Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614 The Nine World Palace Lords

Other than experts from the Xuanyuan Clan around the Xuanyuan Palace Lord, there were also many leaders of major powers. They came here together with the Xuanyuan Empyrean and when they saw him bowing to the Realmlord’s statue, all of them did the same as well. A pious devotedness could be seen in everyone’s eyes. At the very least, it was so on the surface.

At this moment, a person walked down step by step. He actually walked down the flight of stairs. He held his head high with his chest out and exuded an aura of arrogance. This was a young man that had an extraordinary demeanor. He had his hands behind his back and looked calm and composed. As he faced the crowd below, pride could clearly be seen on his face as he walked down the stairs step by step.

“Skyair Empyrean.” Beside Di Tian, Jialan Yuntian spoke. “This man is a personal disciple of the Realmlord and is extremely outstanding. He was sent to take charge of the Skyair Palace, one of the nine world palaces.”

Di Tian silently nodded. No wonder this man had such spirit. After the Skyair Empyrean descended, there were instantly many experts who rushed forward. Clearly, these people were all from the Skyair World Palace and the major powers in his territory. All of them were extremely arrogant, like they were basking in glory. Their Palace Lord was a personal disciple of the Lifelong Realmlord after all. He was doted upon by the Realmlord and was naturally different from the rest.

“Xuanyuan, you are here so early.” The Skyair Empyrean nodded to the Xuanyuan Empyrean.

“You are early too.” The Xuanyuan Empyrean smiled and nodded.

From afar, the sound of sonic booms rang out. A group of people were flying over with great speed. Many people instantly moved to the side, and after that, two groups of experts from the crowd joined together as they went up to welcome them. Although these two groups of people looked different, their auras were similar and all of them radiated an intense battle will, like they were born battle fanatics.

“Gemini Empyrean.” Jialan Yunhai spoke. “The Gemini Palace always has two people in charge of it. The two standing in the lead are both the Gemini Palace Lords.”

“It’s rumored that the Gemini Palace Lords are the disciples of that person. I wonder if this is true?” Jialan Yuntian asked in a low voice.

“According to father’s understanding, it should be true.” Jialan Yunhai replied. Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed, who was ‘that’ person?

Jialan Yunhai saw the puzzled look on Di Tian’s face, he continued to explain, “In the Lifelong Realm, there is still one other World Overlord existence. Although he didn’t establish any power and prefers roaming the world, there’s no need to doubt his tyrannical strength. It’s said that that person is a good friend of our Lifelong Realmlord. As for the exact relationship between them, no one is really clear about it. However, it’s rumored that two of his disciples were stationed by the Lifelong Realmlord in one of the nine world palaces. The Gemini Palace Lords are none other than the rumored disciples of that man.”

Di Tian nodded, yet another World Overlord existence.

“The Saddledragon Empyrean is here.” Another group of extraordinary characters appeared. They were all riding on demonic dragons and caused a huge commotion wherever they passed by. The crowd hurriedly stepped to the side and opened up a path for them. The person in the lead was clad in armor, he was naturally none other than the Saddledragon Empyrean. When he arrived, he glanced at the other palace lords and nodded to them.

“The Saddledragon Palace is the same as the Xuanyuan Palace, their ancestors fought together with the Lifelong Realmlord before this realm was established. The current palace lord is a descendent of the Lifelong Realmlord’s close friend.” For each empyrean that appeared, Jialan Yunhai would briefly introduce them. Although his actions seemed casual, it seemed like he was intentionally introducing them to Di Tian.

“There’s one more world palace, the Scarlet Origin Palace. These three world palaces were established the moment the Realmlord gained control of this realm. However now, the palace lords of the Xuanyuan and Saddledragon Palaces are descendents of the Realmlord’s old friends, but it’s different for the Scarlet Origin Palace. Back then, the first-generation palace lord who was a friend who fought together with the Realmlord, he committed a grave mistake and angered the Realmlord. The Realmlord crippled him but didn’t exterminate his clan due to old sentiments. He even allowed the Scarlet Origin Palace to retain its name. If not, maybe there wouldn’t be a Scarlet Origin Palace now.”

Jialan Yunhai continued to speak, and as he spoke, his gaze turned to another group of people who just arrived. “Speak of the devil, the Scarlet Origin Palace’s people just arrived.”

“The Lifire Empyrean is here too.” Jialan Yunhai laughed. Di Tian turned his gaze to a certain direction and saw the Lifire Empyrean leading the experts under him over. The Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong, Governor Xia Hou, Lin Ba, Beauty Xiao, Yin Qiu, Protector Chen and the other protectors were here too. Not only so, the Jialan Monarch and the eight other monarchs under the Lifire Empyrean was among the group too. Out of all of them, only Qin Wentian was missing.

Clearly, the Lifire Empyrean felt some wariness towards Qin Wentian. This was especially so given the fact that Ye Qianyu was suddenly moved away. It was impossible for him to allow Qin Wentian to gain any limelight and appear in the Lifelong Realmlord’s vision. After all, he was very clear on how high Qin Wentian’s talent was. If it wasn’t for Qin Wentian being capable enough, he wouldn’t have used him to suppress the Jialan Clan in the northern city regions of Lifire City.

“The foundation of the Lifire Palace is considered one of the weakest ones out of the nine world palaces. Other than the Lifire Palace, there’s still the Kanwater Palace and Gengmetal Palace. These three palaces are located in the same general region and are neighbors, they had the weakest foundations out of all the nine world palaces. The Xuanyuan, Saddledragon and Scarlet Origin Palaces have the deepest foundations. For the last three world palaces, the Gemini Palace has a World Overlord behind them, the Skyair Empyrean is the personal disciple of the Realmlord and the last palace, the Desolate Heaven Palace, is the strongest out of all nine world palaces.”

Di Tian silently nodded, memorizing these facts. As time passed, this place grew more and more lively as more experts appeared.

The Desolate Heaven World Palace has also arrived.

The Desolate Heaven Empyrean was extremely imposing, he stood there, exuding an air of dominating the heavens and earth. He was in the center of all the empyreans. The other empyreans present were all extremely polite to him, including the Skyair Empyrean who was a personal disciple of the Realmlord. It felt like the Desolate Heaven Empyrean was the leader of the nine. From this, one could tell how strong his palace was.

“Doesn’t the Desolate Heaven Empyrean have any powerful backgrounds?” Di Tian curiously asked.

“It’s precisely because he has no background that he is so terrifying. From the beginning till now, he depended on his own power to climb up. Even the Realmlord respects him and once, wished to accept him as a personal disciple. However, the Desolate Heaven Empyrean rejected. Although he was very respectful and revered the Realmlord, their cultivation paths were different. He had his own path to walk and will use his own strength to climb up to the peak, reaching the World Overlord level.” Jialan Yunhai spoke.

“But he rejected the Realmlord, is he not afraid that the Realmlord would be displeased?” Di Tian asked. This Desolate Heaven Palace Lord was truly tyrannical, even if the Lifelong Realmlord’s cultivation path was different from him, it was still a good idea to become his disciple and receive the occasional pointers from the Realmlord to aid him. Not only that, his status would definitely shoot up once he agreed to become a personal disciple of the Realmlord. But even with all these benefits, he still steadfastly chose to reject.

“The Realmlord controls countless territories, how can his heart be so narrow? The Desolate Heaven Palace Lord was someone that he admired a lot and was his subordinate as well. Even if he rejected becoming a disciple, there’s nothing to it. I heard that the Realmlord even laughed in approval when he heard the words spoken by the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord.”

“Mhm.” Di Tian nodded lightly. After that, the world palace lords led their people to their respective places as they waited quietly.

Finally, right ahead in the direction of the Lifelong Saint Hall, more and more people appeared. Two women stood at the forefront, not only were their cultivation bases extremely strong, their beauty was also exceptional.

“How beautiful.” Beside Di Tian, Jialan Qiuyue couldn’t help but praise them. As one of the peak-level beauties of Lifire City, there was no need to doubt Jialan Qiuyue’s beauty. But when she saw these two women, she couldn’t help but to feel stunned. Their auras were transcendent and exuded a feeling of nobility.

“They are the Realmlord’s women. They naturally would have to be beautiful.” Jialan Yuntian laughed.

“We pay our respects to the two fairies.” The nine world palace lords greeted. Other than the Desolate Heaven Empyrean who just slightly nodded his head, the other palace lords all bowed to show their respects. Even the Skyair Empyrean was bowing.

Di Tian was stunned when he saw this scene. What sort of character were the palace lords? They all had esteemed statuses and ruled over everyone save for the Lifelong Realmlord. However, they had to bow to these two women? What glory was this? Di Tian naturally understood that it wasn’t because these two women had a high cultivation base or they were exceptional beauties. It was because they are simply the women of the Lifelong Realmlord.

Beside him, Jialan Qiuyue took note of Di Tian’s expression as she smiled, “What’s up with you?”

Di Tian glanced at her, his sharp eyes gleamed with light as he laughed, “I’m thinking that in the future, my woman must definitely become someone like the two of them. Lofty and high up, receiving respect from the multitude of my subjects.”

Jialan Qiuyue stared at his bright eyes as she felt her heart tremble. She actually involuntarily felt a sense of nervousness. But she saw Di Tian shifting his gaze away from her which caused her to feel some disappointment.

That sentence, who was he speaking it to? Was it to her?

Jialan Qiuyue actually felt somewhat distracted. It was very difficult to imagine that someone like her would feel this way just because of a single sentence from an outsider.

“Father has arrived.” Just at this moment, Jialan Yuntian spoke. After that, Jialan Qiuyue recovered from her gaze and stared in the direction of the ten thousand meter tall platform in the center. Many peak-level experts in Lifelong City were all moving towards there, but none of them dared to ascend to the platform. They were all looking for their own seats on the steps of stairs that led upwards to the platform.

And among them, the true spiritual character of the Jialan Clan was there. He was the strongest expert in the Jialan Clan.

“Let us go over there as well.” Jialan Yunhai spoke. As a peak power in Lifelong City, they did have the qualifications to sit on the steps of the stairway. For the major powers that came here following their respective palace lords, they each would find seats on the stairways leading up to the nine other tower platforms built for the palace lords.

As for ordinary people, they could only gaze upwards from below.

“Di Tian, shall we go together?” Jialan Yuntian glanced at Di Tian and asked.

“Sure.” Di Tian nodded. Upon seeing this scene, Jialan Yuntian smiled. One must know that the Lifire Empyrean would be here as well. If Di Tian went together with them, the meaning behind it was extremely clear.

Many people started to climb the stairs, all of them were experts from the various major powers. The palace lords also headed to their respective platforms and sat on the thrones prepared, it was truly an extremely imposing sight.

Di Tian followed the Jialan Clan and they were seated at the highest point, just on the steps below the towering central platform, seemingly on par with the nine other towering platforms. Only people from the truly supreme peak powers of the Lifelong Realm were able to be seated here!

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