Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669 Undetermined Status

After Qin Wentian’s official ascension, the atmosphere in the Lifire Palace grew exceptionally lively as many outstanding heroes among the crowd partied.

The peak powers of Lifire City were all present and the people they sent were all their most important characters. Regardless what attitude they had towards Qin Wentian before, now that Qin Wentian was the Lifire Palace Lord, all the grudges and hatred they felt before had completely vanished into thin air. Right now, their only attitude towards him was respect.

What sort of power was the Jialan Clan? They were the strongest of the peak powers with the empyrean-level Jialan Jiangshan at their helm. Jialan Jiangshan had even contended for the position of the Lifire Palace Lord, but since he had failed, even though they were used by Di Tian, they were also willing to come here to pay their respects. Despite the additional fact that Qin Wentian had the highest suspicion of being the Jialan Monarch’s killer. There was no need to mention about the other powers.

So what if the Jialan Monarch was really killed by Qin Wentian. That page has already been turned. Nobody would pursue that any longer.

The atmosphere in Lifire City was similarly extremely lively. There was only a single topic of discussion, about the legendary character of Lifire City, Qin Wentian, and how he rose up. They would occasionally glance in the direction of the Lifire Palace and stare at the majestic ancient great hall located at the peak. By making trouble now, that was undoubtedly challenging the prestige of the new palace lord and was undoubtedly a behavior that courted death. Don’t forget that this new palace lord was even stronger and more terrifying that the previous Lifire Empyrean. Qin Wentian was a living legend.

Banquet tables were placed everywhere in the Lifire Palace. However, both Qin Wentian and Ye Qianyu had vanished. They held hands together and left the place earlier, handing everything over to Di Tian to settle. Everyone naturally didn’t know that Di Tian was none other than Qin Wentian himself. There was no difference no matter which of them remained here.

Many people came over and toasted Di Tian. Although the person sitting on the Lifire Palace Lord’s throne in the end was Qin Wentian, not a single person in Lifire City dared to underestimate how terrifying Di Tian could be. They didn’t forget that the final confrontation with the Lifire Empyrean back then was a scheme planned by him. He was the mastermind behind everything, pulling the previous palace lord down from his throne.

The Jialan Clan was used by him. Right now, the influence and power the Emperor Pavilion had in Lifire City, had already surpassed the Jialan Clan. With Di Tian in the vice palace lord’s position, there was no doubt that the Emperor Pavilion would only grow even stronger in the future.

Also, in the future, Di Tian’s position would definitely be a main palace lord of a world palace. Given his strength, his talent and his intelligence, there was no doubt about that.

Now that Di Tian gained glory, the Mo Clan received the most benefits other than the Emperor Pavilion. They were the only clan who supported the Emperor Pavilion right from the start. Mo Fei, a Mo Clan’s elder as well as their young miss Mo Junyi, held important positions in the Emperor Pavilion, helping Di Tian to manage it. As the Emperor Pavilion grew stronger, the Mo Clan naturally did so as well. Right now, they were completely different from the past. Currently, the Mo Clan’s members were seated at the same table with Di Tian, all of them filled with respect towards him. After all, Di Tian’s identity was already different. Just based on the fact that he has broken through to the Empyrean Realm, it was already enough to warrant the admiration of others.

Mo Ting no longer mentioned anything about his daughter Mo Junyi’s relationship with Di Tian. If in the past, it was doing Mo Junyi’s status an injustice by sending her to work in the Emperor Pavilion, then right now from a certain perspective, Mo Junyi was already no longer worthy of Di Tian. Even Jialan Qiuyue of the Jialan Clan had been made use of so ruthlessly. Mo Ting naturally wouldn’t act as casual as he did before.

If Di Tian himself wanted it, Mo Junyi would be his woman. But if Di Tian didn’t bring this up, the Mo Clan wouldn’t dare to mention about the kindness they had shown him in the past by supporting him and wanting Di Tian to reciprocate it.

At this moment, a beautiful figure walked towards Di Tian. Jialan Qiuyue wore a sky-blue dress today and was extremely pretty. Her beautiful eyes stared at Di Tian and smiled, “Vice Palace Lord Di, can I speak a few words in private with you?”

“Qiuyue.” Di Tian greeted, staring at Jialan Qiuyue before him.

“Qiuyue, come back now!” Not faraway, Jialan Qiuyue’s father Jialan Chen, shouted. However Jialan Qiuyue didn’t seem to have heard it. She continued looking at Di Tian.

“Sure.” Di Tian stood up and brought Jialan Qiuyue to a private pavilion. This place was very quiet. When inside, one could see the magnificent scenery of Lifire City displayed before them. Because this pavilion was built at a very high location and there was nothing obstructing its view. The gentle wind that breezed through, also caused Jialan Qiuyue’s hair and skirt to flutter.

“Vice Palace Lord Di, Grandmaster Di Tian. How should I address you?” Jialan Qiuyue was still smiling. However, a look of bitter sorrow could be seen in her eyes. Di Tian could already hear her feelings from her tone.

“Qiuyue, there’s no need for you to be so polite with me. You can just call me Di Tian like you did in the past.” Di Tian bitterly smiled. If he had hatred towards the Jialan Clan in the past, there didn’t exist any now after the Jialan Monarch was dead and Ye Qianyu was freed. In addition to the fact that he had indeed made use of the Jialan Clan and Jialan Qiuyue, he no longer felt any hatred. In fact, he actually felt some guilt when facing Jialan Qiuyue,

Because, he knew that this young miss of the Jialan Clan, who had the highest talent among her clan members, had truly fallen in love with him.

“Sure.” Jialan Qiuyue smiled. All of a sudden, her hand snaked out, moving towards his face, wanting to remove his mask.

Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed as a terrifying light erupted forth from his eyes. An immensely powerful pressure bore down, forcing Jialan Qiuyue backwards. Di Tian coldly spoke, “Qiuyue, what are you doing?”

Jialan Qiuyue stared at him and smiled, “I just want to see through you. I want to see clearly what sort of face is hidden under that mask of yours, as well as what sort of heart do you have.”

Di Tian stared at Jialan Qiuyue with shock only to see that her beautiful eyes that had a smile in them, was suddenly wet with tears. All her pain and agony were completely revealed at this moment.

“Qiuyue, don’t blame me. Back then when the Jialan Clan forced me to side with them, didn’t they also used underhanded methods? What is the difference between that and what I did?” Di Tian stared at her as he spoke.

“Is that really the same?” Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes stared fixedly at Di Tian as her tears flowed down continuously. Her smile had completely vanished, leaving behind only sorrow.

“Back then when the Jialan Clan dealt with you, they did so by openly oppressing you. What about you? You used your friendship with the Jialan Clan, making my clan aid you so much. I treated you wholeheartedly and even wanted to become your woman. Not only did you not give a reply, how did you treat me and my clan? Deceit, manipulation, exploitation… Everything are lies!”

Jialan Qiuyue sobbed. “During these years, you kept avoiding me. Even if you directly rejected me or acted against my clan, I would have accepted that. But, why must you continue to lie?”

“If you feel hatred due to the things the Jialan Clan did to you in the past, you can just kill me, I’ll accept it. You can do it now.”

Di Tian stared at the pitiful appearance of Jialan Qiuyue as the sense of guilt in his heart intensified. He shook his head, “There’s no need to say anything more. I have my reason to do so. In the future, my grudge with the Jialan Clan will be wiped clean. If the Jialan Clan so wishes to, we can still be friends.”

“Reason? Tell me your reason then.” Jialan Qiuyue’s eyes flashed with a hint of stubbornness, staring at Di Tian determinedly. She had fallen too deeply, the emotions she had for him for these tens of years were all real. As long as Di Tian was willing, she would have long become his woman. However, everything she thought she had, completely toppled in the span of one day. What did these tens of years count for?

At this moment, she only wanted an answer. She truly hoped that Di Tian had a solid-clad unexplainable reason for doing this to her. Only then would she be able to feel better.

“This involves a personal secret of mine, I cannot tell you the truth. Qiuyue, you just have to understand that I have never intended to harm you.” Di Tian sighed.

“I can protect that secret for you.” Jialan Qiuyue continued staring at Di Tian.

Di Tian shook his head, the implications of this matter was far too great. Even if he trusted Jialan Qiuyue, who could guarantee that Jialan Qiuyue wouldn’t accidentally reveal his secret to her clan? The moment she did so, things would be extremely disadvantageous for him.

Only to see Jialan Qiuyue taking out a dagger that radiated a fearsome sharpness. She placed the dagger on her throat and sliced through the thin skin, causing blood to flow.

“What are you doing?” Di Tian shouted.

“Although my clan didn’t really punish me, there’s no doubt that I’m a sinner of the clan. Also, given that I was made use by you for so many years, my heart is already akin to dead ashes. If I cannot get an answer, I’d rather choose death.” Jialan Qiuyue sobbed, slicing the dagger deeper into her skin as her fresh blood dripped onto her sky-blue dress, dying it a vibrant shocking red.

Di Tian froze, he had never expected Jialan Qiuyue to actually be so unyielding and stubborn.

“If I die after that, your secret would still remain a secret. Can you let me die fulfilled? I just want to understand.” Jialan Qiuyue sobbed.

Di Tian waved his hand, causing a powerful wave of sealing might to gushed forth, sealing the space around them. He sighed and spoke to Jialan Qiuyue, “Do you know why Qin Wentian hated the Jialan Monarch so much?”

“There’s a grudge between the Jialan Monarch and Qin Wentian, I know everything there is to know about their grudge from the beginning till the end. He does have a reason to hate my uncle and the Jialan Clan, but what does that have to do with you?” Jialan Qiuyue asked.

Di Tian placed his hand on his mask and slowly removed it, revealing a handsome face that appeared in Jialan Qiuyue’s vision. At this moment, Jialan Qiuyue’s heart pounded violently. Her grip on the dagger in her hand loosened due to shock as the dagger fell onto the ground with a clang. Her body trembled unceasingly. There were no words that could describe her current state of heart.

“Are you satisfied now?” A voice different from the one Di Tian usually used, rang out. He silently sighed in his heart. Ultimately, he was still too easily soft-hearted. He had no way to make his heart as hard as granite, completely emotionless.

At night, within the Lifelong Saint Hall, in the courtyard Beiming Youhuang was in, she stood there and stared up at the stars. She took out her messaging crystal but placed it back down again after some hesitation.

“He should already be seated on the throne of the Lifire Palace Lord, right? At this moment, everyone’s attention should he on him and he should be very busy, right?” Beiming Youhuang smiled and kept her messaging crystal. She didn’t send her congratulations over after all.

At this moment, a figure appeared behind Beiming Youhuang. She turned around and looked at the person as she greeted, “Realmlord.”

“Youhuang, Qin Wentian has already ascended to the Lifire Palace Lord’s position. Right now, the atmosphere at the Lifire Palace is extremely lively and I’ve also sent Ye Qianyu over. Let’s hope he won’t blame me too much.” The Lifelong Realmlord laughed. He had always thought that the relationship between Beiming Youhuang and Qin Wentian was that of fellow apprentice siblings. He believed that since he had allowed Qin Wentian to become the Lifire Palace Lord and has also freed Ye Qianyu, Qin Wentian would surely be filled with gratitude for him.

“Naturally. I have to thank Realmlord on behalf of my junior apprentice brother.” Beiming Youhuang smiled.

The Realmlord waved his hands, “You are my woman, there’s no need to be so polite. Today is such a beautiful night, let’s not waste it. Youhuang, why don’t you come to me to my bed chambers?”

“Realmlord, my status is undetermined yet, wouldn’t this be a little inappropriate?” Beiming Youhuang softly spoke.

“You are right, I’m too hasty. Despite living for so long, I still cannot stand up to the temptation of beauties.” The Lifelong Realmlord shook his head and laughed. “Since this is the case, I’ll announce to the entire world during the next grand banquet of my Lifelong Realm and give you an official status!”

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