Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 Army Of Zombies

The atmosphere was extremely tense. The others from the Heavenly Deity Race naturally wouldn’t interfere. Qin Wentian’s gaze was incomparably sharp, directly staring at the trapped expert. He asked the same question three times, his attitude was extremely dominant, wanting this person to submit to him.

The light from the treasured hoop was as brilliant as ever. It could generate beams of light that can easily pierce through the trapped expert. Under such a threat, even though descendants of the Heavenly Deity Race have always been arrogant, that trapped expert had no choice but to grit his teeth and bear it since his life was at stake, “I accidentally released my aura, I don’t want to do anything.”

When he spoke these words, he could feel his pride as being part of the Heavenly Deity Race slowly disintegrate from the impact. He had actually submitted to a person from the lower world in Azure Mystic. His expressions couldn’t help but to contort.

“You accidentally released your aura? Why was your aura boring down on me?” Qin Wentian continued to question him, as domineering as ever.

“You…” That trapped expert wanted to speak but the light from the treasured hoop flared even more brilliantly. A sizzling sound rang out as fresh blood seeped out of the finger he extended outwards to point at Qin Wentian. A moment later, that entire finger was gone, burned by the terrible might of the treasure. An intense of crisis appeared in his heart as he hurriedly swallowed the words he wanted to say, feeling incredibly humiliated.

“I apologize, I truly had no intentions to cause offense.” He gritted his teeth and spoke, apologizing in complete submission.

Upon seeing this scene, many people silently mused that even experts from the Heavenly Deity Race would also feel fear in their hearts. This was especially so for the many followers who came here following the lead of the experts from the Heavenly Deity Race. So what even if you are a part of the Heavenly Deity Race? Before someone truly powerful, you would also submit to the pressure and discard your pride.

“This place is the territory of Azure Mystic, you guys best don’t forget your identity. This isn’t your turf, in truth, if you all discard your status, you guys are really nothing much.” Qin Wentian mockingly spoke, his words were directed to everyone here, including the Wang Yi who was extremely tyrannical before this. Wang Yi felt his face burning, he knew Qin Wentian was humiliating him.

The expressions of many experts from the Heavenly Deity Race turned sharp as they stared at Qin Wentian. There were also some who had smiles on their faces, thinking that things are getting interesting. They didn’t expect this so-called overlord of Azure Mystic to be so interesting. In addition, he had even managed to obtain a powerful divine treasure that could threaten them, the experts from the Heavenly Deity Race.

“Sir, your words are not without logic. We came to Ancient Azure Mystic because of the divine depositories. Why don’t we travel together? This floating city is the central core of Ancient Azure Mystic and there’s definitely many treasures hidden within. If we join forces, our chances of success would be much greater.” An expert spoke with a warm tone, causing people who heard it to easily feel good will towards him. However, Qin Wentian wouldn’t believe in his words so easily.

Also, they were here for the divine depositories but things were different from him. As for all the secrets in the floating city, the wills of the ancient heavenly deities of Ancient Azure Mystic naturally knew about it. As long as the conditions are right, he would be able to take them all for his side. An example was the secret realm of the World of Ten Thousand Laws as well as the divine hoop in his hands. Joining forces? He didn’t need that. What he needed was to get these people to scram back to the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Only then would all the secrets here belong to him and his friends.

Naturally, Qin Wentian wouldn’t reveal such information to them. He merely smiled at the other party, “Sir, your words are logical. It’s just that I, Qin, humbly persuade you all not to proceed further. It isn’t so easy to gain treasures from the divine depositories.”

“Oh?” That expert smiled. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you feel that this floating city is a little strange? For example, where are those zombies?” Qin Wentian smiled.

“Now that you mention it, you are right. Is there something we don’t know?” An expert from the Heavenly Deity Race asked.

“Truth to be told, I’m able to obtain this divine treasure due to an immense stroke of luck. Now, I only dare to move about in the outer perimeters. If I get close to the central area…” Qin Wentian shook his head. “After experiencing it once, I don’t dare to near there again. If you guys trust me, just listen to my persuasion and give up on going there. If not, I estimate that there would only be a 10% chance of survival. I’m afraid if all of you went there, only a rare few would have the life to return.”

“We have so many experts here yet you say we only have a 10% chance of survival? Are your words not a little too exaggerated?” An expert from the Heavenly Deity Race coldly snorted. How could the prideful them easily believe in Qin Wentian’s words. They believed that Qin Wentian was intentionally acting like this, could it be that there’s really a divine depository there?

Upon thinking of this, they glanced towards the treasured hoop in Qin Wentian’s hands again as their eyes gleamed with the heat of greed. If there really is a divine depository there and if they were Qin Wentian, they would naturally also wish to swallow it whole for themselves. Even if they couldn’t occupy it alone, they must protect it and not allow others to share the spoils. Because, they knew that Qin Wentian knew that if they were the ones who discovered the divine depository, it would be impossible for Qin Wentian to obtain any spoils no matter his strength.

“Haha, I’ll only say this much. If you guys don’t believe me, continue searching ahead for the divine depository then. If you all encounter danger, don’t blame me for not warning you all. I could only manage to seize this divine hoop due to an extraordinary stroke of luck and had even narrowly lost my life then. You guys better consider things carefully, I better make myself scarce and move further from this place in case I’m implicated by your actions.” After he spoke, Qin Wentian actually prepared to leave.

“Sir, hold on.” The expert with the warm voice called out. Qin Wentian halted, “I’ve already said what I need to. Is there anything else the matter?”

“What is the exact source of danger? Can you tell us in more detail?” That expert was still filled with disbelief towards Qin Wentian’s words. He didn’t trust him completely, but he was also worried at the same time.

“I’ve already made things very clear. If you guys still want to persist on proceeding forward, why is there a need to ask me more questions? Those of different daos cannot mix together.” After speaking, Qin Wentian directly flew away. Many people stared at his back as their eyes gleamed in contemplation.

“Everyone, what do you all think?” Wang Qi asked the crowd.

“We must naturally continue to advance forward. Even if there really is danger, we can simply join forces. Can it be that we can’t even deal with the zombies?” A person confidently stated. For their group, there were also some experts who managed to obtain the wills of some ancient heavenly deities. That, in addition to the treasures they had, why would they need to fear the zombies?

“Alright everyone, let’s go together then.”

They were all from the upper world, and many were characters from the Heavenly Deity Race. They had participated in many dangerous tempering exercises before. This time, they specially came here for the ancient battlefield and now, the central core of Ancient Azure Mystic was before their eyes. How would they be frightened off by some words of Qin Wentian?

However, the wariness in their hearts increased. They decided to continue to advance forward and simply be more cautious.

They didn’t know that after Qin Wentian left this place, he immediately took out his messaging crystal and sent a message to Beiming Youhuang. “Youhuang, you can prepare to act now.”

Earlier, he had already discussed with Beiming Youhuang that one of them would be in the light while the other would be in the dark. The matters here would be jointly handled by him and Beiming Youhuang.

The various experts from the Heavenly Deity Race led the others as they continued moving forward. As they were moving, the countless zombies in the floating city started to gather at the central part of it.

Not only so, many zombies that were in the central area also started to move. All of them surged forward like the tides, moving in one direction.

And as the experts from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms advanced, there was finally someone who felt that something was wrong.

“What a heavy death qi, did any of you sense it?”

“Mhm, the death qi is getting stronger and stronger. I can sense waves of the death qi moving towards us.” Another expert nodded his head. Their immortal senses extended outwards, covering the entire region. Not long after, they finally discovered the source of the death qi and their expressions all changed.

“What’s the matter?” Someone asked.

“What that person told us earlier was real. The zombies in this floating city are extremely weird, they are actually trying to surround us. Could it be that they know our movements? Or maybe, there are people from Ancient Azure Mystic that are still alive in the floating city?”

“Could it be that there’s someone controlling these zombies?”

A sense of unease arose in their hearts. The number of zombies gathered here was truly at a terrifying amount. Although they also had many experts, it was very tough to say which side would be victorious if they faced off against these zombies who had no fear of death.

“What should we do?” Someone asked.

“What else can we do? Make the preparations for battle.” An expert from the Heavenly Deity Race spoke. A fearsome aura gushed forth from him, as he brandished his divine weapon. Since they were already here, there was no choice left. If there are zombies obstructing them, they shall slay all these zombies then.

All of the experts started to prepare their formations as they moved out in an imposing manner. They were incredibly strong. However, for those people who came here as followers just because the experts from the Heavenly Deity Race were leading, all had trepidation in their hearts. The experts from the Heavenly Deity Race possessed overwhelming combat prowess and was able to deal with the zombies but it was very difficult for them to do so. When they saw the vast amounts of zombies in the zombie army rushing at them, many of the human experts who came here all had unsightly expressions on their faces.

Not only that, there were even more zombies rushing here at every moment. The eyes of these zombies shone with a strange terrifying light, as though they still possessed of their will. They gave everyone an extremely bizarre feeling.

“KILL, KILL, KILL…” Instantly, the roars of killing thundered through the skies. Countless zombies began to rush towards the experts, many of them moving with terrifying speed. The experts from the Heavenly Deity Race didn’t hide at the back. They led the charge, rallying their side with roars of valor. Several of them were like heavenly deities. Wang Qi’s golden eyes shot out rays that enveloped his surroundings, tearing apart space. An ancient cauldron appeared in his hands and he sent it flying through the air, expanding unceasingly. Beams of destructive might shot in all directions as the gigantic cauldron revolved around frenziedly in the air, instantly killing many of the zombies.

There were other experts from the Heavenly Deity Race that manifested divinities of their respective laws behind their back. Every wave of their attacks would result in numerous zombies being killed.

Some of them possessed special bloodlines and were extremely powerful. Right now, all of them unleashed their powers together. For a period of time, the light radiating their surroundings grew extremely resplendent, like it was a world belonging to them alone.

However, the number of zombies in this zombie army was simply too many. Despite their slaughter, there were still zombies unceasingly rushing towards the humans and ripping them apart. Ordinary empyreans basically couldn’t defend against such an onslaught whereby the attackers had no fear of death, let alone the many immortal emperor followers, all of them were nothing but cannon fodder. Screams of pain and agony filled the air, the entire scene dissolved into chaos, with many casualties on the side of those from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

Many people instantly turned timid. When they saw the people around them getting shredded to pieces, with blood and severed flesh flying about, no matter how strong their wills were, their wills would definitely be shaken. Let alone the fact that these enemies were basically dead people, there was no meaning in killing them at all. Right from the start, this was a battle that they were destined to lose. They would all die here for the sake of being the cannon fodder for these experts from the Heavenly Deity Race!

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