, as thunderous rumbling sounds rang out.

"What a powerful aura, accomplishing all this in one go. Who is it that is attempting the trial of the Stonebell Rampart?" The hearts of many people who were currently cultivating began to shudder as they all made their way towards the Stonebell Rampart.

Very swiftly, they arrived and when they saw Qin Wentian, the figure who was ranked on the Supreme Might Rankings, all of them had stunned looks on their faces. That genius who once completed 81 steps in a single day actually came back here again.

As the 78th step landed, the accumulation of violent energies was too berserk as the cracks on the ground widened. The rumbling sounds emitted caused the hearts of everyone to shake.

As the 79th step landed, a brilliant burst of light was emitted from the Stonebell Rampart. It felt like the power of a thunderstorm being concentrated over a thousand times but had no way of being released. The only way, was the resonance it caused, linking the heavens and earth, causing them to tremble.

At this instant, even those geniuses on the other pathways of the Stonebell Rampart beside Qin Wentian, had ugly expressions as they stared at him. This fellow, what did he want to achieve? By causing such a large commotion, they couldn't even focus on their own trials. Just because he wanted to take the trial, he wanted others to retreat?

With the commotion he caused, there was basically no other trial-takers who could continue on with their trial.

Many people then chose to give up, leaving the trial pathways as they retreated, glaring at Qin Wentian.

As the 80th step landed, the heavens and earth formed a resonance as the bell chimes trembled the entire space. His body felt like it was on the verge of exploding, his robes and long black hair fluttering from the pressure. His immortal-foundation was bearing the brunt of that pressure, and seemed about to crack.

The cracks continued widening as fissures began to appear in the earth and the other experts who were still in the Stonebell Rampart were all jolted so badly that they were injured.

They glared at Qin Wentian. Why was he acting so tyrannically? Because he wanted to take the trial, he made it so that no others could do the same thing?

In the air, there were several experts tracking Qin Wentian's movements. When they saw how domineering he was in the Stonebell Rampart, they could only look on coldly. Was he planning to announce his return?

If that's the case, his death date would come extremely soon.

Qin Wentian could sense the storm of violent energies within him. The intensity of the storm in his body was now at its extreme limits. But even so, he didn't hesitate as he took the final step. As the step landed, the mad energies within him rumbled so violently that he was trembling involuntarily, forming a resonance with the Stonebell Rampart and the heavens and earth at this instant.

"I have returned!"

As the sound of his voice rang out, it was just like back then in the past where the bell chimes echoed with his longing. This bell chimes spread throughout the sacred academy, in all directions, existing with the wind, drifting into the ears of everyone, announcing Qin Wentian's return.

"I have returned, I have returned"

The bell chimes continued endlessly. Qin Wentian has returned.

That violent storm of energies continued ravaging the interior of Qin Wentian's body, wanting to destroy him. The fissures on the earth grew more and more terrifying. Qin Wentian stared at the skies, it felt like he could simply disregard the power of the Stonebell Rampart. His perfect saint-grade immortal-foundation cracked and healed again and again, as though it would never be destroyed in all eternity.

The bell chimes rang out with increasing might because of what he did. This time around, he took 81 steps in a single breath, the energies he accumulated was simply too tyrannical and overwhelming. It was like he was announcing war against the Stonebell Rampart.

"Chi, chi" His long robes begin to fray. Qin Wentian's body was seemingly about to implode from the energies within as he trembled more violently. The spectators all watched on with stunned gazes, has this fellow gone mad?

"Courting death." One of his pursuers in the air coldly spoke. But as the sound of his voice landed, a blast of the bell chimes energy abruptly rushed into him. He groaned miserably as a look of fear appeared on his face. With another resounding boom, his body completely exploded as his blood splattered through the air. The people in the surroundings all hurriedly retreated with explosive speed with a look of unbelievable shock on their faces.

"I will participate in the war between the two factions, there's no need for the rules of the academy to protect me." Qin Wentian declared his intentions as yet another blast of bell chimes continued ringing. The experts tracking his movements all felt their hearts shaking and wanted to flee. But where would they find the time to do so? Another burst of bell chime energies gushed into them, turning them into blood and their flesh and bones into powder.

"How tyrannical." Everyone stared at Qin Wentian. This man completed all 81 steps in a single breath, the accumulated energies caused the bell chimes to ring out with ever-increasing intensity and he could even control the energy to kill his enemies with a single strike, showing no mercy at all.

Thunderous rumbling sounds rang out from the earth. Qin Wentian's body felt like it was on the verge of shattering, yet he continued standing there steadily. How could a mere Stonebell Rampart shatter his conviction? How could it destroy his body?

After the 81 steps, he actually took another step forward. In this instant, the violent storm of energies completely erupted forth, creating deafening booming sounds as craters appeared all around the earth. The ancient palaces nearby all crumbled under the might of the bell chimes, the power here felt like tribulation thunder, capable of turning all things into dust.

"Retreat quickly!" The crowd hurriedly retreated, as the buildings around them all crumbled to pieces. The craters in the earth grew larger and deeper and finally, after a cacophony of explosive booms and blasts resounded throughout the sacred academies, everything returned to a deathly silence. The eyes of the crowd were so wide open that it felt as though they were about to drop out. From this moment onwards, there was no longer a Stonebell Rampart in the sacred academy.

The Stonebell Rampart was shattered!

Yet Qin Wentian's body wasn't damaged at all.

"Whoever desires to slay me, shall be slayed by me instead." Qin Wentian stood amidst the countless rubble with his hands behind his back, like a hegemon peering down with disdain at his subjects. Although his cultivation base still wasn't very strong, he had a radiance that belonged to an expert who exuded magnificence throughout the generations.

The Stonebell Rampart wanted to kill him, hence, it was destroyed instead.

Whoever desires to slay him, shall be slayed by him.

His silhouette flashed as Qin Wentian soared up into the air, flying into the horizons. He wanted to let all his friends and comrades know that he has returned.

In an extremely faraway place from the Stonebell Rampart, Jun Mengchen and several other experts were in the mountains. All of a sudden, the bell chimes echoed over here. He lifted his head with a smile on his face, his senior brother has returned. He was using the Stonebell Rampart to let all of them know that he was back.

In a location faraway, near the river, there were several maidens of the Southern Phoenix Clan cautiously making their way forward. At this instant, all of them inclined their heads as hope resurfaced in their hearts. He, has returned.

However, many people questioned that, facing off against the overwhelmingly powerful and truculent Huang Shatian, facing off against the supreme geniuses of so many major powers, was Qin Wentian's return even of use?

The fleeing experts from the Battle Saint Tribe also heard the sound as they all inclined their heads and faced the direction of the Stonebell Rampart. Their Saint Lord was back.

Qin Wentian's body continued speeding forward. However, right now at the region of the Stonebell Rampart, there was a group of troops made up of the Southern Phoenix Alliance's enemies who gathered together. When they heard the bell chimes and understood that it was Qin Wentian's announcement, their faces all grew extremely cold as an intense killing intent gleamed in their eyes.

So what if he returned? What could he do?

Since he has already announced his intention to fight, most probably it would only take a little while before he becomes a corpse.

The ending of this war back then was already destined in the Sky Connecting Realm. Nobody could change the ending. So what if a mere Qin Wentian broke the Stonebell Rampart? What could it change?

He could only rage, but he can't change anything.

A group of experts then flew towards the direction which Qin Wentian left to hunt him down. Qin Wentian flew with great speed, not even pausing to rest for an instant while they pursued after frenziedly, with killing intents flickering in their eyes.

Whoever desires to slay him, would be slayed by him instead?

Who doesn't know how to speak arrogant words? But without absolute strength, talking big was merely a prelude to one's death. Today would be the death day of Qin Wentian!

In the desolated areas, the yellow sands danced in the air. Qin Wentian flew forward while those hunting him were chasing after from behind. Both parties already knew of each other's existence and the intent to kill was extremely intense in their hearts.
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