Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388: Prepared for the Final Battle

Chapter 1388: Prepared for the Final Battle


“Traitor. Is he a spy?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had a very ugly look on his face. As an immortal emperor, even if immortal kings die, it wasn’t sufficient to make him furrow his brows. But when such great variables happened one after another, he had no way to maintain the calmness of his heart.

The Azure Dragon Formation was completely decimated. Their opponent’s cultivation bases and battle formation were both stronger. In addition, that batch of experts had a connection with Qin Wentian and this already made the Eastern Sage extremely unhappy. Now, there actually was a traitor in his sect too, hiding in the shadows and only acting at the final decisive moment, dealing critical damage.

Staring at the changing situation, the White Tiger Formation who was holding on to an absolute advantage at the start, was now in a state of chaos. Both sides clashed wildly, as the expression on the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s face turned more and more unsightly.

“Thousand Transformations, to think that you are so despicable.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor stared at his opponent.

“Eastern Sage, it’s wrong of you to say that. All’s fair in love and war. If your spies were the ones who managed to infiltrate my Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect, would you miss such an excellent opportunity? This is a real war. Being charitable to your enemies is equal to being cruel to yourself.”

“This time, the immortal kings we sent out are truly the immortal kings of my immortal sect. But you actually got aid from outside? Could it be that you have long planned on how to deal with me? In that case, ever since you had been defeated all those years ago, you have been unwilling to accept the fact and you’ve been scheming since then?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor coldly spoke.

“Naturally, in order to pursue a higher cultivation realm, I first have to sweep aside all distractions and regrets of my past. Even if I’m not too attached to authority and power, I still have to take over the thirteen prefectures. Even if I grew tired and decided to abandon the thirteen prefectures in the future, I still must make them mine now.” The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord stared at the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor as he spoke.

“Haha, I thought you have already forgotten the humiliation of defeat. In that case, it seems that I will have to make you savour the taste of defeat once again properly.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor laughed, radiating immense confidence.

Below them, the battles still continued. Because of that betrayal, the White Tiger Formation was in complete chaos. In addition, Bai Wuya specially chose extremely powerful individuals to group together and fight the White Tiger Formation. The situation completely reversed and in the end, the immortal kings of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect had no choice but to flee.

For the Xuanwu Turtle battlefield, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect was the one that obtained victory. The Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect had lost several immortal kings as well.

Usually, immortal kings were extremely lofty characters strong enough to become the leading characters in any area. In this war alone, so many of them had died. A war started by emperor-ranked powers was truly incomparably brutal. The immortal kings were all characters at the peak of whichever city they went to. But on the battlefield and in an immortal war, immortal kings seemed so tiny and insignificant.

“Haha, Eastern Sage you are so confident but you didn’t even gain the slightest bit of advantage using the four sacred battle formations. In fact, that round could be considered as a loss to your Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.” The laughter of the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord was filled with coldness. Immortal kings were the core and backbone of any major power. The death of each immortal king can be considered a heavy loss but there was no way to avoid this in an immortal war.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had a look of gloom on his face. The four sacred battle formations was a killing move they prepared but they actually didn’t manage to gain an all-out victory. Not only that, the azure dragon battle formation was completely slaughtered. That, truly could be considered as a defeat to them.

“Since this is the case, let’s take a look at the true strength of both our armies.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor coldly spoke. As the sound of his voice faded, the chess piece in his hand landed down onto the territory of the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord, as it began an invasion.

An instant later, the four armies led by the four paragons all gave the command simultaneously. “Immortal-foundation armies of our Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. Kill your way through the immortal-foundation experts of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. Annihilate them all and level their sect to the ground.”

As the sound of their voices faded, the killing began. The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord’s countenance changed. He then spoke, “The immortal-king level battles should be sufficient to determine the results. Why is there a need to let the blood of immortal-foundation characters dye the vast ground red?”

“My armies possessed an absolute advantage when it comes to the immortal-foundation level. You took six prefectures from me back then, and these people are willing to join you to fight against me, this means that they are my enemies. Since this is the case, I will let all the cultivators in the thirteen prefectures know what the ending is like for going against me. I shall let their fresh blood flow endlessly within the Cloud Prefecture and from now on, there will no longer be any powers in the thirteen prefectures who dares to go against me.”

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor calmly spoke. His immortal-foundation armies have already advanced and launched the attack. However, the might they could unleash was clearly inferior to immortal kings but even so, it was still extremely shocking.

For some of those neutral immortal kings who chose to remain behind as spectators, their hearts all trembled when they heard the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s words. As expected of the tyrannical Eastern Sage. He started this war and he didn’t simply want the defeat of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. He wanted the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect to be destroyed completely, annihilating their experts. Razing the Cloud Prefecture to level ground to warn everyone in the thirteen prefectures the consequences of going against him. At the very least, in the thirteen prefectures, he had to be an absolute tyrant.

“Prepare to fight!” Bai Wuya’s voice was filled with killing intent. The immortal-foundation characters of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect gradually formed their battle formations and in an instant, violent waves of pressure gushed forth as they rushed forward. Since combat is inevitable, they could only face it head-on.

The armies soon met in the airspace of the Cloud Prefecture’s capital. And in a single exchange, countless attacking techniques were launched, causing the heavens and earth to tremble from the intensity.

As the intense rumbling sounds echoed, more and more experts died. In such a large-scale war, an individual’s strength was usually not that significant. There were some extremely powerful battle formations, for example, the one formed by Qi Da’s group, able to easily slaughter any opponents that encountered them.

There were also some extremely powerful immortal-foundation characters who have the ability to fight beyond their levels. These were the exceptions, they could easily sweep over their opponents with invincibility.

For example, a lanky figure who was clad in white. His speed was extremely fast and he wielded a long spear. The wheels of samsara seemed to turn in his eyes, and could cause his opponents to sink into illusions with a single glance before he executed them. In just a few moments, he alone has already slaughtered over ten enemy immortal-foundation experts.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was still playing chess with the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord. But in reality, he was also paying attention to the battle situation below. His immortal sense was extremely powerful, easily able to surround the whole battlefield. As long as he wants to know anything, no details would be able to escape his eyes.

“Isn’t that the disciple of Myriad Manifestations?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor frowned, feeling somewhat unhappy. When he first met that young man, it was during his immortal sect’s recruitment event. That person was none other than the disciple of the beautiful immortal king, the Myriad Manifestations Immortal King.

“Your Majesty, his name is Hua Taixu and he once joined forces with Qin Wentian before. The relationship between the two of them seemed to be pretty close and had acted against our Eastern Sage Immortal Sect together when they were in the city of ancient emperors.” An immortal king replied, pointing at Hua Taixu. “Your Majesty, should we kill him?”

“Is Myriad Manifestations here?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor glanced at the immortal kings below them, of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. There were many immortal kings wearing masks, and there were a few with alluring figures. Clearly, these were female immortal kings.

Only to see that at this moment, one of the immortal kings removed her mask. It was none other than the beautiful Myriad Manifestations Immortal King. She stared at the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor and spoke, “I greet your Majesty.”

“Are you going against me?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor calmly asked.

“Your Majesty, my disciple has some conflict with some members of your sect in the past and was implicated from then on. Even for me myself, I’ve ran into trouble because of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect many times. As a weak woman, I really have no choice. Please forgive me, your Majesty.” The Myriad Manifestations Immortal King smiled.

“Since you have already thought so clearly about this, it’s enough.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor coldly spoke as killing intent flashed within his eyes.

“Eastern Sage, don’t be so angry that I found many sources of help. You have to understand that your immortal sect is used to acting tyrannical, and can’t gain any respect from the public.” The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord laughed. Many experts then turned to Hua Taixu but the long spear in his hand waved about dazzlingly and instantly, his enemies all fell into a daze. Piercing sounds rang out as the immortal-foundation characters around him all died.

“Excellent, his talent is truly good and has learned many tricks from you.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was extremely unhappy. In the battlefield for the immortal-foundation level, the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect actually had so many powerful characters. Especially so for a certain formation formed by a group of Battle Saint Tribe’s members. Those people should have a connection with Qin Wentian.

“Why don’t I see Qin Wentian? Doesn’t he hate me very much?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor spoke, glancing at the situation below. Within the sweep of his immortal sense, he couldn’t find Qin Wentian. Those with masks are all immortal kings. Could it be that that little brat back then actually broke through to the immortal king realm so quickly?

If this was true, he truly had to slay that little brat. He didn’t want to leave behind any roots of trouble.

“Qin Wentian is still weak. Eastern Sage, you care so much about him?” The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord laughed, he didn’t reveal Qin Wentian’s location. Since the Eastern Sage was so interested, the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord would let him guess as long as he wants to.

Earlier, Qin Wentian in reality, had already fought a round. Although his features were masked, if the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor used his immortal sense and checked meticulously, there’s a chance for Qin Wentian to be discovered. However, as an immortal emperor, he disdained using an immortal sense to check each and every initial-stage immoral king.

“For those who dares to humiliate me, I naturally must pay special attention to them.” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor icily spoke. As the two of them continued the chess game, Bai Wuya was furrowing his brows. Although his side had several outstanding individuals at the immortal-foundation level, they were suffering too great a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Many of their immortal-foundation experts died unceasingly. The Eastern Sage Immortal Sect seemed bent on wiping all of them out.

If this was the case, Bai Wuya can only take the initiative to launch an all-out war.

“Prepare for the immortal-king level war.” Bai Wuya spoke. After that, the immortal kings from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect were grouped into four camps and they then headed towards their enemies in each of the four directions.

“No more patience?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor coldly laughed. The four paragons laughed as the immortal-king level war was prepared to be launched in full!

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