Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 144

Chapter 144 number one

AGM 144 Number One!

Standing atop the platform, Qin Wentian felt like a peerless existence as his black hair and robes fluttered in the wind. The aura he exuded transformed into a gale with the force of a hurricane, sweeping across the entire platform.

At this moment, Qin Wentians figure looked terrifyingly demonic and incredibly handsome. He stood there as though he was the only existence in this world, emanating a sense of who but myself could do it, if I so wish to conquer this world.

The radiance of Luo Qianqiu was initially so dazzling but now, his radiance seemed to be fully suppressed.

He broke through..

The spectators felt as though they were in a dream. Qin Wentian actually broke through at the most crucial moment and stepped into the 8th level of Arterial Circulation.

How long had it been since the time he broke through to the 7th level? Cultivation breakthroughs required going through a process and was definitely not possible because of a single days effort.

However, before dawn today, Qin Wentian forcefully woke his Bloodline Limit. The terrifying power had almost swallowed him whole. Despite his will and perseverance, he still spent a huge amount of time before he was finally triumphant. That was also why he almost missed the third round of the Jun Lin Banquet.

Once the power of his bloodline was awakened, it ignited the potential of his acupoints and expanded his arterial pathways almost to the point of a breakthrough. This, as well as a combination of other factors, was what made the breakthrough to the 8th level possible in that previous instant.

At this moment, the looks of worries and anxiety disappeared from the faces of the Emperor Star Academys representatives.

Especially Ren Qianxing. A heartfelt smile appeared on his face as he gazed at the silhouette of the youth standing on the stage.

He was happy, truly happy, that he had not made the wrong judgement. Qin Wentians weakness must have been caused by the Nine Mystical Palace.

He felt ashamed of the suspicions he previously had about Qin Wentian. He shouldnt have had the slightest doubt. The Emperor Star Academy had long since conducted a personality analysis and detailed background check on Qin Wentian. How could such a youth be tempted because of the prospect of self-interest?

Since you are loyal to our academy, we will definitely do all we can to grant you a piece of clear sky to spread your wings and soar. Ren Qianxing silently remarked in his heart. That cold, stone heart of his had finally cracked today; a feeling of warmth seeped inside.

Mo Qingcheng also had a radiant smile on her face. Even Qin Yao, Luo Huan, Mu Rou, Fan Le, and Immortal Drunken Wine broke into smiles.

Since Qin Wentian had already broke through, this indicated that everything was already predestined.

Luo Qianqiu would never be able to block Qin Wentians path ever again.

Qin Wentian was already so overwhelming when he had a cultivation base at the 7th level, easily crushing Sikong Mingyue. Although the spectators didnt know why Qin Wentian appeared to be so weak in the beginning of his fight with Luo Qianqiu, in their hearts, they all wanted to know the exact reason.

However, these questions were no longer important. They were all silently speculating that since Qin Wentian had broken through, Luo Qianqiu should no longer be a match for Qin Wentian.

Currently, Luo Qianqiu was also staring at Qin Wentian. His gaze stiffened as he felt the change in Qin Wentians aura. It was as though, for the first time in his life, he felt that this person in front of him had the power to defeat him.

Qin Wentian similarly stared back at Luo Qianqiu. He took a step forwards, and the terrifying presence of his blasted forth. The ancient halberd in his hands seemed to shine with a glimmer as he locked gazes with his opponent.

Today, he wanted to be number one. No, he will be the number one.

In your heart, you should already know whether Im speaking the truth. Qin Wentian calmly spoke. He didnt announce the fact that the Nine Mystical Palace had drugged him.

To him, this held no advantage. So what if everyone knew that the Nine Mystical Palace was this despicable?

The power of the Nine Mystical Palace was something he still couldnt contend against. So what if everyone knew the truth? The Nine Mystical Palace was still the Nine Mystical Palace. In this land, power determined everything.
Qin Wentian finally struck out with his ancient halberd, executing the first stance of his Great Dream Halberd Art, Mountain Splitter.

The halberd stroke like a dream, with a speed like that of lightning, as heavy as a mountain, splitting apart the Heavens and Earth

Luo Qianqiu howled in madness as an illusory Lightning Revenant formed behind him, striking out with a palm of lightning that smashed against the ancient halberd.


The lightning palm crumbled, forcing Luo Qianqiu to explosively retreat.

However, a pitter-patter sound could be heard. The spectators could see that his chest was actually dripping blood.

Upon witnessing this, the spectators all drew in a huge breath. It seemed like the position of the Jun Lin Banquets champion was already destined to belong to Qin Wentian.

They felt that they were all extremely fortunate to be able to witness this miraculous turn-about with their very own eyes.

Actually, Luo Qianqiu, you are nothing much.

Qin Wentians serene voice drifted out, causing Luo Qianqiu to turn ashen. But currently, Qin Wentian did indeed have the qualifications to say such a sentence.

Not even a year had passed, but Luo Qianqiu, the unparalleled existence from back then, was forced into retreat by Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian undoubtedly had the qualifications to say what he said.

However, the crowds also understood. It wasnt that Luo Qianqiu was weak, but that Qin Wentian was the true demon of the Emperor Star Academy.

Geniuses, what were they? There were so many who were referred to as geniuses in Chu, but if they were to be placed in a place like the Nine Mystical Palace, would they still have the cheek to call themselves geniuses?

Luo Qianqius radiance had been so resplendent at first. But now, before Qin Wentian, he was nothing but a stepping stone.

Boom! Qin Wentian took another step forwards as he executed the Garuda Movement Technique, appearing in front of Luo Qianqiu in an instant.

The 2nd Stance of the Great Dream Halberd Art Fallen Star. The instant this strike was executed, Luo Qianqiu felt an impending sense of doom approaching his way. The pressure billowing over had an aura of total annihilation. He was not certain whether he would be able to defend against this strike.

Spirals of brilliant constellations smashed towards Luo Qianqiu, who howled in madness. Using the entirety of his power, both his palms blasted out at the same time.

BOOM! A terrifying storm engulfed the platform, and after the swirling fog was cleared, the spectators only saw Luo Qianqiu standing there with his countenance immeasurably pale, spitting out fresh blood.

Is he still not going to concede?

The spectators were silently speculating in their hearts.

Luo Qianqiu was proud. He would never be able to force himself to speak out his admission of defeat. After all, he was Luo Qianqiu.

Die! Qin Wentian coldly shouted. The Mountain-type Divine Energy within his body frenziedly circulated, smashing forth with his halberd. Luo Qianqiu continually retreated as blood flowed relentlessly from his mouth.

Chu Tianjiao looked indifferent as he silently glanced at what was happenings. He knew that he had no authority to handle the situation at the Jun Lin Banquet.

Next to Chu Tianjiao, the middle-aged man from the Nine Mystical Palace finally had a fluctuation in his expressions.

Ultimately, his strategy failed. Qin Wentian actually proved to be such a game-changing variable.

He had drugged his wine, causing his energy flow to run amok, but to think that Qin Wentian would actually break through at an unexpected moment, cleansing the effects of the drug.

As long as Luo Qianqiu obtained the number one position, regardless of everything, he would step onto the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion and follow through to the 8th level. Even if the Emperor Star Academy was unwilling, there was nothing they could do about it.

However, if Luo Qianqiu was defeated, according to the agreement made long ago, they, the Nine Mystical Palace, would still be unable to access the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

The middle-aged man shot a glance at the youngsters standing beside him. He didnt say anything else but conveyed what he wanted to say with his eyes alone.

Stay your hand. One of them called out as he dashed in the direction of the platform. His silhouette flickered before it vanished, arriving on the platform in an instant.

The battle has yet to be concluded. Qin Wentian glanced coldly at him. Luo Qianqiu had not conceded, and thus this battle wasnt concluded.

I said stop. The youth on the platform was clad in a sky-blue robe and appeared to be more than twenty years of age. The presence he was exuding was that of Yuanfu.

As he took a step forwards, instantly, a pressure akin to a heavy mountain seemed to fall on Qin Wentians shoulder.

Qin Wentian ignored this as he shifted his gaze over, glancing at Luo Qianqiu. The debt of humiliation you gave me back then, I will pay it all back to you today.

As the sound of his voice faded, the Astral Energy within his eight arterial pathways started to erupt. As they gathered on his ancient halberd, Qin Wentian decisively smashed forwards with it.

Luo Qianqiu did his utmost to defend, but he was a spent force. His defense crumbled almost instantly as his body was flung through the air. Blood sprayed about like a fountain before he slammed heavily below the platform.

The first time Luo Qianqiu met Qin Wentian, how insufferably arrogant he had been, forcing him to choose between two options handing over the blood ember fruits or death.

Today, their positions were reversed. Qin Wentian was the one glancing down disdainfully at him.

He won.

Countless people personally witnessed the scene, as their hearts trembled.

Qin Wentian ultimately defeated Luo Qianqiu, thereby obtaining the top ranking of the Jun Lin Banquet.

At this moment, that silhouette standing on the platform, how dazzling was he?

Champion of the Jun Lin Banquet! Mustang drew in a deep breath. He had initially thought that Qin Wentian would only be able to properly display his radiance a year from now. Who would have thought that he had truly defeated Luo Qianqiu today, snatching the position of champion from Luo Qianqius fingertips.

He had never felt this proud before. Being able to stand here on the first towering platform right now was something he earned with his own efforts.

Hes number one! Mo Qingchengs dainty fist were rightly clenched. She drove her fist up in the air, cheering for Qin Wentian

I knew long ago that you would be able to do it. Mu Rous eyes were filled with a gentle smile.

Qin Yao was so moved that tears could be seen flowing down her face. A year ago, he had been a trash unable to cultivate, but now, her brother was the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, his name resounding throughout the world!

Good fellow. Luo Huan and Mountain smiled as they glanced at each other.

Fatty Fan Le laughed so much that his eyes became squinted. He felt an exceptional pride; the one standing on the platform was none other than his brother.

You just became a millionaire. Immortal Drunken Wine laughed as he spoke to the young man standing beside him. That young man also appeared astonished; he had never expected that Qin Wentian would actually become the champion.

Naturally, there were also many others who were unhappy.

Janus and Qiu Mo had heavy expressions on their faces.

Those from the Ye and Ou Clan also had unsightly expressions on their countenances.

Murin and Gretchen froze, as though they could not believe what just happened.

Liu Yan felt an indescribable emotion welling up in her heard.

Bai Qingsong had a troubled look on his face. Ten thousands of what-ifs floated up in his mind.

As for Autumn Snow, she knew for sure that she belonged to a totally different world when compared to the youth currently standing on the platform.

As for Sikong Mingyu, Orchon and the rest, no one knew exactly what they were thinking at this moment.

The Jun Lin Banquet finally concluded after three days.

Qin Wentian was number one.

Who was second? Who was third? The rest were no longer important. People would only pay attention to the existence standing at the pinnacle.

The Jun Lin Banquet finally concluded, but has it really ended?

At the very least least, there were still some who havent reconciled with Qin Wentians victory and were full of malice and reluctance. Qin Wentian had not followed their instructions!
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