Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378: Wanting To Bear The Weight? Tell Me How Can You?

Chapter 1378: Wanting to bear the weight? Tell me how can you?
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"This man is so powerful." Only now did the people in the surroundings realize that the figure standing behind Mo Qingcheng earlier, was actually so terrifying.

A single strike from him had completely decimated a group of experts.

The Pill Lord of the main peak was stunned, the elder from the Qiu Clan was stunned. Even the elder and other experts from Xue Qingyang's clan were extremely shocked. They didn't seem to have woken up from shock yet.

"Peak-level immortal king." The expressions of everyone changed. Even in this place, a peak-tier immortal king was at the absolute top here. Other than a few others who could stand equal to him, everyone else were simply ants in comparison.

However, why was such a powerful character standing silently behind Mo Qingcheng?

Who is he exactly?

The crowd saw Qin Wentian who was now beside Mo Qingcheng, as well as that expert who was standing ahead of them, when they recalled the command Qin Wentian gave earlier, all of them felt chills down their spine.

This peak-level immortal king actually listened to Qin Wentian's command.

Earlier, Qin Wentian gave the command to kill, hence he acted, destroying all the experts surrounding Mo Qingcheng, with a single strike.

Only to see that at this moment, Qin Wentian held onto Mo Qingcheng's hand as his gaze surveyed the surroundings. "Qingcheng, for those who insulted you today, they will definitely have to pay a price. I initially thought that you can quietly cultivate here in the Unaging Immortal Mountains. But since this place doesn't deserve to have you, just follow me back then."

"Mhm, I'll listen to you." Mo Qingcheng nodded lightly. When Qin Wentian stood out earlier, she already knew it was impossible for her to stay here any longer.

"Who are you exactly?" At this moment, the Pill Lord of the main peak finally sensed that Qin Wentian wasn't an ordinary character. With such powerful combat prowess as well as a top-tier expert like Qi Yu protecting him, what identity would he have?

Qi Yu's cultivation base was the same as him, a peak-tier immortal king. He temporarily couldn't be sure of Qi Yu's actual combat prowess as there basically was no way to tell how strong Qi Yu truly was from that single strike earlier. He only knew that Qi Yu was very terrifying.

"You don't need to care who I am. Since you all want to bear the weight for Qiu Mo, you all can bear it together then. Now, I want this man to die, whoever wants to obstruct me, can come and test the water. You will be responsible for your own consequences." Qin Wentian glanced at everyone, his finger was pointing to the elder of the Qiu Clan, the man who insulted Qingcheng earlier by saying to Qiu Mo that doesn't he feel dirty for wanting a woman who already has a husband.

It was precisely this sentence which enraged Qin Wentian. Initially, Qin Wentian planned to settle this matter with the Qiu elder after the pill concoction banquet ends. However, Mo Qingcheng was clearly suffering from injustice during the judgement. This unfair treatment made it so that Qin Wentian couldn't bear it any longer.

That elder turned ashen. His clan was the king of a city controlled in the area lorded over by the Paragon Sword Sect, and it was an extremely majestic great city, with immense power. His own cultivation base was very strong as well, a peak-tier immortal king. Although he was only at the early-phase of the peak-tier, he can already be considered someone at the peak, let alone the fact that there are others more powerful than him within his clan.

"Qi Yu, finish him." Qin Wentian spoke. Qi Yu was one of the strongest three among the immortal kings that followed Qin Wentian from the Battle Saint Tribe. With regards to his strength, Qin Wentian had no doubts at all.

"Yes." Qi Yu's giant frame stepped forth. With just a single step, the entire mountain peak was trembling. The expression of the elder drastically changed, he stared at Qin Wentian, "Who are you exactly?"

"The dead need not know such info." Qin Wentian's expression was ice-like. This caused the countenance of the Qiu Clan's elder to turn extremely ugly. He had no choice but to release his own aura.

"Bang!" Qi Yu stepped out, causing the ground to crack. The elder instantly stepped back but he was already enveloped by Qi Yu's law domain. The elder's body expanded in form as well as his aura was unleashed to the limits.

Immortal kings formed bodies of laws, their bodies were extremely strong, filled with boundless strength.

Qi Yu had a calm expression on his face. Although his opponent was also a peak-tier immortal king, his opponent was merely at the early-phase. Although they were on the same level, the difference in strength between early and late-phase can be quite substantial. Unless one's combat prowess was strong enough to jump levels to fight opponents, a slight difference would usually be enough to cause the inferior one to be defeated, let alone when the difference is so great between an early-phase peak-tier and a true peak-tier immortal king.

Qi Yu's entire body shone with immortal light. He erupted forth with battle saint might, sweeping over everything, causing the sky to change color. The roars of divine apes filled the air, augmenting his strength. The Qi Yu at this moment was like an ancient god of battle, capable of challenging the entire world.

"BOOM!" Boundless battle saint might reinforced his domain as a towering immortal rod appeared in the air. Qi Yu grabbed it and swung forth, causing the clouds to churn wildly as a tornado ravaged the surroundings, shaking the hearts of the spectators as they all hurriedly retreated.

After that, the crowd only saw Qi Yu taking another step forward. That Qiu Clan's elder was directly flung through the air from the impact of blocking. In the next instant, shadows of the divine rod filled the skies, raining down with brutal might.

Upon sensing Qi Yu's strength, the Qiu Clan's elder turned pale. Such power made him feel despair. It was very difficult for immortal kings on the same level to kill each other. However, the cultivation base of him and Qi Yu didn't differ by just a bit. In fact, he was inferior in all aspects when compared. Even if he was at the true peak of the immortal king realm, the same as Qi Yu, he wouldn't be able to defeat his opponent.

Xue Qingyang's elder and the main peak's Pill Lord were both breathless with shock. When they saw the shadows of the rod filling the sky, they knew they wouldn't be able to block this attack as well. At the next moment, a roar of agony filled with despair echoed out but sadly, it was unable to change the fate of the Qiu Clan's elder. He didn't choose to fight any longer, choosing to flee instead. But, could he flee?

The rod shadows thundered down with indomitable force, causing the entire space to shake as the mountains nearby all crumbled, turning into dust. The Qiu Clan's elder was brutally smashed by the rod attack.

An early-phase peak-tier immortal king died just like that.

The raging wind didn't cease yet, destructive might swept over the surroundings as the landscape now had changed beyond recognition. An attack from a peak-tier immortal king could level mountains to flat ground effortlessly. If an immortal king was so bored as to unleash attacks with their full strength with no reason at all, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that they could shape the world.

Clouds of dust flew about in the air, the crippled Qiu Mo was still struggling while lying on the ground. He climbed to his feet with difficulty, but when he saw the experts surrounding Mo Qingcheng being slaughtered, when he saw his elder being killed so easily, when he thought of himself now as a cripple, boundless despair filled his heart. He wanted to vent his emotions by howling but he couldn't utter any sounds at all.

He, Qiu Mo, was a very proud man. But was he very strong? He told Mo Qingcheng to be his woman in front of Qin Wentian, saying that he wouldn't mind her past and he would definitely be more outstanding than her husband. But now, when he thought back to what he said, he only found his words extremely ridiculous. A smile of utter despair appeared on his face, he had no will to even live on any longer.

One cannot escape the karma of one's own sins!

Right now, he wanted to ask who Qin Wentian was exactly but he had no way to speak. He brought trouble upon himself and caused his clan members here to be wiped out. He was a sinner, a sinner with no hope of reprieve from condemnation.

Moving forward with difficulty, he walked to the crumbled mountain. A moment later, he tossed himself off the precipice, deciding to die. Was there still any meaning to live on?

This scene caused a great rush of impact to the spectators. They didn't pity Qiu Mo, they only felt that the changes to the situation were simply too fast.

Not long ago on the pill concoction field, Qiu Mo acquired glory by ranking within the top three. He was extremely arrogant, speaking like a king to Mo Qingcheng and even his elder stepped in to throw in an insult. But what now? At that time, everyone thought that Mo Qingcheng shouldn't resist, so what if her husband was here? Qiu Mo was strong individually, talented and had a powerful background. Not a single one of the Unaging Immortal Mountain's disciples said anything because they assumed what he said was only natural. After all, in the cruel immortal realms, it was a fact that might makes right.

But now, the members of the Qiu Clan that was here, had been completely annihilated. Their elder who was a peak-tier immortal king, was smashed apart with a single rod attack.

Qin Wentian once asked them, are you all using force to bully the weak?

Someone replied, 'Yes, so what of it?'

Qin Wentian then replied, 'Since you all want to play, let's play. I want to see who exactly is the one using force to bully the weak.'

Who here can use force to bully him, Qin Wentian, and his wife Mo Qingcheng?

The impact to Ye Rou was the greatest. Her body was still trembling. Qiu Mo had died, giving up on life, choosing to commit suicide. In the past, she assumed Mo Qingcheng's judgement was very bad and she was jealous of her talent and beauty. She felt that Mo Qingcheng should have accepted Qiu Mo's pursuing. Her husband came here alone to support her and seemed to have no background at all. How could he compare to the Qiu Clan?

However, at this moment, she saw that Qin Wentian only brought a single man with him. That man, was sufficient to sweep everything aside, easily slaughtering a group of powerful experts.

Mo Qingcheng had bad judgement?

Given a beautiful woman like Mo Qingcheng, how could her husband be weak?

Ye Rou only knew now how foolish her thinking previously was.

The shock of the main peak's Pill Lord was extremely intense too. But at this moment, he actually didn't know what to say. He didn't dare to speak recklessly. When Qi Yu struck out earlier, he could tell how powerful Qi Yu was. Undoubtedly, Qi Yu was stronger than him.

But a top-tier expert like Qi Yu was actually following the command of Qin Wentian.

In that case, who was Qin Wentian? Which power was he from?

The answer seemed to be already clear.

Being able to mobilize a peak-tier immortal king as a guard and command the guard to kill people, is there still a need to speculate what power he was from?

Clearly, Qin Wentian was from a power on the same level as the Unaging Immortal Mountains - an emperor-ranked power.

Since he could speculate this, it was only natural the people of the Xue Clan could too. Xue Qingyang's expression was extremely unsightly. This matter originally had nothing to do with him, it started because of Qiu Mo's rudeness. But because Qiu Mo was his junior brother, he stepped out to aid him, causing him to be implicated in this now.

Xue Qingyang's elder's expression was also extremely ugly to behold. There was someone from his Xue Clan that had joined the Taihua Immortal Dynasty hence they were naturally proud and had no one in their eyes. How could they place a mere initial-stage immortal king in their vision? So what if they were using force to bully the weak?

But now, who was the weak one?

"Didn't you want to bear the weight for Qiu Mo?" Qin Wentian glanced at Xue Qingyang. This statement made Xue Qingyang speechless, he didn't know what to reply. Did he still dare to say yes to this statement?

"You want to kill me along with my wife?" Qin Wentian glanced towards Xue Qingyang's elder, as well as those experts who sat beside the main peak's Pill Lord earlier. He then coldly continued, "Tell me, how are you guys going to bear the weight for Qiu Mo?"
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