Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 He Was That Roc?

Chapter 1428: He was that roc?


Qin Wentian’s cultivation base broken through to the mid-stage of the immortal king realm. However, he was at the initial-phase of it.

In these seven years, he had experienced the initial awakening of his bloodline potential and he had gained some control over his bloodline power, created new innate techniques, established new law domains. All these improvements were considered extremely vast, he definitely had improved faster here in comparison to if he chose to cultivate alone elsewhere.

He used a mere short seven years to enter the mid-stage of the immortal king realm and this could be considered a miracle of sorts. Even he himself hadn’t expected that he would be able to do so.

He continued to cultivate and comprehend the insights, quietly solidifying his foundation.

For those who came in the Demongod Palace, not a single one left. They all knew that this was an extremely rare opportunity. Unless the palace vanished, it was impossible for the experts within to leave here. Even the powerful Southern Phoenix Matriarch wanted to stay within, let alone immortal-king level experts.

In addition, all of them cultivated on their own, trying their best to grow stronger. In fact, none of them found trouble with the others. All of them were seizing opportunities to strengthen themselves. After all, there wouldn’t be a second opening of the Demongod Mountain.

Outside the palace, on the ancient path leading up to here, countless experts were still there, exploring the boundlessly vast area, hoping to find more good fortune. The demonic beasts of the Desolate Mountain Range naturally wouldn’t leave. More and more people came by, even the humans came here in droves, all of them powerful characters in the immortal realms.

At the ten year mark, today, an earthquake rocked the Demongod Mountain. A phenomenon could be seen in the sky as countless people inclined their heads, staring upwards. After that, they saw the sky slowly changing color, causing the light to gradually dim.

In an instant, a chain reaction occurred. The glow from the divine statue started to dim as well, the darkening effect spread throughout the Demongod Palace and mountain, as everyone stared about in shock. After that, the statue shimmered in and out of existence, as the divine luster left it, turning it back to an ordinary statue.

Sometime later, the murals all lost their life-like qualities too, becoming just ordinary drawings. There was nothing more unique about this place.

“The Demongod Mountain” The hearts of the greater demons all trembled. Their sacred land, was it going to vanish just like that?

The light vanished, the god mountain transformed back into an ordinary one. Although it was still towering and majestic, it was no longer the mountain of miracles. Outside the palace, no more monsters would be produced from the murals. The remaining monsters were all petrified, turning into stone statues, causing the combatants to stiffen. There was nothing more mystical about this place.

After that, this boundlessly vast mountain was slowly corroded away by the darkness. Everything here gradually disappeared, including the treasured plants which could cause ordinary demons to evolve.

Ten years, the Demongod Mountain finally disappeared, transformed back into an ordinary mountain range.

Countless demonic beasts inclined their heads and stared at the sky, their hearts filled with disappointment and frustration as they saw their sacred land disappearing. In fact, there were even many demonic beasts who prostrated themselves and howled in misery to vent their emotions.

This was their Demongod Mountain, the legend of the Desolate Mountain Range. Was it going to vanish just like that.

“The Demongod Mountain is finally disappearing.” Many human experts heaved a sigh of relief. During these ten years, demons could be seen evolving everywhere. They had to watch but couldn’t do anything to stop it nor could they evolve. Every day, the strength of demonkind was increasing, causing an intense sense of crisis to fill their hearts.

Luckily, today was finally here. With the disappearance of the Demongod Mountain, things would return to their normal calm. Let’s hope the demons of the Desolate Mountain Range return to where they came from and wouldn’t invade the immortal realms. Naturally, this was merely what the humans were hoping.

Even if the greater demons had no intentions to invade the immortal realms, there were so many powerful demons who had evolved. How would they return just like that? They would definitely stir up a storm regardless.

Currently, in the Demongod Palace, the Southern Phoenix Matriarch calmly watched as everything happened. She was as magnificent as ever, her flawless countenance made it seem as though she was a maiden from the nine heavens. She stood there but a sigh could be heard from her. The traces of gods had disappeared.

“Ai, what a pity. This baobao hasn’t cultivated enough yet.” Little Rascal spoke in a depressed manner.

Qin Wentian rolled his eyes. This rascal had evolved further during the time when the Demongod Mountain was disappearing and had broken through to the mid-stage of the demon king realm as well. His cultivation speed and benefits were much greater than him, yet he still said that he has not cultivated enough? What’s even more nonsensical was that Little Rascal had never worked hard in cultivation at all. He simply laid there lazily in the soft bosom of Beiming Youhuang most of the time, allowing the divine glow from the demon god statue to activate the potential of his bloodline as he continued to evolve.

However, Qin Wentian could still understand how Little Rascal improved so much. After all, the potential of Little Rascal’s bloodline had been fully unlocked, causing him to evolve and become a real heaven devouring beast. He who was of the royal-faction, naturally received benefits that far surpassed the humans. Although Qin Wentian also had the bloodline of a supreme-graded demon, his base was after all, still human. The benefits he gained was merely control over the power of his bloodline. He didn’t undergo an evolution as the power of the Demongod Mountain was insufficient to evolve his bloodline.

Even now, Qin Wentian still had no idea what race his bloodline was from. With the innate ability of Burning Rebellion, it must definitely be extraordinary, allowing him to mimic the innate abilities of other demons.

“Big brother Qin.” Only to see Purgatory walking over. She was in her human form, her fiery figure was dressed in a charming red and her aura more extraordinary than before. Her entire being also exuded a demonic charm far greater than the past.

“Purgatory, your cultivation base should have already been stabilized at the late-phase of the initial-stage. Not bad.” Qin Wentian smiled and nodded.

“I’m not as fast as big brother Qin.” Purgatory smiled charmingly. Most probably, she didn’t know how great her charm was.

“Little Purgatory, there’s still some distance between us.” Little Rascal inclined his head and spoke.

Qin Wentian directly smacked Little Rascal on his head. “Scram.”

“Hmph, what’s the big deal? I will scram then.” Little Rascal spoke in his juvenile voice and directly leapt into the bosom of Beiming Youhuang, lying on the soft twin peaks, and he kept using a gaze of superiority to stare at Qin Wentian.

“What’s the point of showing off to your own demonic beast companions?” Beiming Youhuang coldly glanced at Qin Wentian as she rubbed the fur of Little Rascal.

“Eh” Qin Wentian was completely speechless. He then saw Little Rascal gesturing to him victoriously with his paws.

“Let us exit this place.” A voice as warm as the spring wind rang out. The Southern Phoenix Matriarch walked over and nodded slightly to them.

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian replied as he prepared to leave. Everyone sighed but all of them knew it was pointless to remain here any longer and respectively headed towards the exit.

After walking out from the palace, there were several people outside. Right now, their immortal senses were no longer restricted and could clearly see the situation within the palace. They too, also felt the transformation of the Demongod Mountain and had looks of disappointment on their faces. On the ancient path, there were still other experts attempting to ascend. However, even they knew that it was useless even if they ascended to the peak now.

“Youhuang.” The Darknorth Immortal Emperor walked over.

“Matriarch.” The experts of the Southern Phoenix Clan arrived as well.

“Wentian.” The Evergreen Immortal Emperor and Bai Wuya appeared too.

There were also other experts who came by. Many of these were the elders of those supreme geniuses who manage to enter the Demongod Palace. They were all filled with admiration.

“Lord.” Qi Yu and the others from the Battle Saint Tribe called out.

“Qin Wentian.” A cold voice rang out. Experts from the Skymist Immortal Empire and the Paragon Sword Sect came over. When they saw Qin Wentian exiting the Demongod Palace, their expressions were incomparably unsightly. Among these people, the supreme genius of the Paragon Sword Sect, Shangguang Jianyi, was here as well. His expression ashen. For something he failed to accomplish, Qin Wentian actually succeeded in doing so?

“How did you enter?” Pei Qing had an icy look on his face as he stared at Qin Wentian. How could this be? He had never left this area and kept trying to break out of the siege. He had no recollection of seeing Qin Wentian here at all.

“He was that roc earlier.” A voice from the crowd rang out, momentarily causing several gazes to turn to Qin Wentian. So this fellow was that ordinary-looking roc?

“What roc? Isn’t he Qin Wentian from the eastern regions? The son-in-law of the Evergreen Immortal Empire.”

“This fellow back then was merely an initial-stage immortal king. He transformed into a roc and joined forces with two other demonic beasts, barging into the Demongod Palace. What a despicable and shameless behavior.”

Qin Wentian smiled as he stared at everyone, he didn’t bother about what others were saying about him at all. So what even if they knew? He had already entered the Demongod Palace and had a huge improvement, breaking through to the mid-stage of the immortal king realm and established two powerful law domains. His purpose for transforming into a roc had already been achieved. Why would he care about what these people said about him?

Strength, was the only thing he pursued.

“You are that vile beast?” A mid-stage immortal king from the Sacred Sun Sect had an ashen expression. Sun flames radiated from him. Qin Wentian fooled the whole lot of them and even mocked them saying that they were trash.

“He must have pretended to be an initial-stage immortal king by suppressing his cultivation to kill your people.” A greater demon coldly spoke.

The sun flames from the expert of the Sacred Sun Sect burned angrily. “You killed my senior brother?”

“The saint child of the Sacred Sun Sect was killed? Can you guys endure this?” An expert from the Skymist Immortal Empire added fuel to fire.

“Qin Wentian!” Several voices thundered out as numerous white tigers appeared, glaring at him. “You are the one who feasted on the flesh of white tigers in the sacred academy?”

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