Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 A Single Sentence Becoming Heavenly Law

Qin Wentian’s expression completely froze. Back then in the war between the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had lost. He sent his men to attack this particle world, wanting to use this method to draw him over. At that time, he used his avatar Di Tian and killed the immortal king under Eastern Sage there and then. After that, for the neutral immortals, he sealed immortal kings and a group of immortal-foundation experts, telling them to stay in Chu to guide the people of Chu in cultivation.

Who would have thought that there would be such ill-effects from that action back then? There are immortals who depended on the disciples they recruited to deal with his family members. Seems like after being sealed for several hundred years, they could no longer endure it and their resentment was extremely great.

Mo Qingcheng walked towards Shiyao and hugged her. “Shiyao, did he harm you badly?”

“No, aunt. I was only insulted and injured slightly.” Mo Shiyao’s eyes turned red as she shook her head.

“Unforgivable.” Qin Wentian coldly spoke.

“Brother-in-law, I’ve lost face for you.” Mo Feng lowered his head.

Qin Wentian waved his hand to reassured Mo Feng. After that, his immortal sense gushed forth, instantly surrounding the Chu Country. He found all the immortals he sealed, their figures appearing in his perception and he could see everything they were doing. Right now, in a palace, many people were gathered there. There was one of the immortal kings that was sealed and many other immortals there. Other than them, there were also a bunch of juniors at the Celestial Phenomenon and Heavenly Dipper Realm. In this particle world, this could already be considered an extremely powerful force.

“Master, the Mo Clan should be preparing to deal with us. We have waited for so long and we will definitely make them unable to leave should they dare to come here. We will avenge the humiliation Master has suffered.” A peak-stage Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant spoke. His master was none other than that sealed immortal king. Also, with an immortal king guiding him, it was no wonder that his cultivation was so high.

“Mhm.” That immortal king closed his eyes, yet there was a cold and sharp expression on his face.

“I’m still a little worried. It’s said that that fellow controlled the strongest major power here in the particle world. Although the Medicine Sovereign Valley has chosen to become a reclusive sect, but it once belonged to him. Would he leave something in reserve there that could be used to deal with all of us?” An immortal-foundation expert spoke.

“What are you afraid of? Those powerful people have already left. In addition, Qin Wentian offended many major characters in the immortal realms and since he hasn’t returned here for so many years, don’t you guys understand what’s going on?” Someone spoke.

“You mean that he has died?”

“It’s a very normal thing for experts in the immortal realms to die, this is especially true for people who shine too brightly. He didn’t even return home to this particle world for a visit to his family, there’s an 80% chance that he has already died. We were all controlling the urge not to act against the Mo Clan, wanting to torture them slowly, starting from the juniors of the Mo Clan. But this time around, since cordiality has already been shredded, we might as well act more directly.” An immortal coldly spoke. They naturally were all filled with resentment as they have been sealed for hundreds of years.

“That’s right. Master, can you please give Mo Shiyao to me? This woman actually dared to reject my request. I’m going to play her to her death.” Another ascendant that looked extremely handsome spoke. But now, his face had a sinister expression on it.

“Fine. Since even Mo Shiyao’s master has no objections, how could master not agree to your request?” That immortal king opened his eyes and smiled at another immortal-foundation expert. This immortal-foundation expert was none other than Mo Shiyao’s master. Mo Shiyao had decided to follow him for cultivation and not only her, many people in Chu had also done the same, including many of those from the Mo Residence.

“Many thanks Master for granting me my wish. Sadly, Qin Wentian won’t be able to see this scene. If not, even if he dies, he would definitely regret the actions he took in the past.” Ling Teng laughed. When he thought of Mo Shiyao’s beauty, he felt lust in his heart. He gave her face but she actually refused him.

That immortal king and immortal-foundation expert had cold looks on their faces. One of them spoke, “Not only must we make him regret this, after the Mo Clan is destroyed, we will move against the Qin Manor. I want Qin Wentian to live a life of regrets even if he didn’t die.”

“Is that so?”

A voice suddenly rang out. As the sound of the voice faded, the wind whistled and the experts here all froze. Ling Teng coldly shouted, “Who’s there?”

A terrifying swishing sound rang out as a thunderous rumble shook the area. The palace they were in suddenly crumbled apart, causing fear and shock to appear of the experts inside. An extremely fearsome spatial energy lacerated everything. After that, the space there was in chaos, continuously changing. Behind them, a terrifying spatial vortex manifested. After that, it seemed that something had connected. A spatial tunnel appeared, connecting the spatial vortex that appeared here to another space. At the other end of the tunnel, they saw a group of figures standing there.

That place, was the Mo Residence.

The man in the lead had his hands behind his back. His cold eyes pierced through space, landing on them and after they saw clearly who this man was, all the immortals here turned pale, so frightened that they began trembling. They had no way to control the fear and panic rising in their hearts.

Qin Wentian has returned!

Also, he was much stronger than before. He could directly connect two different spaces, opening up a spatial gate, ignoring distance completely. What cultivation realm was this?

That immortal king had a shocked look on his face. His heart turned numb, such an act, not even immortal emperors could do this. He was instantly filled with endless regrets. Qin Wentian had already reached such a level. Also, now that he returned, it should be to release them from their seals. But now…

When he thought of this, all the immortals here naturally also thought of it. Their faces all turned as pale as paper.

Right now, the people of the Mo Residence felt incomparably shocked. With a wave of a hand, Qin Wentian instantly opened up a spatial tunnel, ignoring distance and connecting them to the space here, allowing them to see what was happening. Ling Teng was none other than the man who had humiliated and insulted Mo Shiyao.

“Shiyao, is that him?” A thread of spatial energy shot out, directly binding Ling Teng. In an instant, Ling Teng was bound by a million invisible spatial threads, he couldn’t move at all.

“Mhm.” Mo Shiyao’s eyes turned red as she nodded.

“Shiyao, this is merely an insect, he isn’t worthy of you. You don’t have to feel sad because of his death. As long as you are willing to, you can find a better one anytime. In the future, you will become an immortal.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. Right now, he had the confidence to utter such words. Immortals were lofty figures to particle worlds like this. But to him who was now an empyrean, as long as he was willing to, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to nurture an immortal.

His casual words caused the hearts of everyone here to tremble. The people of Mo Residence had a look of boundless reverence as they looked at him. Was this the legendary son-in-law of their Mo Clan? An immortal was nothing to him. As long as Shiyao wants to, he will be able to raise her into an immortal.

“Uncle.” Mo Shiyao’s tears flowed as she leaned against Mo Qingcheng. Mo Qingcheng patted her on the shoulder, “Silly girl…”

“Shiyao, I was wrong. Let me live, I truly love you!” Ling Teng begged in agony. Right now, he felt boundless regret. Back then, he had already managed to pursue Mo Shiyao and they were in a relationship. Also, given that Mo Shiyao had such a powerful uncle, why had he decided to help his master whose cultivation base was sealed, to act against the Mo Clan? Had he gone mad? If he was truly together with Mo Shiyao, what accomplishments would he have in the future?

“You don’t even know shame.” Qin Wentian casually waved his hands. In the next instant, Ling Teng’s body directly vanished. Everyone only saw beams of light as Ling Teng vanished into thin air.

“I initially planned to release all of you from the seals during my return this time. Yet you guys simply want to court death.” Qin Wentian icily spoke. When the immortals heard his words, a chill appeared in their hearts. If Qin Wentian returned a few days later, unimaginable consequences might have happened. If that was the case, Qin Wentian would definitely be filled with regrets.

The expressions of the immortals all changed, their countenances as pale as paper. After that, they only saw Qin Wentian lifting his hand as a giant palm imprint manifested, instantly smashing down towards them.

Inclining their heads and staring at the giant palm, all the immortals were trembling, their faces painted with terror.


After a thunderous explosion, the area the palm struck was transformed into flat grounds. The spatial tunnel closed and everything returned to normal. Qin Wentian continued standing there but the gazes of those of the Mo Clan used to look at him, had completely changed.

Was this what a legend was like? A true living legend!

“Back then, these people came to our particle world to make trouble. I sealed their cultivation bases and made them guide people of Chu on cultivation yet I have incurred their resentment. Seems like I better warn the others.” Qin Wentian spoke. After that, a strand of terrifying immortal sense gushed forth, instantly enveloping the Chu Country, the Grand Xia Empire, and eventually, this entire particle world.

This immortal sense was like heavenly might, and in the next instant, countless people felt terror in their hearts. They inclined their heads and looked into the horizons. After that, the clouds in the sky changed as a supreme projection appeared there. In the next moment, everyone in the world could see a handsome young man robed in white, resembling a divinity, standing proudly in the air.

In Grand Xia, countless people stared up. When they saw Qin Wentian, many of them bowed and greeted, “Emperor!”

In the region controlled by the Royal Sacred sect, the hearts of everyone pounded madly. That man in the air was Qin Wentian.

For many of those who had seen Qin Wentian before, as well as others who were familiar with him, their hearts felt great shock. He had returned and he was now akin to a heavenly god, directly standing in the air, allowing everyone in this world to look at him.

“I, am Qin Wentian.” A voice rang out from the white-robed figure in the air. He then continued, “Back then, immortals came to our particle world to make trouble and I sealed all of their cultivations. Initially, I wanted to release their seals during my return this time but I soon discovered a group of them were scheming against me, wanting to deal with my family members. Their crimes are unforgivable and all of them have been annihilated. I’ve decided now that for those immortals who have been sealed by me, all of you will remain in this world and continue to guide the people here in cultivation. I will only release you all from your seals during the next time I come here. You guys don’t need to hope for Eastern Sage to save you, he is already been killed by me. Other than this, if someone of this world breaks through to the immortal-foundation realm and dare to create trouble here, I’ll hunt you down for sure.”

This voice was like booming thunder, spreading through the world. Countless people felt their hearts shaking, there were even some prostrating themselves in worship.

Was this the legend of their particle world? The number one expert Qin Wentian. He has returned and was even stronger than before. Back then, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor who came here to recruit a disciple, radiating boundless majesticness when his immortal palace descended and was greeted with respect by the entire world, was actually already killed by Qin Wentian?

In the Qin Manor, Qin Yang whose legs were broken initially had a great resentment towards Qin Wentian. But now when he saw the figure in the air, he was completely dumbstruck and only felt incredibly ashamed of himself in his heart. This uncle of his, how glorious was that? A single sentence from him became heavenly law, no one in this world would dare to go against him. But he actually dared to do something so disgraceful. Back then, Qin Wentian had even pleaded for mercy for him. If he wasn’t a descendent of the Qin Clan, given Qin Wentian’s status and power, it wouldn’t be enough even if he died a hundred times over.

Qin Yang’s parents initially also hated Qin Wentian. But now, both of them were speechless.

“Father, mother. Would uncle loathe me in the future? Would he refuse to bring me with him to the immortal realms for cultivation?” Qin Yang only felt endless regrets. What accomplishments would he be able to achieve if he followed his uncle as he cultivated?

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