Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235: Lu Xuejia Steps Out To Battle

Chapter 1235: Lu Xuejia Steps Out to Battle
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Juyu inclined her head, and upon looking at the light screen formed of ancient characters, shock surfaced in her heart.

Those deep eyes of hers glanced at Qin Wentian, only to see that Qin Wentian's palms were like the hands of gods and demons, unceasingly banging on the war drum. With every blast, the war drum vibrated violently as though it was struck by thunder, causing more ancient characters to manifest in the air.

Lu Xuejia furrowed her brows. Her protector knights all made their moves as well, causing the sounds of drum echoes to fill the air. Boundless devil might congregated together, forming a heaven severing devil sword. The edge of this sword was extremely thin, as though it could even slice through space.

As the sword slashed down, the light screen made of the ancient characters was actually split apart. However, those ancient characters contained a terrifying toughness. Despite being torn into two, they still radiated a supreme suppressive pressure, fighting back and neutralizing the might from the devil sword.

The protector knights behind Juyu acted at the same time, launching their counter attacks towards Lu Xuejia. Since Lu Xuejia wanted to target them, they could only fight back.

In a few short moments, the entire battlefield was drowned in the echoes of the war drums. The first devil general quietly sat in his war chariot and watched on. He didn't even need to act. The troops behind him were from the strongest regiment here in the Blackstone Devil Sect, an invincible existence.

The second-ranked general Blood Butcher was also standing by and watching the battlefield with a face full of interest.

The third-ranked devil general glanced at Huang Hanling beside him and asked, "Should we act to directly kick them out of the battlefield?"

"No rush. My target is his life. Let's allow him to get to the next round." Huang Hanling spoke.

"Since this is the case, we will do it your way." Zong Yan spoke. "Tell Lu Xuejia to stop attacking."

"Yes." Another protector behind him obeyed the order. After that, he bang on his drum, causing a darkness flame dragon to form in an instant which shot towards the direction Lu Xuejia was at. Lu Xuajia's countenance turned stiff, her dainty hands then blasted on the surface of her drum as she slew the dragon in a single slash.

"I want him to pass." Zong Yan spoke, his words causing Lu Xuejia's expressions to turn unsightly. The third-ranked general Zong Yan was truly tyrannical. He wanted Qin Wentian to pass, hence he told her to stop.

However, to avoid another attack by Zong Yan, Lu Xuejia did stop her attacks. She coldly glanced at Qin Wentian and Juyu. Her eyes were telling them that they should thanks the gods for their good fortune. Which enabled them to escape this calamity.

At this moment, there was a devil general who was defeated in battle. His war drum shattered as he coughed out blood. This devil general would be the new ranked #28.

"Seems like my rank has risen." Juyu smiled.

Qin Wentian cast a glance in the direction of Zong Yan and Huang Hanling. He naturally knew that these two weren't helping him. They wanted to play him to death.

They were allowing him to pass this round?

In that case, let's wait and see then.

More and more devil generals were eliminated. Because the of how domineering the third-ranked devil general Zong Yan interfered earlier, no more devil generals issued a challenge to Juyu. Resulting in the fact that she wasn't in the last fourteen ranks when this round ended.

This time around, the previously ranked #28 Juyu, was now within the top fourteen.

Such an ending actually caused Juyu to feel somewhat ridiculous.

The fourteen generals who were eliminated retreated out from the battlefield.

The devil formation disappeared, leaving the top fourteen generals behind.

Right now, the first devil general opened his eyes. His gaze swept around the battlefield as he spoke, "Next, the second round will be to select the devil generals from rank #8 to rank #14. You guys should already know the rules."

"What are the rules?" Qin Wentian transmitted his voice to Juyu.

"Chaotic battle." Juyu's expression turned solemn. Being able to enter the first fourteen ranks was because of luck. But for the next round, there were Huang Hanling and Lu Xuejia targeting her. Most probably, she wouldn't be able to advance further.

"Chaotic general battle. Protectors will fight protectors and if a protector won, they can remain on the battlefield. But if all protectors under a general lost, the devil general had to step up on the battlefield, defeating the opposing general and their three protectors. If the general was defeated again, they would be directly eliminated. But of course if the general won, the other party would be eliminated." Juyu explained.

"Does it also mean that if the protectors and their devil general lost, they would all be eliminated from this round?" Qin Wentian asked.

"You can understand it that way." Juyu nodded.

"Since this is the case, wouldn't it be interesting if a protector is stronger than a devil general?" Qin Wentian mused silently. However, such a situation most probably wouldn't happen usually. If a protector was stronger than a devil general, they would already have thought of ways to replace that general, how would they still be willing to fight as protectors under someone? Unless, it was those protectors of those top ranking generals. That might still be possible.

For example, for protectors under the first devil general, it was highly probable that they would be stronger when compared with the devil generals at the last few ranks. But despite so, they would rather choose to serve under the first devil general as there would be more benefits. Although their ranks were merely protectors on the surface, their strength wasn't any weaker in comparison to some of the generals.

"Also in this battle, there might be situations where death occurs. If you are overmatched, just admit defeat earlier." Juyu transmitted her voice, reminding Qin Wentian.

"Lu Xuejia, one of your protectors seems to have been chosen on the spur of a moment. I'm afraid it would be disadvantageous to you on the battlefield. If you are willing to spend time with me, I can send one of my protectors to finish off that fellow. How about it?" Situ had a demonic smile on his face as he spoke.

Lu Xuejia's beautiful eyes glanced at Situ, "Protectors are not devil generals. The battles in this round are still ultimately decided by the devil general. Even if my protectors are defeated, I can still participate."

"Juyu, you should know what level your true strength is. This round isn't somewhere you should be in. Tell your protectors to give up on this battle and scram immediately." A devil general didn't mask his disdain and rudely commented. Juyu was the last-ranked devil general but only climbed up to here due to luck. It should be about time for her to scram.

"I will aid you to become one of the top seven." Qin Wentian spoke to Juyu, his words causing Juyu's gaze to freeze for a moment. After that, she only saw Qin Wentian stepping out. When she saw this scene, a smile appeared on her face as she spoke to the other protector beside her, "You should also join him in battle."

"Roger." That person nodded and walked out after Qin Wentian.

"Get your protectors to come out." Qin Wentian spoke as he stared at Lu Xuejia.

Lu Xuejia's expression was glacial. Before this, Qin Wentian has already slain one of her protectors. As for her other protectors, they most likely wouldn't be his match.

"You should know how you all managed to pass the previous round. To think that you actually selected me as your first opponent? I will make you regret it." LuXuejia spoke. Two of her protectors walked out, staring at Qin Wentian with a heavy expression on their faces.

"BOOM!" Qin Wentian's destructive immortal energy frenziedly circulated. A black-colored immortal vanquishing energy congregated and caused an ancient halberd to materialize in his hands. This color was the same color as his constellation from the 8th heavenly layer.

At this moment, Qin Wentian shed off all of his low-profile behavior. The him right now exuded an aura that was tyrannical and extremely sharp.

Since this was a devil battlefield, he would adopt the attitude of experts on the devil path to suppress his opponents.

"RUMBLE!" A fearsome aura gushed forth. Right now, Qin Wentian was extremely strong. Although he was only at the seventh-level of immortal-foundation, his aura was as mighty as the sky, causing the protectors under Lu Xuejia to tremble when they felt it.

Qin Wentian stepped out, moving towards one of his enemy protectors. His ancient halberd erupted forth with explosive might. As this strike blasted out, the winds and clouds changed, the destructive energy unleashed collapsed everything, like a bloody maw that wanted to devour his target's life.

That protector roared in rage. His entire body was covered with a terrifying blood-colored light. He gathered the entirety of his energy and punched out with fearsome force.

However as the sound of an explosion rang out, the fist light was shattered completely. That terrifying ancient halberd exuded an aura of pure destruction, annihilating everything. An instant later, the halberd was driven into the body of that protector, killing him instantly.

Lu Xuejia's countenance changed. Although she knew her protectors had no way to defeat Qin Wentian, she didn't expect that they would lose so badly. One couldn't help but to say that her decision back then to use Qin Wentian as one of her protectors, was an extremely intelligent one. Sadly, he had a conflict with the protector under the third-ranked devil general.

Qin Wentian brandished his ancient halberd and walked towards the other protector. That protector hurriedly retreated and said with a pale face, "I admit defeat."

Leaving aside the overwhelming strength of Qin Wentian, he still had another protector beside him. There was basically no chance of victory, he could only admit defeat.

That domineering strike by Qin Wentian has defeated the protector of Lu Xuejia.

Qin Wentian was so domineering because he wanted to tell these devil generals that if they wanted to find trouble, they best be careful. It can also be considered as a reply to that devil general who told Juyu to scram earlier, wanting her to quit of her own accord.

And if they wanted to eliminate Lu Xuejia from the round, they first had to deal with her protector knights.

Right now, her protectors were already defeated.

Next, Lu Xuejia needed to step out for battle.

Lu Xuejia's countenance was like ice. Her eyes coldly regarded Qin Wentian, "Are you filled with unwillingness because I abandoned you? But in the devil sect, what use is that emotion?"

As she spoke, Lu Xuejia stepped out. Her entire body shimmered with law energy as devilish might gushed forth from her. Her gaze was sufficient to cause terror in the hearts of those who saw it.

For this battle, Lu Xuejia needed to challenge the other party's devil general and three protectors. She could choose not to fight Qin Wentian and Juyu, but she purposely did so instead.

"Juyu, scram out here." Lu Xuejia coldly spoke. After that, Juyu similarly entered the battlefield.

For this battle, the loser would be eliminated, becoming the #14 ranked devil general.

Without a doubt, the probability of defeat for Juyu was much greater.

Lu Xuejia has been sitting on the #9 ranked for over ten years. How could she be defeated by a last ranked general and a seemingly somewhat powerful protector?

Even if Qin Wentian was extremely strong, a protector naturally couldn't be compared to a devil general.

"I'll control her. The two of you will provide support." Juyu spoke to Qin Wentian and one other protector.

Qin Wentian's eyes flashed when he heard this. After that, he smiled and nodded, "Sure."

"Juyu, the devil general ranked at the last, are you even worthy to fight against me?" As the sound of Lu Xuejia's voice faded, devil sword diagrams manifested and surrounded her, as though merging with her as one. Her body was that of the devil sword, radiating the law energy of both sword and devils.

She didn't continue to glance at Juyu, she turned to Qin Wentian and coldly spoke, "Earlier, my combat prowess was limited by channelling my might through the war drums. Right now, as someone who betrayed me, do you think you can still live?"

As she spoke, she stretched out her palm and a tiny devil sword could be seen there. However, given how resplendent it was, shimmering with brilliance, the crowd all felt chills in their hearts when they saw it.
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