Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411 Domineering Kill

Chapter 1411: Domineering Kill


Although the Heavenhold Demon was brutal, causing the immortal cultivators to all be incomparably enraged, it was a fact that the demon was extremely strong. Seems like the rumors were true, the cultivation arts that the Heavenhold Race cultivates, truly enables them to hold up the heavens.

This race was born with innate god’s strength and can be considered descendants of ancient demons. They were ugly and cruel, capable of fearsome long range attacks. Just a single rock in their hands can be likened to a meteor cruising through the sky. The powerful Saberfool had his head smashed just from that.

First, it was the greater demon from the Gold Sun Race and then the greater demon from the Heavenhold Race. No wonder these demons from the Desolate Mountains were all so confident. They strongly believed that they would win for sure.

Staring at these powerful demons, the eyes of the immortal cultivators all gleamed with sharpness. They showed some hints of hesitation when they saw the Heavenhold demon continue to stand there.

“We already said it’s a challenge, why must you demons be so cruel and directly kill off our experts? Since this is the case, we won’t show any mercy if we are the one victorious.” An immortal emperor coldly spoke. Two immortal kings on their side died consecutively, it was understandable for the immortal emperors to be enraged.

“The demons of our Desolate Mountains are brutal in nature, they would have no complaints. In any case, if experts of your immortal realms can’t even withstand a single strike, they would be driven out of the immortal realms by our demonic races sooner or later.” A greater demon arrogantly spoke.

“Since you put it this way, there’s no need for us to be polite any more.” The expression of the immortal emperor turned cold. He glanced at the immortal cultivators and spoke, “Everyone, you guys should have already seen the situation. There are many supreme elites from the major powers here but these demons seem to hold all of us in disdain. It’s time for you guys to step out and show them their place. I suggest each power to send out their experts to join the battle.”

“That’s right. With so many supreme elites here, it’s time for the major powers to act.”

The immortal emperors of the northern regions spoke as everyone nodded. Earlier when the two battles occurred, these peak geniuses were contemplating the demon races too, they are truly very powerful. Leaving aside those greater demons who didn’t step out, just those two who fought earlier did indeed belong to the supreme elite tier when compared to humanity. If they sent out human cultivators recklessly, they didn’t feel confident in obtaining victory.

“Shall we fight or not? If not, just scram out of Skybreak City and stop talking nonsense. We will wipe the city clean of humanity.” The greater demon from the Heavenhold Race coldly spoke, his words extremely tyrannical.

“Shut up.” Beiming Youhuang icily spoke as cold intent gushed forth from her. These demons from the Desolate Mountains actually wanted to kill the humans of Skybreak City. Skybreak City was the barrier of the northern regions. How could they give it up? Even if they had no choice, they also had to protect the people living there.

The Heavenhold Demon glanced at Beiming Youhuang as a smile appeared on his ugly face. “I love the fact that there are plenty of beautiful females among humans. Although this woman is very cold, her flesh seems shiny and tender. How wondrous would it be if she becomes my slave? I will play her till my lust is sated.”

He started laughing uproariously as he spoke.

“Impudent!” The immortal emperors of the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty coldly berated. “That ugly demon is spouting nonsense. Who will go kill the demon?”

“Hehe.” The Heavenhold Demon continued laughing as he glanced at the immortal experts. “There are truly many beauties here. There are some with pure auras and even have a hint of the Phoenix bloodline. After we slaughter our way through the immortal realms, I’ll catch them all and make them my slaves, playing them to their deaths.”

The expressions of many experts instantly changed. Beiming Youhuang, the maidens of the Jadestage Immortal Palace, as well as the maidens of the Southern Phoenix Clan. The maidens of the Southern Phoenix Clan truly had extraordinary auras. They all had the Phoenix bloodline and beautiful looks, constituting a beautiful scenery together with the beautiful maidens of the Jadestage Palace.

“Holy Successor Mingyue. Let me kill him.” A holy maiden spoke. Nanfeng Mingyue frowned, “These greater demons are all extremely powerful. It would be tough for you to fight against him.”

She could faintly sense that only the geniuses at the absolute peak of each major power would be able to fight against these demons. All others would simply be courting death. This Heavenhold Demon alone possessed innate divine strength, a talent granted to him by the heavens.

“Wasn’t an initial-stage immortal king very arrogant earlier, saying that he would accept all challenges from people of the same cultivation level? Now that the phoenix maidens are being humiliated, why isn’t anyone standing up for them yet?” An expert from the Skymist Immortal Empire coldly spoke, clearly hinting at something.

That Heavenhold Demon had a cultivation base at the initial-stage of the immortal king realm, equivalent to Qin Wentian. It was true that Qin Wentian could come up the platform to challenge him.

Qin Wentian glanced over only to hear a sword cultivator from the Paragon Sword Sect coldly adding, “That’s right. He was so arrogantly earlier. Now that the demons are provoking us to such an extent, is he still not going to act?”

“I initially wanted to give the chance to the other heaven chosen. Since no one is willing to step out, I shall act then.” Qin Wentian stepped out and continued, “As for those who only dares to fight with their words, there’s no longer a need to continue shaming yourselves. If you want to fight, just fight. What’s the point of egging others on? The Skymist Immortal Empire and Paragon Sword Sect have truly lost face for our immortal realms.”

As he was speaking, he stepped out on the battle platform. His words, that were filled with a heavy mockery, caused the expressions of both powers to turn incomparably icy. However, they soon relaxed when they thought of the demon’s power. In any case, they hoped that the demon would be able to kill him.

This Heavenhold Demon was extremely cruel, seeking to kill his opponents with every strike. It would naturally be for the best if he could kill Qin Wentian. They wouldn’t need to endure the revenge from the powers that backed Qin Wentian if he was killed by a demon.

“Youhuang, since this demon has insulted you, I naturally will kill him for you.” Qin Wentian didn’t forget to speak to Beiming Youhuang. This woman was an immortal emperor and was extremely powerful. In addition, she shared some fate with Qin Wentian and both of them were half a disciple of that old undying freak. He didn’t want to be suppressed by her, hence he chose to tease her. This can also be considered as making their relationship closer.

“This bastard.” Beiming Youhuang stared at Qin Wentian with a cold expression on her face. He actually said this in front of the public, as though indicating that their relationship is extraordinary.

As expected, many people turned to Beiming Youhuang at this instant, causing her to grit her teeth silently. How could this fellow be so shameless?

“Youhuang, there’s no need for you to be moved. Given our relationship, I’ll naturally do my best for you.” Qin Wentian stepped forward and coldly stared at the Heavenhold Demon. “Ugly, you dare to insult Youhuang? You will die for that.”

The Heavenhold Demon grinned. He stared at Qin Wentian, “Yet another one who is eager to court death.”

He hated it when people called him ugly. Hence, he was very angry right now.

The greater demon grabbed out as terrifying demonic qi gushed forth, converging into a boulder which he tossed out towards Qin Wentian. A thunderous rumble rang out, capable of smashing anything, giving the feeling that even a mid-stage immortal king would die if he came into contact with that.

A fearsome divine light erupted forth from Qin Wentian. He lifted his fist and punched out, shattering the boulder.

However, the greater demon didn’t stop. He continued tossing out boulders and each of them was like a meteor falling from the sky. His body gigantified, causing Qin Wentian to seem extremely tiny. The boulders hurtling through space cause space to shatter. Qin Wentian seemed helpless against it and would definitely die within this volley of attacks.

“How strong.” Qin Wentian’s heart mused. As expected of a greater demon from the ancient era. Their inborn heavenly divine strength talent was fearsome indeed.

Qin Wentian released his law energy as palm imprints filled the sky. The sky changed colors as the palm imprints shattered the meteor-like boulders, crushing them into nothingness.

“Boom!” The greater demon stepped out when he saw this. A fearsome bow appeared in his hand as he directly fired. The fired arrows were formed from demonic energy and were incomparably fast and ferocious, wanting to pin Qin Wentian onto the ground.

“Useless!” Qin Wentian roared. God’s Hand activated as its energy surged forth. Terrifying waves of devil might churned wildly, forming streaks of judiciary lightning, augmented by the powerful of judgement as they blasted the arrows into pieces.

“RUMBLE!” Qin Wentian’s body expanded to the same size as his opponent. He stepped out as his might towered up into the sky.

“So what if you are from an ancient demonic race? You shall be dominated all the same!” Killing intent flashed in Qin Wentian’s eyes. In truth, he was already angered by the words of this greater demon. Although he wasn’t acquainted with the two immortal kings who died, their deaths had stirred his wrath. In addition to the insults made, as well as the slaughter of innocents should these demons take over Skybreak City, Qin Wentian was already preparing to give these demonic beasts a harsh lesson.

The palm imprints powered by God’s Hand shattered everything but the Heavenhold demon howled in defiance and fought back violently, causing some of Qin Wentian’s attacks to disintegrate. However, at this moment, a gigantic palm of destruction flowing with runic light smashed forth towards the demon with boundless might, capable of shaking the heavens and earth.

The greater demon sneered. With his inborn divine strength, there were no attacks he didn’t dare to receive directly.

“BOOM!” As the palm imprint landed, violent waves of energy gushed forth, causing the body of the demon to tremble. A moment later, a groan of agony could be heard as the demon coughed out blood. His legs turned soft as his inner organs had all crumbled from the impact of that palm strike. Waves of destructive energy also ravaged the interior of his body as they flowed into him.

How would Qin Wentian miss such an opportunity? He immediately followed up with another tyrannical strike. Terror and despair appeared on the face of the demon as he growled with anger and reluctance. A moment later, his body directly exploded, turning into dust from the implosion within.

The tyrannical Heavenhold Demon was actually slain by a human cultivator using such a tyrannical and shocking manner!

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