Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1490

Chapter 1490 Face Slap

Qin Wentian glanced at the vanishing silhouette of Hua Taixu as he let out a long sigh. Back then in the past, when the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor first appeared in his particle world, that was the first time he and Hua Taixu met a major character of the immortal realms. Regardless of Eastern Sage, Bai Wuya, the Deepflame Immortal King, the Myriad Manifestations Immortal King, all of them were incredibly lofty characters.

Right now, things had changed. Bai Wuya stepped into the immortal emperor realm, Deepflame was killed by Bai Wuya long ago. The Eastern Sage Immortal Sect had disintegrated while the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor submitted to Old Devil Duotian. And right now, the Myriad Manifestations Immortal King died in the City of Ancient Emperors. In a short few hundred years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields. Maybe, only time could be the witness to everything. In this cruel cultivation world, regardless of how imposing one might be, who could stand at the peak forever? When one decided to walk on this path, their fate was no longer determined by they themselves.

With a wave of his hand, Qin Wentian turned back into the Saber-Sword Immortal King. His eyes flashed with determination. In this cruel world, he had no way to control anything. The only solution was to keep growing stronger. He didn’t want the same tragedy to befall him or his loved ones.

Stepping out, Qin Wentian stared at the light from the dao element, as a thousand thoughts filled his heart.

After returning to the City of Ancient Emperors, the emperor’s fate he once accumulated, had all disappeared. This should also be part of the rules of the City of Ancient Emperors. Since you have already left, your emperor’s fate would be reset to zero. You have to start again.

The City of Ancient Emperors thirty years later was far more lively compared to the one before. Even in the desolate wildernesses, immortal kings could be found cultivating everywhere, each with different amounts of emperor’s fate. Thirty years might be a short period of time. However, to the people in the City of Ancient Emperors, it was an extremely long one as they had to contend against the others every day they spent in here.

Right now, the people who knew of him in the City of Ancient Emperors were already much fewer. When they saw the weak amounts of emperor’s fate behind Qin Wentian, all of them had cold expressions of disdain. Even for newcomers to the City of Ancient Emperors, they would at the very least have some amount of emperor’s fate. One must know that for those with strongest amounts of emperor’s fate, they could already absorb the light from the dao element and gain some insights.

Qin Wentian continued on his way, he could sense that the immortal kings here were extraordinary, all of them filled with determination, regardless of their ages. There were many who were ancient ruins and treasured lands to further improve their strength.

The nearer he got to the central area of the City of Ancient Emperors, the more immortal kings there were. The frequency of encountering experts with shocking amounts of emperor’s fate, was much higher. The dao element here has attracted numerous extraordinary characters and with the number of people increasing, there would naturally be combat. Many people fought for emperor’s fate, for treasures, for the sake of battle, for killing, for plunder.

Right now, everyone in the city already knew how important emperor’s fate is. Combat, receiving respect or fear or admiration, would all serve to increase the amount of emperor’s fate. When one’s emperor’s fate reached a shocking level, like those who stood at the peak of this city, everyone would know their names.

“The emperor’s fate there is so shockingly strong.” Qin Wentian turned his gaze to a direction. Over there, the emperor’s fate of a certain person had transformed into a beam of pure and unadulterated light that towered up into the sky. The emperor’s fate had transformed and was now seemingly like a divine beam. The radiance from the dao element created runes that infused themselves into the divine beam of light, allowing the person radiating the emperor’s fate to comprehend it. To think that when emperor’s fate reached such an extent, it would also have this effect. This was simply shocking.

Upon seeing this, Qin Wentian’s silhouette flashed as he sped off in a direction. Although the beam of light appeared near, it was actually very far away. The light originated from the peak of a remote mountain. Over there, a goddess-like figure could be seen. Her entire being had no flaws, perfect to the extreme. Her figure was extremely graceful and her skin extremely fair, there was the imprint of a plum blossom at the center of her forehead. That, in addition with the amount of emperor’s fate behind her, caused countless to want to worship her.

“It’s her?” Qin Wentian silently mused. He met this woman before, back then when he fought against the supreme crown prince. This woman was a supreme beauty from the nine-tailed demon fox race. She was also the one Xu Qingyao had termed vixen. Back then, she already had a shocking amount of emperor’s fate. But now, her amount of emperor’s fate had actually grown to such a terrifying extent. Her emperor’s fate was actually able to aid her in comprehending the inheritance of dao elements.

“BOOM!” At this moment, a thunderclap sounded out from afar, causing the entire space and earth to tremble. Many people turned their gazes over only to see a supreme greater demon that had a gigantic body of over ten thousand meters rampaging there. His size blotted out the sun and when he stepped down, everything beneath his foot was crushed into smithereens.

“RUMBLE~” That demon directly moved towards here, his eyes staring at the nine-tailed fox standing at the peak of the mountain.

Boundless golden light radiated from the greater demon, he stared coldly at the woman standing at the peak. “Amassing emperor’s fate by slaughtering the people of my race. How dare you. Demon fox, I want you to serve me forever.”

The woman didn’t bother about him, it was like she didn’t even know he appeared. She continued closing her eyes as she cultivated, ignoring everything else happening in the world.

In the surroundings, more and more experts came by to watch the drama.

“BOOM!” With an explosive bang, the golden evil demon slammed out his palm, instantly creating strands of golden light that formed a prison around the fox maiden as his palm imprint blasted towards her.

The fox maiden finally opened her eyes. A resplendent light gleamed within, her pure-looking eyes held no fear at all. The prison of golden light instantly crumbled as a gigantic eye appeared above her, capable of seeing through everything.

“RUMBLE” The terrifying rumbling sounds continued as the giant palm blasted forth. However, the speed of the attack seemed to slow before finally grinding to a halt. The body of the greater demon froze in place as well, resembling a statue. He had no way to move at all.

“Are you willing to be my slave, protecting me forever?” The fox maiden suddenly spoke, out of nowhere. That greater demon trembled, pushing with all his might. After a long time, he gave up and retracted his palm. His huge eyes shone with a demonic light before he eventually nodded, “I’m willing to.”

“Kneel down.” The voice of the fox maiden was exceedingly gentle and filled with charm. With a thunderous bang, that greater demon instantly knelt.

“If there are any who seeks to disturb my cultivation, kill them all without mercy.” That fox maiden calmly spoke.

“Yes.” That greater demon simply knelt there, incomparably respectful as it submitted to her completely.

“How powerful.” The hearts of everyone trembled when they stared at the goddess-like figure, feeling how invincible she was. With a single glance, that giant greater demon was controlled and submitted, kneeling on the ground.

“She grew so much more terrifying after obtaining the inheritance of a dao element.” Many experts felt a sense of helplessness in their hearts. Such a flawless and beautiful woman, even though she was a demon, many people here were all willing to take her as their wife. If they could have such a woman, they would have no regrets their entire life. However, the strength of the fox maiden made it so that none dared to show her any disrespect. Those who had disrespected her, were all already dead.

Another beautiful figure flew over, arriving at this location. When she saw the scene in the air, a helplessness appeared in her eyes. During these years, she always imagined the fox maiden to be her opponent, and wanted to surpass her. However, she discovered that there was no more hope. Not only in terms of beauty, the fox maiden also surpassed her in terms of strength.

“With just a single glance…If I fought against her, would I be able to withstand the might of that gaze?” Xu Qingyao mumbled. She herself was also a supreme beauty, but she knew she was a shade inferior when compared to the fox maiden.

Her beautiful eyes turned around, gazing at the experts in the surroundings. After that, her gaze froze as she stared at a person.

This man had completely vanished for thirty years, but the impression he gave her was just too deep. Even after thirty years, she still could recognize him with a single glance. It was none other than the Saber-Sword Immortal King.

Qin Wentian seemed to have sensed something. He turned his gaze over and saw a beautiful face looking at him. It was naturally none other than Xu Qingyao, the maiden whom he had abducted back then. What a coincidence.

“It has been so many years, is Fairy Qingyao still doing well?” Qin Wentian smiled when he saw that Xu Qingyao was still in a daze.

Staring at the playful smile on Qin Wentian’s face, Xu Qingyao gritted her teeth, glaring at him. When she saw that Qin Wentian’s emperor fate had completely vanished, she couldn’t help but to ask, “Back then, you actually managed to escape the City of Ancient Emperors. Now that you are back, are you planning to cleanse the humiliation of that defeat and avenge yourself?”

“Cleansing the humiliation?” A look of interest appeared in Qin Wentian’s eyes. However, he didn’t really feel that it was a humiliation although he had been defeated. In reality, none of those who witnessed the battle felt that it was a humiliation when Qin Wentian was defeated. If not, Qin Wentian’s emperor fate wouldn’t have kept increasing despite his defeat. He defeated Huang Jiutian at the mid-stage of the immortal king realm and immediately fought the supreme crown prince after that. If this was considered a humiliation, what does all the geniuses in the City of Ancient Emperors count for?

“Seems like after Fairy Qingyao’s cultivation base has improved, you have forgotten about the punishment I gave you those years ago.” A teasing look appeared in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Xu Qingyao glanced at him as she instantly recalled how this bastard had taken liberties with her. Her expression turned heavy, she initially didn’t have too much vengeful feeling towards Qin Wentian and was merely speaking her mind. To think that this bastard actually brought up the past matters.

Xu Qingyao’s cultivation had really improved. Today, thirty years from the past, she had broken through from the mid-stage to the peak-stage. From this, one could see how tough she had worked to improve her strength, tempering herself in the City of Ancient Emperors.

“Punishment?” Many immortal kings in the area turned to Qin Wentian. Someone was puzzled. Thirty years ago, many of them here now, hadn’t come to the City of Ancient Emperors yet. All of them didn’t know who the Saber-Sword Immortal King was.

There were also quite a few who saw the saber and sword strapped behind Qin Wentian and gradually recalled the major event that happened in the city thirty years ago. They couldn’t help but to have an expression of interest on their faces. He had actually returned.

“Fairy Qingyao, why don’t we talk romance and speak of love, flirting with each other under the moonlight once again for seven days and nights? This seat really missed the time we spent together back then.” Qin Wentian laughed when he saw Xu Qingyao gritting her teeth.

“It’s really him. The Saber-Sword Immortal King is back.” Someone spoke in a low voice.

“Saber-Sword Immortal King? Who is he?” There were some who weren’t familiar with this name.

Xu Qingyao’s beautiful eyes coldly stared at Qin Wentian. This bastard…he was still as brazen as ever, taking liberties with her using words.

“No matter who the hell you are, since you dared to speak to Fairy Qingyao like this, slap your own face right now.” When Xu Qingyao wanted to say something, an immortal king already walked out, standing before her, coldly staring at Qin Wentian while exuding arrogance. This scene caused those who knew of Qin Wentian’s identity to open their eyes wide. How interesting, this person wanted the Saber-Sword Immortal King to slap his own face?

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