Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 Lifelong Saint Hall

Lifelong City grew more and more lively. As the date of the grand banquet approached, Qin Wentian’s domineering defeat of Xiao Yu also gradually become dull with time. Many people started discussing about the soon-to-happen grand banquet and which characters would rise to prominence there.

Naturally, there were also many who guessed that the mysterious challenger who defeated Xiao Yu would appear again in the grand banquet. After all, his reason for challenging Xiao Yu was clearly to rise to fame and attract the Lifelong Saint Hall’s attention. If he was good enough, even the Realmlord might pay attention to him.

Xiao Yu was after all a genius that had been praised by the Realmlord before. What glory was this? But now, since he was defeated by someone, the Realmlord might have also heard of this matter.

The date of the banquet finally arrived. In the location of the Jialan Clan where the Jialan Yuntian’s branch members were residing, Jialan Yuntian had a look of shock as he stared at the masked young man before him. “Grandmaster Di Tian, why have you came back here from Lifire City?”

“Several days ago, I had an urgent matter to settle hence I rushed back to Lifire City. However, the expenses to come back here again was too high, I could only head to the Jialan Clan there and trouble them to activate the teleportation array for me. I, Di, am truly filled with endless gratitude for your help.” Di Tian smiled. How could Jialan Yuntian know that this Di Tian who appeared before and after, were completely different? The first time was Qin Wentian, but now, it was the real Di Tian.

“When did you become so polite? Previously, someone was extremely dishonest.” Jialan Qiuyue who was at the side of Jialan Yuntian, smiled brightly. Her eyes, that were staring at Di Tian, gleamed with a different light.

Di Tian had an awkward look on his face. Earlier, he did tease Jialan Qiuyue and the aftereffects were clear and easy to see. Right now, this Jialan Qiuyue felt no wariness towards him at all. Most probably, she would soon treat him like her man.

“Fairy Qiuyue, previously I truly couldn’t stand that group of people. That is the reason why I said and did those things and might have offended you. Please forgive me.” Di Tian smiled.

“Hmph, that would have to depend on Grandmaster Di Tian’s future performance.” Jialan Qiuyue smiled. She, who was normally dignified and elegant, actually had such a radiant smile on her face now, truly mesmerizing to the extreme. Her beautiful eyes stared at Di Tian as she silently mused at how this fellow was acting now. Di Tian had been extremely daring during their interactions before this.

Jialan Yuntian had a meaningful smile on his face when he heard the conversation between the two of them. He regarded Di Tian extremely highly. This weaponsmithing genius wasn’t just simply outstanding. Now, they might have obtained his friendship but friendship cannot be considered solid and would disintegrate once some special situations occurred. But if Di Tian was together with Jialan Qiuyue, things would be different then.

The crucial thing was that Jialan Qiuyue herself seemed to be fond of Di Tian. That, in addition to Di Tian’s weaponsmithing capabilities as well as the strength he displayed when he faced that attack launched by an expert of the Sword Spirit Sect, Jialan Yuntian felt that Di Tian was truly extraordinary. If the two youngsters really got together, Jialan Yuntian was definitely supportive of it.

“Let’s go. Grandmaster Di Tian must be here for the grand banquet. Let us move out then.” Jialan Yuntian spoke.

“Grandpa, will we head there alone?” Jialan Qiuyue asked.

“We will head there together with your second grandpa. Although there are some conflicts between us, our Jialan Clan still has to show an united front to the outside and there can be no signs of falling apart. If not, given the huge number of peak powers in Lifelong City, how can our Jialan Clan continue to exert dominance and develop here? If your second grandpa really reached a certain height, even if he wants the position of clan leader, I’ll give it to him with no conditions.” Jialan Yuntian spoke, his words filled with spirit.

Jialan Qiuyue wanted to say something but didn’t say anything. She merely nodded her head lightly. After that, Jialan Yuntian gathered their people and met with Jialan Yunhai’s group.

Upon seeing the appearance of Di Tian, Jialan Skywolf’s expression immediately turned extremely ugly. Before this, it was him who kept mocking Di Tian, wanting to make things difficult for him. However, later on, the divine weapon that Qin Wentian took out caused the people of Xuanyuan Clan to be stunned. All of them started to treat him very politely. The soul attack of an expert from the Sword Spirit Sect also could do nothing to him and was almost blinded himself.

“Grandmaster Di Tian.” Jialan Yunhai walked over and nodded to him. “In the past, my grandson might have offended you, please do not take that matter to heart.”

As he spoke, he beckoned to Jialan Skywolf, “Hurry and come over to apologize to Grandmaster Di.”

Jialan Skywolf paled, he glanced at his grandfather only to see the strict look on Jialan Yunhai’s face. He then walked towards Di Tian and spoke, “Grandmaster Di, please forgive me for my ignorance in the past.”

Di Tian had a calm look on his face. This Jialan Yunhai was truly not an ordinary character. He then glanced at Jialan Skywolf and calmly spoke, “Don’t worry about it. It’s just that the Jialan Clan is a peak power and I, Di, have always been very respectful in my manner and words. I just couldn’t help but feel some disappointment at what I saw that day.”

“Although our Jialan Clan has some status, there are simply too many peak powers here in Lifelong City. In order to ensure that we don’t decline, we have no choice but do so some things like that.” Jialan Yunhai laughed. “But then again, if I knew Qiuyue was already engaged, I wouldn’t have tried to act smart to organize those blind dates at the welcoming banquet, hoping for her to meet someone she fancies.”

Although Jialan Qiuyue felt no good will towards Jialan Yunhai, she couldn’t help but blush when she heard these words. Clearly, the incident back then caused Jialan Yunhai and the others to misunderstand. She stealthily shot a glance at Di Tian as shyness was apparent in her eyes, extremely soul-stirring.

When Di Tian saw this scene, how could he not understand that everything was just a misunderstanding? But since Jialan Yuntian and his group didn’t explain, it wasn’t suitable for him to say anything. Hence, he merely smiled as he nodded.

“Big brother, let us set off.” Jialan Yunhai spoke to Jialan Yuntian. Many experts of the Jialan Clan were already gathered here. All of them then soared into the air and flew in the direction of the Lifelong Saint Hall.

In the air, more and more experts appeared. The majority of people were heading towards the same direction, to the core of Lifelong City – the Lifelong Saint Hall.

“As expected of a once-per-hundred year grand banquet, I wonder how many heroes would appear this time around.” Jialan Qiuyue mused. There were always some young immortal emperors who had supreme combat prowess that would appear in the grand banquet, all of them were extremely terrifying.

“That’s right, given how vast the Lifelong Realm is, the experts within are as common as clouds. Even for the number one governor of the northern city regions Xiao Yu, he is definitely an extraordinary heaven-defying genius. In the past, he was even praised by the Realmlord but recently, I heard that he was defeated by a mid-stage immortal emperor. This caused a huge commotion throughout the northern city regions. I think that mysterious challenger might show up at the grand banquet today.” Jialan Yunhai spoke.

“Although we have no idea who that person was, he is definitely one of the young heroes here. Qiuyue, his cultivation base is the same as you at the mid-stage, you have to work hard in cultivation.” Jialan Yuntian spoke to his granddaughter with a hint of anticipation in his tone. Although Jialan Qiuyue’s talent was good, there was still a distance between her and Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was a famous character in Lifelong City, but even for someone like him who was praised by the Realmlord, he was defeated by a mid-stage emperor who jumped levels to crush him. From this, one could see how many true geniuses Lifelong City has.

“Mhm.” Jialan Qiuyue seriously nodded. She has also heard of that battle. The mysterious challenger who defeated Xiao Yu was now extremely popular, with his story being circulated everywhere. She glanced at Di Tian beside her and laughed, “Di Tian, that mysterious challenger also has the same level of cultivation as you. It’s also rumored that he is extremely handsome. What do you think of him?”

“Eh” Di Tian didn’t know how should he reply. Should he praise himself or disparage himself?

Yet Jialan Qiuyue thought Di Tian was too embarrassed and didn’t know how to reply. She couldn’t help but to laugh softly.

The Lifelong Saint Hall was the place that controls the Lifelong Realm. It was a towering building that resembled an ancient and majestic city.

There were flights of stairs leading up to it that were about ten thousand meters in height outside. The statue of the Lifelong Realmlord could be seen outside as countless people paid their respects. Occasionally, there would even be people prostrating themselves, as though the statue of the Realmlord was a statue of their god.

As the lord of a realm, the Lifelong Realmlord naturally possessed supreme authority in the Lifelong Realm. He was unrivalled here and was the target of reverence for countless people. In this strength-oriented world, the Lifelong Realmlord was like a god in the realm he controlled.

Today, below the stairways of the Lifelong Saint Hall, countless people gathered there. No one stood in the air, those who flew here had already descended before they arrived and walked on the ground. They could only incline their heads to stare at the Realmlord’s statue, this was a mark of respect to the Realmlord.

Outside the Lifelong Saint Hall, ten tall platforms could be seen. The nine platforms were each located facing the nine directions, and they were roughly about 9,000 meters in height. Above each of the platforms, a treasured throne could be seen. These seats were naturally for the nine world palace lords, it was to show others their esteemed statuses.

In the center, there was another separate platform that was extremely large. This platform could easily accommodate tens of thousands of people, it even resembled a training ground.

Right now, it was unknown how many experts were gathered below the ten platforms. Their eyes were filled with heat as they stared into the distance. Today, they would truly have the chance to see some peak characters in their Lifelong Realm. All those hegemons that governed the territories on behalf of the Lifelong Realmlord, would all gather here today.

The people of the Jialan Clan also arrived. They stood below with the crowd. Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flickered with light as she spoke in a low voice, “Did they recently construct these ten towering platforms?”

“Naturally, these ten platforms don’t exist usually and would only be constructed once every hundred years. However, to supreme experts, it isn’t a difficult task to construct them.” Jialan Yuntian spoke. Di Tian’s eyes gleamed when he heard that, marveling at the amount of effort. However, he knew Jialan Yuntian was right. For some people who have unique law attributes, it wouldn’t be a difficult task for them to construct such a towering platform. It was evident that the Lifelong Saint Hall has no lack of such people.

“The people of the Xuanyuan Clan have arrived too.” Jialan Yunhai spoke. In a certain direction, many experts from the Xuanyuan Clan could be seen. They were crowding around an imposing figure, and even the Xuanyuan Hao whom Qin Wentian met in the Jialan Clan before, was present as well. However, today, Xuanyuan Hao was just a character by the side. That person being surrounded by many, was none other than the Xuanyuan Empyrean, the world palace lord of the Xuanyuan Palace, one of the nine subordinates directly under the Lifelong Realmlord.

When he arrived, he swept his gaze through the crowd. A slight disdain flickered in his eyes. After that, he turned his attention to the Lifelong Realmlord statue and bowed. As one of the nine world palace lords, he still acted in a very sincere manner, like he was paying respect to a god.

For the world palace lords and the Realmlord, although only a step separates them, the distance of that step was incomparably vast. Only people on their level would understand how vast the distance between an Empyrean and a World Overlord was!

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