Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564 The Empyreans Methods

Even the Evil Emperor was captured. They made an arrangement with the Jialan Monarch and was prepared to swap hostages but their plan clearly failed. The experts from the Lifire Palace interfered and captured them all.

“ROAR~” A low-sounding roar echoed from Evil Emperor’s mouth. His aura seemed extremely weak and his evil-looking eyes were bleeding. He was clearly heavily injured. When he saw Qin Wentian, he transmitted his voice over, “Leave now, quickly leave.”

When Qin Wentian heard this, he saw the peak-stage emperors spreading apart, encircling him. The Jialan Monarch stepped forward and icily spoke, “Release her.”

The ‘her’ in his words was naturally referring to the Molan Immortal Emperor. At this moment, the Molan Immortal Emperor was in a sorry state. Her aura was weak and she seemed that she could die at anytime. Her entire body reeked of death qi. In that battle earlier, although she wasn’t the Crow Emperor’s target, she was adversely affected too.

Qin Wentian turned his glance over, landing onto a person behind the Jialan Monarch. It was actually the Barbarian Emperor. The Barbarian Emperor wasn’t imprisoned at all. His countenance was cold as he stared at Qin Wentian with intense hatred.

“You betrayed the Thousand Feathers Palace?” Qin Wentian icily asked, staring at the Barbarian Emperor.

“Qin Wentian, a wise man submits to the circumstances. The Barbarian Emperor has redeemed himself for his past crimes. I naturally will seek the Empyrean’s guarantee to ensure that he doesn’t die.” A middle-aged immortal emperor standing behind the Jialan Monarch spoke. His cultivation base was very high, at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm and seemed imposing without being angry. He seemed to be one of the leaders in this current entourage.

“You all dare to accept a traitor who could betray his master?” Qin Wentian coldly glanced at the middle-aged emperor.

“Qin Wentian.” The voice of the Barbarian Emperor was extremely cold. “I didn’t betray Ye Qianyu. I served her for so long and even become a bandit for her. To think that in her heart, I couldn’t even be compared to you. How ridiculous is this? I’ve known her for so many years, yet she repeatedly berates me for the sake of you. And now, all I can say that her ending happened because of one reason. Because of you, not me.”

“You served her for so long and became a bandit for her?” Qin Wentian laughed mockingly. “Although I don’t know what you guys experienced before, but I’m sure that without Ye Qianyu’s father, the Night Empyrean, a person like you would have never been able to reach this level of cultivation today. You wouldn’t have your current position at the Thousand Feathers Palace as well. It must have truly been ‘tough’ on you. Barbarian Emperor, you can go to hell now.”

As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, his eyes suddenly turned demonic. The Barbarian Emperor only felt himself falling into a dimension created by Qin Wentian’s eye technique. He then howled loudly and retreated with explosive speed.

“Insolent!” That peak-stage immortal emperor angrily roared. He lifted his palm and blasted out as beams of terrifying emperor light manifested. However, it basically couldn’t stop Qin Wentian. The Barbarian Emperor screamed as he was trapped within the dimension as terror painted his face.

“You are not worthy of living.” Qin Wentian’s voice rang out in his mind. These were the last words he heard. After that, the Barbarian Emperor’s body was disintegrated by the radiance, turning into nothingness.

Qin Wentian was also forced back by the powerful beams. Wounds appeared all over his body but due to his undying and life law attributes, his wounds soon regenerated, causing the peak-stage immortal emperor to have a look of shock on his face.

With regards to the Barbarian Emperor’s death, he didn’t really give a damn about it. The Barbarian Emperor was just a traitor at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm. Since he died, so be it. It was good that Qin Wentian had cleaned things up.

“Qin Wentian, do you really want to die so badly?” That peak-stage immortal king coldly spoke.

“You want to kill me? Make your move then.” Just as coldly, Qin Wentian sneered. But at this moment, Beiming Youhuang who was by his side, stepped out again, blocking in front of Qin Wentian.

“Beiming.” That peak-stage immortal emperor glanced towards Beiming Youhuang.

Beiming Youhuang had a cold look on her face. She didn’t say anything and used her actions to express herself.

“Beiming Youhuang dares to go against our empyrean, let’s kill her together.” The killing intent of the Jialan Monarch was extremely intense. However, the Molan Immortal Emperor was still in Qin Wentian’s hands, he didn’t dare to act recklessly. Also, what happened earlier caused him to feel extreme pain. The hostages captured by the Evil Emperor, have all been annihilated.

Because, the Empyrean sent his men not to negotiate, but to directly attack, ignoring the life and death of the Jialan Monarch’s descendants.

To them, capturing the bandits were naturally the number one priority. All other things paled in comparison with it.

There was no need to mention how many casualties there were in his emperor palace. Right now, one could very well imagine how the Jialan Monarch was feeling. Right now, if he had enough strength, he would most probably kill his way to the Lifire Palace and rebel outright.

The empyrean actually borrowed the bandits and Qin Wentian as an excuse to wipe out all his forces. Although the empyrean was just doing things according to the situation, he was truly too ruthless. Although he knew that empyrean-level characters were all not simple individuals, he didn’t expect that he would be the one personally taste how merciless the Lifire Empyrean can be.

“Impudent.” The peak-stage immortal emperor coldly spoke. When the Jialan Monarch heard this, his eyes narrowed and gleamed with coldness. He was after all one of the nine monarchs. Although the peak-stage immortal emperor was a direct subordinate of the Lifire Empyrean, he shouldn’t rebut him so directly, right?

As expected, the Empyrean wanted to deal with him. If he knew about this then, he wouldn’t have fought for this position and wouldn’t have caused the situation which happened today.

“Beiming’s talent is extraordinary and our palace lord regards her heavily. Qin Wentian, although you are a bandit, our palace lord truly love talents, he might give you a path of survival, allowing you to work for him, using your achievements to atone for your crimes. What do you think about it?” The peak-stage immortal emperor calmly spoke. At this moment, the Jialan Monarch’s body shuddered in incomparable anger.

“Protector, what do you mean by this?” The voice of the Jialan Monarch turned somewhat sinister. The person beside him now was a protector of the Lifire Palace. He is someone that’s a direct subordinate of the Lifire Empyrean. His words, from a certain perspective, could say to represent the attitude of the Lifire Empyrean. If without the support of the empyrean, this protector would have never dare to make such a bold claim to recruit the bandits.

Qin Wentian was one of the bandits, the commotion they caused was extremely huge and they killed many subordinates of the Jialan Monarch, as well as harming his descendants. Right now, the Lifire Empyrean actually wanted to recruit Qin Wentian?

What a ridiculous scene this was. Right now, the Jialan Monarch only felt a cold chill in his heart. The Lifire Empyrean was far more venomous and ruthless than he had imagined.

Qin Wentian’s eyes gleamed sharply as he stared at the other party with some puzzlement. He didn’t expect that the other party would say such a thing. Even Beiming Youhuang, who was standing beside him, didn’t expect this. She stared with shock at this scene. The intentions of the Lifire Empyrean were so deep that it was terrifying.

However, given Qin Wentian’s personality, how could he possibly agree?

“Can you all release Ye Qianyu?” Qin Wentian suddenly asked. Beiming Youhuang’s beautiful eyes actually flashed with surprise before returning to normal. This does match with his personality. If it was to save Ye Qianyu, he should be willing to compromise.

However, that protector shook his head, “We still have our principles when doing things. Ye Qianyu is the leader of the bandit group, she naturally has to take responsibility for this. If not, even the Lifire Empyrean wouldn’t be able to account for it if this matter blows up and the Lifelong Realmlord learned about it. But you guys are different, you guys were beguiled by the bandit leader and as long as you all are willing to turn over a new leaf, there’s a high chance that our palace lord would give you all a chance.”

This didn’t merely include Qin Wentian, it also included the Evil Emperor and the others. The words spoken caused the eyes of the people in the prison to flicker with light.

What did the protector mean by this exactly?

“Beiming, you are acquainted with Qin Wentian. Why don’t you persuade him? If he misses out on this chance, there’s only a path of death for him. This choice should be easy to make, right?” That immortal emperor glanced at Beiming Youhuang.

“Qin Wentian.” Beiming Youhuang’s beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian. Right now, a hint of gentleness could be seen in her eyes. Although she didn’t say anything, her gaze had already conveyed the message she wanted to tell him. She naturally didn’t want Qin Wentian to die.

“If you want revenge, you can take revenge after you grow stronger. Right now, why don’t you compromise first?” Beiming Youhuang transmitted her voice.

Qin Wentian’s aura was still extremely cold. He didn’t say anything. As for the Jialan Monarch who was not far away, he was already on the verge of going crazy. These people from the Lifire Palace were clearly smacking his face in public, one slap after another. So many deaths could be accounted for with just a single sentence? The Lifire Palace wanted to recruit Qin Wentian?

The lines of his face kept contorting. He resisted the impulse and was in a terrible mood.

“Qin Wentian, you were impulsive for me once and it led to such an ending. Is this still not enough? If you act impulsively again now, not only would you die, the people of the Thousand Feathers Palace will die, I will die with you as well. Do you really think I can stand by the side and watch neutrally? Do you want so many people to die alongside with you?” Beiming Youhuang walked in front of Qin Wentian, her beautiful eyes staring at him as she transmitted her voice, trying to persuade him.

Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. Did he have to compromise?

He clenched his fist, staring at that immortal emperor as he asked, “What about Ye Qianyu? How do you all plan to deal with her?”

“I don’t have the authority to ‘deal’ with her. We will have to see what is the intention of palace lord, the Lifire Empyrean. However, if you are willing to subordinate yourself to him, you can beg for mercy on her behalf. Palace lord is a benevolent man and will most probably give her a path of survival, although it would be impossible for him to free her. She caused too great a commotion here and is still the daughter of the previously notorious Night Empyrean.” The protector of the Lifire Palace replied.

“The Night Empyrean’s daughter and the Night Empyrean’s subordinates. What does the Lifire Empyrean want to do exactly? Why would he dare to use them?” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed. If he could guarantee Ye Qianyu’s life, that would mean there would still be hope in the future.

“I’ve been in the Lifire Palace for some years. The Lifire Empyrean is a very deep individual. He most probably would spare Ye Qianyu and use her to control all of you. He wants to use you, not only merely for the talent you displayed. From what I know, there’s a high chance he wished to use you and the bandit troops to move against the Jialan Monarch’s background. He wants all of you to become his chess pieces.” Beiming Youhuang transmitted her voice to him. In order to persuade him, she spoke much more than usual today.

“Lifire Empyrean.” Qin Wentian naturally already guessed at the other party’s intentions. He couldn’t help but to feel some awe in his heart. The Lifire Empyrean clearly wasn’t worried that they would harbor hatred for him. His schemes ran extremely deep and he was exceptionally confident in himself.

“I agree.” Qin Wentian spoke. He eventually still lowered his head. There was no way out of it, he had to learn how to compromise.

After all, this place is the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms!

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